Upcoming UK Intakes 2024: September, January, May

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Upcoming UK Intakes


Over a decade sovereign authorities of the United Kingdom have profited through colossal admiration of Indians towards their academic institutions with an aspiration to work or study abroad. In the educational sector, the country has witnessed an enormous growth of 54% in issuing the number of student permits for Indian students. These categories of intake open during September, January, and May helping students to pick the leading university taking into consideration several factors like type of course, scholarship program, and professional scope of such program. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the understanding regarding upcoming intakes in the UK 2024. 

Intakes in UK

The United Kingdom provides two forms of vital intake which are held during September and January gaining the attention of international students on a large scale every year. Apart from this, the UK also offers summer program intake during May, including candidates who could not seize the opportunity and start their educational journey during initial primary intakes.  Intakes in the UK depend on various aspects such as the nature of the academic program and studentship opportunity which plays a significant role. Whereas, intakes in the UK  2024 have divided into different sectors. At first central admission criteria admit a maximum number of candidates organized in September during the autumn season. The second category of intake prefers enrollment of students within the peripheral division offering few programs only. Lastly, the third aspect of the admission process is where limited educational institutions offer courses that candidates rarely choose in comparison to other intakes. 

Intake in UK Deadlines

The intakes in the UK 2024 offer a chance to study abroad under three categories. Where the enrollment cycle works yearly giving great opportunities to international candidate concerning preferred courses and joining any of the three intakes as per their choice. Firstly, the most significant primary intake is admissions during the fall session which is held in September and is popularly known as the prime time to enroll in various courses it lasts till December welcoming students from other countries and offering 90% of educational programs at prominent universities based in the UK. Secondly, another division of intakes in the UK of a secondary nature invites applications of international students commencing from January till April offering 30% of academic programs within different colleges. Thirdly, the May intake which is held during summer starts the admission process in May and closes their forms after August providing 10% of academic courses that are available in limited universities. The competitive spirit in such intake is quite low as they are rarely chosen by individuals. 

The enrollment criterion at centralized universities based in the UK under UCAS will hold authority for dispensing their enrollment form to pursue further study within varied academic programs. It mainly operates the non-profit sector located in England city of Cheltenham. Where a closing date of the application form concerning bachelor programs as per UCAS norms within fall intake during September for session 2024-2025 extending till January 31, 2024. 

January-February Intake in the UK 2024

The upcoming UK Intakes 2024 winter session is considered a secondary enrollment choice of candidates, especially for ones who were unable to take admission during previous intakes in the UK. Where students had skipped the deadline for the fall session in September primarily. Meanwhile, this admission opening offers limited courses by a few academic establishments providing alternate prospects for candidates which are designed for scholars who require extra time to plan their educational journey abroad or desire to commence their academic preparation at an early stage. Where notification regarding application forms starts during the autumn season usually around September and closes at the end of November which is laid down by UCAS setting the closing date of enrollment forms for bachelor courses most probably on January 31st, 2024. In the case of postgraduate degrees, enrollment deadlines and openings vary accordingly. Candidates must complete their application formalities before the closing date to avoid any kind of complexity and engage in an effortless enrolling procedure. There are various advantages that a student can avail of under Intakes in the UK 2024 such as:

  • It has designed flexible class schedules for students.
  • Even learner can start their enrollment preparation much earlier before the commencement of the university academic year.
  • Students at a very low percentage apply during this intake in the UK 2024. If we compare it with the September admission prospect then the enrollment process is comparatively simplified.
  • It gives students a chance to enroll in feasible academic establishments if a person has missed the deadline for the application form during the fall session.
  • Candidates register for this intake rarely which makes it easy for interested students to enroll during such intake in the UK due to less competition within this session.

January Intake University in the UK 2024

East Anglia University

It is a public-based academic institution which is instituted within an area of 320 acres situated in the city of Norwich, UK. The university was established around 1963 with a division of 26 academies in different areas and spectacular staff members such as the Department of Liberal Arts, Medical Science, Healthcare Research, and Social Awareness. 

Leeds University

This institution was founded in the year 1904 and is also part of the Russell Association of Colleges which is also a community-based educational institution situated in West Yorkshire covering student groups of over 39,000 offering bachelor's degree and postgraduate programs both regular and part-time classes covering almost 100 acres campus comprising reading rooms like Laidlaw, Healthcare sector library, etc.

South Wales University

The institution is recognized for its leading practical approach to students under various specializations providing a master's and undergraduate program in several areas like Technology, IT, Business Administration, Science, and Education. Even they have joined forces with organizations such as IBM, BBC, Roll Royce, etc. It is considered a renowned educational establishment in the fields of Renewable Energy, Media Communication, Business Associations, Entrepreneurial projects, etc. 

Sussex University

It was founded in 1960 and instituted under a communal research organization offering more than 500 bachelor and master courses in different fields. This academic establishment comprises 10 departments of study like International Studies, Social Education, Life Science, Medicine, Finance, Creative, and Historical aspects. 

May Intake in the UK

The admission during the May intakes in the UK 2024 during the spring season is also popularly known summer session. Where a limited number of students enroll in academic courses. Still, some exceptional educational institution provides few programs for candidates who were unable to enroll in previous intakes or needed more time. It offers restricted options for enrolling in higher degrees during this session which leads to less competition resulting high probability of getting accepted at universities within upcoming UK intakes 2024. Although only selected academic establishment welcomes students for the summer session it is further advised that a person must apply within the early opening essentially during winter or fall intakes in the UK. Also, spring season admission prospects have a quite low competitive spirit if compared with the previous intake of September and January sessions. Following UCAS guidelines enrollment form closing date has already been laid down concerning the bachelor program till January 31, 2024, for fall intake. The last date of application differs in the case of postgraduate courses. Following completion of the admission form before its closing date is suggested majorly ensuring an effortless procedure and avoiding any kind of inconvenience. There are various advantages of summer sessions such as:

  • In this upcoming UK intakes candidates who complete their courses on an early basis can easily save their monetary expenses concerning their cost of living and commence their professional journey within a short period. 
  • It gives time off to students intending to settle and enjoy their break for a specific time.
  • These intakes in the UK also have very low contest criteria resulting in higher chances of getting their application accepted within universities offering academic programs during such intake. 
  • Summer session offers a great opportunity for students enrolling within this intake to attend lectures with a limited number of students in one class and receive the undivided attention of professors within a specific field. It happens due to the minimal competitive spirit among candidates during the May intake.

May Intake Universities in the UK 2024 

Kent University

The institution was approved by institutions like AMBA and CMI, providing abundant chances for applicants to learn the basis of commercial studies in the administration and decision-making arena. This educational institution holds a perceptible place worldwide. Following QS World University Standing 2024, Kent University is placed at 336th rank. It deals with diverse courses like undergraduate in Biological Chemistry, Chartered Administration, Groundwork degrees in BioScience, etc.

University of Brunel

This institution was considered a division of the Brunel Establishment, located in London, which is a vibrant center known for its comprehensive concepts and understanding. This institution of higher education emphasizes on aspects of universal specialized development; they mainly embrace enthusiastic widespread appreciation within their amalgamation and global predictions. Under QS Standings of World University 2024, the Brunel Institute has been classified at 343rd place. It suggests numerous courses during spring Intakes in the UK such as a postgraduate course in the medical progression arena, an undergraduate program in Natural Science, etc.

University of Coventry

It is known for its diversified structure which is designed to provide higher degrees within a wide range of courses such as Business Management, Social studies, Humanities, Healthcare, and Educational fields focusing mainly on great career opportunities concerning candidate's growth. It also acts as a great support system and offers detailed knowledge in their specialized area of study and the surroundings of students. This academic establishment provides various educational facilities like receiving guidance from certified experts in different fields, taking advantage of resources available to candidates for attaining their professional goals, and experiencing a dynamic process of learning using various innovative tactics by faculties. Additionally, upgrading their knowledge regarding the latest trends in numerous disciplines. 

University of Salford

The institution is recognized as a prominent public institution in a research field which is located within the core of Manchester city, UK. It was founded in 1967 and gained its position as a leading academic institution after getting certified by the Royal Covenant which was also accredited by the Commonwealth Group of Universities, Alliance Institution, and North West Association. It offered courses during upcoming UK intakes for summer sessions in areas like Legal studies, Administration, Healthcare, Accountancy, and psychological programs in bachelor's and master's degrees.

September Intake in the UK 2024

This kind of intake is popularly known to arrive during the fall Intake season in the starting week of September most probably which primarily comprises the admission process concerning educational institutions intending to welcome applications of international students as per their eligibility requirement to check the potential of candidates. Approximately, 80% of learners choose this category of intake due to the wide range of courses offered by universities depending on the preference of several students. The applicants desire to pursue various programs at the leading academic establishment based in the UK. The enrollment procedure opens usually around the first week of December with its deadline in July. The closing date of application has been laid down by UCAS for a bachelor's degree till January 31, 2024. For master's degrees, specialized courses enrollment form time limit varies accordingly. It advises applicants to collect data and information regarding the deadline of the application timeline for pursuing their dream program. There are various advantages that candidates can avail during this upcoming UK Intakes 2024 such as:

  • It is one of the most prominent and recommended intakes in the UK offering live campus exposure and access to varied amenities provided by educational institutions.
  • Students can avail of housing facilities on campus ground giving them a full-fledged cultural experience within their academic surroundings. 
  • It also enables them to attend summer training to gain practical learning which gives candidate enough time to process their visa letter.
  • This Intake in the UK gives ample amount of time to settle before the commencement of the session aligning properly with their academic term also.
  • Such upcoming UK Intakes have been known for offering a maximum number of studentship programs and financial aid to capable students. 

September Intake Universities in the UK 2024

Oxford University

It comes under the Russell Group of Educational Establishments which is a renowned association of almost 24 UK-based academies. It is popular for offering merit in research work and provides learners with lucrative prospects for their upcoming UK intakes in 2024. The institute was instituted in the 11th century and is situated in the city of Oxford, England.    

Edinburgh University

It is considered a popular academic institution for specialized courses located in the core of Scotland. The establishment was recognized in 1582 with an outstanding ancient context and modern position offering an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs among its three workforce fellows, such as social science, arts, engineering, medicine, animal healthcare expert, etc. 

Cambridge University

This institution was founded around 1209 to transmit research assignments and varied training programs. It has been sanctioned by the Henry III Royal Covenant, donating to humanity through advancing academic standards. 

Manchester University

The Institution of higher education exclusively holds communal responsibility as its leading outline. It was instituted in 2008 and has won countless Nobel Honours in the educational arena to improve its approach towards research work and create an abundant impression on the public by enlisting principal incorporation and their unlikelihood at the central aspect of research analysis.  

Application Process to Universities in the UK

  • The first and foremost step to apply for application procedure concerning upcoming UK intakes 2024  while shortlisting academic programs within specified universities is a primary aspect of determining study material, campus area, worldwide standing, fee structure, and scholarship program. It also assesses visa criteria for a particular degree and institution which differ mainly on the nature of the program which is preferred by candidates accessing their official web portal, world ranking, and courses available to create their list of possible alternatives. 
  • The second stage of upcoming UK intakes after shortlisting educational institutions mandates students to be well aware of the closing date concerning application which depends on the preferred academic establishment which is required to evaluate carefully the timeline of upcoming deadlines. For instance, the studentship form and their preparation process subsequently. If an individual applies for enrollment at an early stage then such a person gets enough time to collect their credentials and comply with the basic procedure which includes a travel permit letter and housing settlement.
  • The third stage makes it compulsory for students to take English language assessments concerning intakes in the UK of international students by clearing proficiency exams like TOEFL, Duo lingo, PTE, and IELTS. There are various academic establishment that checks their admissibility through uniform linguistic tests like LNAT, GMAT, and GRE considering the type of course for evaluating eligibility criteria of preferred universities and degrees to decide which exams an individual must take. A candidate should commence their preparation at an early stage to attain qualifying marks.
  • The fourth stage requires a student to gather their varied certificates and academic transcripts for enrolling in their preferred program after knowing the closing date and eligibility requirements. In the upcoming UK intakes essential documents include academic records, recommendation certificates, SOP credentials, and scorecards of their English language assessment by supporting their application with other financial transcripts making sure to examine the entry requirements of particular academic institutions by student submitting its mandatory documents before the deadline.
  • At the fifth position after a student has gathered the required credentials candidate can start their enrollment form. There are certain educational institutions where a candidate needs to register under the UCAS scheme whereas, other establishment accepts forms through individual application. Furthermore, adhere to directions given and furnish accurate student information which includes their record, academic transcript, and other supporting credentials. It is mandatory to attach these mentioned certificates before the closing date and check their email address regularly for learning about recent trends or access to other records.
  • The sixth step requires the candidate post submission of the application to reply academic establishment after receiving the offer letter and carefully reading the terms of intake in the UK. Where a student needs to attach prescribed academic fees in certain situations to secure their seat at their preferred university. After careful consideration, an individual can inform a particular educational institution either by accepting or rejecting a prescribed offer before their closing date. 
  • The seventh and last step is to plan their entry into the UK. If a student has accepted the offer letter then such an individual should start their advent in the UK which includes an application for a visa letter, managing their housing settlement, and purchasing medical insurance at the global level after conducting proper research concerning local community and preferred educational establishment for getting in touch with roots of United Kingdom such as their belief, culture and presumptions. 

Required documents for Admission Intakes in the UK

When international students are preparing to enter an academic institution for the upcoming UK Intakes 2024 then such person is required to collect and gather important documents which they should attach with their application. It involves credentials like-

  1. The candidate must submit their application with the correct details.
  2. It must attach the payment receipt of the prescribed fee with the form.
  3. Even they must attach their academic transcript of senior secondary grade and professional degree credentials including other certificates.
  4. The student should also submit a well-structured Curriculum vitae or resume.
  5. Further, they should at least add two or more statements of purpose with their application.
  6. They must support their form with three minimum recommendation letters [LOR] to increase their chances of getting into their preferred university.
  7. It must also include a scorecard of uniform language assessment such as IELTS. GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and so on.
  8. A proper visa application or valid study permit for upcoming UK intake.
  9. The candidate also needs to attach documents like a valid passport or legitimate national identity as evidence of their immigration credentials. 
  10. The student also must add their medical insurance at the global level if academic institution demands from their end.
  11. A general certificate of their score to check the fluency of potential candidates in the English Language as per its eligibility criteria requirement. 
  12. Other standardized scorecards of exams like GMAT, GPA, GRE, etc. 
  13.  Proof of employment exposure if a candidate has worked in any organization previously. 

The applicant must compile the mandatory document in one place before they leave for the UK. 

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Our FAQ's

In the UK how many intakes are available?

It provides mainly three forms of upcoming UK intakes within various educational institutions. This includes fall, winter, and spring sessions whereas, a timeline of admission and their opening may vary from one another at different universities and the nature of academic programs which is preferred by international students. Furthermore, students should inspect about specific establishment that is chosen by the candidate confirming its intake availability and application closing date.

Yes, many academic establishments based in the UK mandate students from overseas to present their certificate of English language skills by giving uniform assessments like TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Where required marks concerning eligibility criteria of a university differ according to varied courses and colleges. However, it exempts such linguistic proficiency exam scores if an individual has previously completed their academic qualification from an English native country or if their mother tongue is English for Intakes in the UK 2024.

The September session is regarded as the primary among all the three intakes in the UK where the educational institution provides academic programs at various grades of courses such as undergraduate, postgraduate, etc. If a student misses the fall session application closing date, then the winter session is considered a lucrative option but it only offers a limited number of courses providing an excellent chance for a candidate to begin their academic journey at an early stage without taking the break.

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