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Due to its affordable yet high-quality education, plenty of job opportunities, and outstanding living conditions, Australia draws a large foreign student population. Many Australian universities do not charge an application fee, despite the fact that the majority of Australian schools do, with fees often ranging from $50 to $100. You would surely save money if you could avoid paying an application fee. Are you unsure yet? Read on to find out more about the Australian universities that don't charge an application fee to overseas students.

Top Universities in Australia Without Application Fees

Institutions in Australia that don't charge an application fee are unquestionably highly regarded and acknowledged by prestigious rankings. Additionally, a few of Australia's leading colleges with free application fees are renowned for their excellent standards of instruction and unquestionably high employment rates. Without further ado, here is a list of well-known Australian institutions that do not charge an application fee for prospective international students:

  • University of South Australia
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Bond University
  • University of Wollongong
  • Victoria University
  • Central Queensland University
  • RMIT University
  • University of Notre Dame Australia

Now let's briefly go through each of these eight of Australia's best institutions that do not charge an application fee:

University Name Popular Programs Qs World Rankings
University of South Australia
  • MS in Clinical Pharmacy 
  • MEng in Engineering Management
  • MS in Data Science
Charles Darwin University
  • Masters in Information Technology (Software Engineering) 
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering 
  • Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Bond University
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology 
  • Masters in Construction Practice 
  • MAcc in Accounting
University of Wollongong
  • MS in Computer Science 
  • MEng in Mechanical Engineering 
  • MEng in Engineering Management
Victoria University
  • Masters in Information Technology 
  • Masters in Building Fire Safety and Risk Engineering 
  • Masters in Engineering
Central Queensland University
  • Masters in Engineering Masters in Construction Management 
  • MPA in Professional Accounting
RMIT University
  • Master in Data Science 
  • MS in Information Technology 
  • MRes in Computer Science
University of Notre Dame Australia
  • MBA in Business Analytics 
  • MS in Mechanical Engineering 
  • MS in Computer Science and Engineering 


Application Process

The same application process is required for admission to universities in Australia without an application fee as it is for admission to all other prestigious Australian universities. Let's go over some of the most crucial steps to follow when submitting an application to an Australian university that doesn't charge an application fee:

  • Choose the college or course you wish to apply to.
  • Your personal information should be entered first on the applicable application form.
  • You might also need to pre-register references for LOR with some universities.
  • When applying for graduate-level courses, please provide your bachelor's degree.
  • Provide all necessary documentation, including letters of recommendation, writing samples, academic transcripts, research papers, SOPs, certificates of English proficiency test results, etc.
  • Send in your application, and if one is offered, check for a waiver of the application price.
  • Applying for scholarships such as the Australia Awards Scholarship and others to study in Australia is another option.

There are many universities in Australia that do not charge an application fee for overseas students, and the application procedure is the same for all Australian universities. The majority of Australia's best universities provide accreditation to both domestic and foreign students without charging an application fee. There are other universities that exclude students from low-income nations and those enrolling in specialty programmes from paying application costs. For additional information about Australian colleges that don't charge an application fee, you can even get in touch with one of our JAGVIMAL experts!

Cost of Studying

Let's look at the price of education in Australia for foreign students at several levels, starting with the main expense of any fees related to studying overseas. A general indication of the range of costs for various types of capacities for international students in Australia may be seen in the table below. Applicants should be aware that expensive programmes like veterinary and medical are not included in these expenditures. Find out how much it will cost a student to fly from India to Australia in the following paragraphs:

Type of Degree Average Fees (in Aud)
Doctoral Degree AUD 18,000 (INR 9.91 Lakh) – 42,000 (INR 23.14 Lakh)
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AUD 22,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh) – 50,000 (INR 27.54 Lakh)
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree AUD 20,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh) – 45,000 (INR 24.79 Lakh)
Vocational Education and Training AUD 4,000 (INR 2.20 Lakh) – 22,000 (INR 12.12 Lakh)
English language studies AUD 300 (INR 16.529) per week



Depending on the type and area a student lives in, different regions and housing expenses apply in Australia. In contrast to larger metropolitan cities like Sydney, which are more costly destinations, the more rural areas in the west and south are less expensive. Three types of housing are available to you while studying in Australia:

1.Off Campus Accommodation:

Students might reside in hotels or guesthouses, or they can rent communal flats. They will spend between 80–135$ (4,287–7,235 INR) per week in a hotel, while shared housing can run 100–400AU$ (5,359–21,439 INR) per person per week. Utilities including gas and electricity, water services and internet may or may not be included in rented housing; these services can cost between 300 and 400 AU$ (16,079 and 21,439 INR). Additionally, because these rooms are seldom supplied, students will be required to supply all or part of the furnishings. ON CAMPUS ACCOMMODATION: On-campus housing is offered by certain institutions in the form of flats, halls of residence, or residential colleges. These can range in price from 440 to 1100 AU$ (23,582 to 58,957 INR) each month, with the cost depending on the university and the other services provided. Because there are a limited number of these on-campus accommodations available, students must apply early.


Australian native families are available to house students if they so wish. With prices ranging from 110 to 270 AU$ (about 5,895 to 14,471 INR) per week depending on the kind of accommodations, homestay is a fantastic way to integrate into Australian culture. Students have the option of cooking for themselves, even though food is typically included in the rent.

Type Cost (in Aud)
Homestay AUD 235 (INR 12,947) – 325 (INR 17,906) per week
Hostels and Guesthouses AUD 90 (INR 4,958) – 150 (INR 8,264) per week
On-campus AUD 110 (INR 6,060) – 280 (INR 15,427) per week
Boarding schools AUD 11,000 (INR 6.06 Lakh) – 22,000 a year (INR 12.12 Lakh)
Rental AUD 185 (INR 10,193) – 440 (INR 24,242) per week
Shared Rental AUD 95 (INR 5,234) – 215 (INR 11,845) per week


Scholarships in Australia for International Students

It is crucial to research the top scholarships for your preferred study place as you prepare your plan to pursue an education abroad. There are several government and non-government scholarships that you may apply for if you want to study in Australia. The sections that follow explain some of the top government and university scholarships in Australia that you should be aware of:

1.Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships:

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) are available to qualified candidates for a full-time research degree at the Flinders University for a duration of two years up to a Research Master's degree. The scholarship covers tuition, living costs, startup charges, relocation fees, and air travel for international students.

2.UNSW International Scholarships:

For overseas undergraduate and graduate coursework students beginning full-time study at UNSW, the University of New South Wales offers a range of scholarships and awards. Some scholarships provide a stipend to assist with the costs of your studies, while others may cover all or a portion of your tuition fees.

3.Charles Darwin University Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships:

A small number of international students who have a history of academic brilliance and high accomplishment and who intend to begin an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree at Charles Darwin University are offered tuition cost scholarships ranging from 25 to 50% by CDU.

4.University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships:

Graduate Research Scholarships have been established by the University of Melbourne and are available to both domestic and international students who meet the requirements. The benefits include the elimination of tuition costs, a living stipend, a moving allowance, and health insurance for students studying outside of Europe.

5.Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students:

The University of Adelaide's Global Academic Distinction Overseas Scholarship is a highly competitive grant that provides funding for foreign students to begin their studies once they have demonstrated academic achievement in previous courses. 50% of the cost of tuition is covered by the bursary. Griffith Remarkable Scholarships: Excellent applicants applying to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programmes at Griffith University are eligible for the Griffith Exceptional Scholarship. The tuition fees for the duration of the programme are deducted from the scholarship, which pays for half of the costs.

6.University of Sydney International Research Scholarships:

If a person is qualified to pursue a postgraduate research degree or a master's by research programme at the University of Sydney, the university invites them to apply for the university of Sydney international research scholarship. The University of Sydney International Research Scholarship covers living costs and tuition for a maximum of three years, with a one-semester extension possibility for PhD applicants.

7.International Postgraduate Research Scholarships:

The IPRS programme enables international students to complete a postgraduate research certification while cooperating with leading Australian academics in Australia. A two-year Masters by research or a three-year Doctorate by research are both eligible for scholarships. Both tuition and health insurance are covered by the grant.

8.Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships:

People from poor nations in the Pacific are given the chance to study at certain educational institutions in the Pacific area because Australia Grants Pacific Scholarships. The Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to create good change and advance their home countries' development.

With regards to the numerous requirements for Australian universities without application fees, we hope this article was helpful. You intend to continue your education at your ideal Australian institution. To confirm your acceptance, schedule a free consultation with one of our JAGVIMAL specialists now!

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Our FAQ's

What is the application cost for Australian universities?

The filing cost charged by the majority of Australian institutions ranges from $50 to $100.

The following important Australian universities, which mostly accept overseas students without admission fees: RMIT University Victoria University University of South Australia Bond University the University of Wollongong

Yes, a lot of Australian universities recognise the Duolingo exam.

Important papers that must be submitted without paying an application fee for admission to Australian colleges include: Transcripts of academic work LORs and SOPs Test results for English Proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE) A fully completed application form Bachelor of Science (when applying for PG courses)

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