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Two of the key reasons why people want to settle permanently in Australia are its high level of living and adventurous lifestyle, which draw many immigrants to its shores. In Australia, those who are permanent residents (PR) are entitled to employment, free public education, the sponsorship of family members, and the freedom to travel within Australia or overseas and return if they want. While permanent residents do not automatically become citizens after fulfilling the residency requirement, they do have the choice to do so. There are several ways to immigrate to Australia. The following are the three most typical routes to obtaining permanent residency:

  • Work-stream permanent visa
  • Family-stream permanent visa
  • Business or investor-stream permanent visa

It is essential to learn as much as you can about the procedure and choose which visa category is best for you before applying for Australian permanent residency. We advise speaking with a qualified adviser if you are unclear about the processes to obtain PR. Given that every application is unique, they can provide the most precise description of what must be done in your specific situation. You must start gathering all the necessary documentation to present when you are called to apply for the visa after you have decided which visa category is best for you. It may take some time to complete this procedure, so you should begin gathering the necessary paperwork as soon as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Australian Pr?

Australia routinely ranks as one of the top places in the world to live. There are many prospects here for both personal and professional growth. It provides free healthcare, top-notch education, breathtaking landscapes, and a comfortable environment. Those who get PR in Australia are eligible for a variety of advantages, such as:

1.Live in Australia Indefinitely:

Once you have an Australia PR, you are free to stay there permanently because the initial 5-year grant period is renewable an infinite number of times. You can still apply for and travel on a resident return visa if you are currently abroad and your 5-year grant term has passed in order to renew your permanent residence.

2.Medicare Facilities:

You can enlist in Medicare as soon as your permanent immigration application has been submitted. Medicare offers free care at public hospitals, access to discounted medical services and medications, more affordable health insurance, and bulk billing.

3.Sponsor Family Members:

A family member or many family members may enter Australia on specific types of visas with the sponsorship of a permanent resident. If you want to be eligible, you might need to fulfil some residency and income criteria.


An obvious route to Australian citizenship is permanent residency. They must have lived in Australia for at least four years and at least one of those years as a permanent resident in order to qualify. Australian citizens have extra privileges, such as the ability to vote, re-enter the country, and seek for public employment.

5.Access to Australian Government Services:

Access to Australian government programmes including social assistance, social security payments, and other supports related to sickness, unemployment, maternity, and education are available to those who have had permanent residency for at least two years.

6.Higher Education Student Loans:

You are eligible for financial aid through the Higher Education Loans Programmes (HELP) as an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Students who are enrolled in public universities are eligible for the HELP loan, which enables them to borrow tuition costs and repay them later. Residents won't have to start paying it back until they've gone over the mandatory payback level.

7.Citizenship to Children:

Australian citizenship is automatically conferred upon children of citizens or permanent residents of Australia at birth, giving them access to the aforementioned advantages as well as additional ones.

Points to Remember While Applying for Pr

1.Proof of English Proficiency:

When you are requested to apply for the visa, you must be able to demonstrate your proficiency in English by completing the English requirements. Before you even submit your visa application, you may start preparing for this. You can demonstrate your proficiency in the English language by either:

  • Achieving the requisite score on the IELTS or another recognised English language exam. You must have taken the exam, nevertheless, no more than 36 months prior to receiving the invitation to apply for your visa.
  • If you're a resident of and have a current passport from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Only by taking an official English language exam will you be able to claim points for competent or exceptional English.

2.Apply Through Point Based System:

A points-based system governs the PR application procedure. The candidate must register online with the Australian Skill Select System and submit an EOI (expression of interest). The applicant's profile information, including name, age, gender, employment history, language proficiency, and qualifications, is maintained by this system. The Australian Skill Select System then calculates points based on the applicant's profile, and a minimum of 60 points must be obtained in order to be eligible to apply for a PR visa. The candidate has a better probability of receiving an invitation to apply for PR if their points are higher.

3.Character and Health Requirements:

The Australian government's character and health standards must be met by the applicant. These conditions serve to guarantee that all visa applicants are physically and psychologically capable of working, residing, and making contributions to Australian society.

Tips to Improve Your Points for the Australian Pr

Australia is one of the most popular immigration destinations for people from across the world. It is primarily regarded as the motherland of humanity, justice, and equality. The Australian government has announced plans to provide visas for more than 1 million skilled immigrants by the end of 2021. This Permanent Resident (PR) Visa is granted by the Australian government to qualified and talented foreign employees and is entirely based on a points system.

A potential candidate's points or score for each of the criteria that contribute to their overall score on the Australian Point System are extensively examined, and some of those factors or components have been identified as ones that can help a candidate get more points. This gives the applicant more opportunity to be granted an Australian Permanent Resident (PR) visa.

Although an applicant can receive points based on a number of criteria, including age, education level, work history, and English language ability, only those who meet the eligibility requirements for Australian immigration will be considered. An application can gain more points, nevertheless, if they concentrate on the criteria listed below, which are entirely based on the current Points Test System of the General Skilled Migration Scheme for Australians under Subclass 189 and 190 visas. This is in addition to the considerations mentioned above. The total amount of points awarded under the Australian Points System can be raised by taking the procedures outlined together with each of the elements listed below. As follows:

1.English Proficiency Tests:

One of the greatest methods to boost your chances of being granted Australian Permanent Residence is to do well on an English language competency test. You will need to obtain an IELTS band score of 8 across all components and a PTE band score of 79 across all components in order to receive the additional 20 points—equivalent to holding a doctoral degree—that these scores will provide.

2.Proper Employment:

The more years of work experience you have in a profession that you have listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), the more points you will receive when applying to become an Australian permanent resident. As a result, it is advised that you acquire some additional, worthwhile work experience in order to receive bonus points for your overall career history. Please be aware that one year of full-time employment anywhere in Australia will entitle you to a total of five extra points. Additionally, prior employment obtained abroad can also help you accrue more points.

3.Valuable Work Experience:

You can increase your PR application points by having work experience in your specified skilled occupation or a closely similar skilled occupation. Five extra points can be earned with as little as one year of job experience. This is crucial to bear in mind when applying because both domestic and international work experience might be taken into account. An individual may receive a maximum of 20 points for work experience.

4.Educational Qualifications:

The likelihood of acquiring PR is increased for international students who successfully finish a course related to a particular occupation listed on the Australian Skilled Occupations List. You are eligible to submit an application for an Australian post-study work visa as soon as you have finished two years of study at an accredited Australian university, college, or vocational institution. Depending on their credentials, this visa enables students to temporarily work and reside in Australia for 2 to 4 years. You have more than enough time to earn extra points for your PR application—between two and four years.

5.Age Requirements:

Your points are strongly impacted by your age. People between the ages of 25 and 32, for instance, receive the highest score of up to 30 points. However, those who are 45 years of age or older will not be awarded any points. It could be worth applying sooner rather than later if you are able to do so before the age of 32.

6.State or Territory Government Nomination:

You may receive five points if your application for Visa Subclass 190 is approved by the state or territorial authority. Regional locations are getting more and more popular for PR applications. Students who successfully completed the two years of study required by Australia in a regional area are eligible to get an additional 5 points.

7.Australian Exposure:

By enrolling in an Australian university or college and meeting all applicable Australian study requirements or a Specialist Education Qualification, you can raise your overall score. Additionally, you will receive bonus points for your profile if you completed your studies at a university or college in a regional area of Australia.

8.Enrol in a Professional Year Program:

Your employment possibilities will improve as a result of being able to acquire the necessary practical job skills through the Professional Year Programme. According to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), graduates who successfully complete this programme might receive an additional 5 points if they hold a job in a skilled profession.

Even though it can be time-consuming and challenging, obtaining PR in Australia is possible. Before applying, it's crucial to perform some study and recognise the areas where points may be earned. Book a consultation with one of our consultants right away if you need assistance with PR. We look forward to helping you obtain an Australian visa with the help of our team of skilled immigration attorneys and migration specialists.

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Our FAQ's

Can you acquire PR in Australia with just 80 points?

For permanent residency, applicants must have a minimum score of 65 points. In general, applicants who receive a score of at least 80 are good contenders for residency.

If you match the qualifying conditions and do well on the Australian PR points system, getting a visa for permanent residence in Australia is not that tough.

You must possess at least one degree, diploma, or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution that satisfies the Australian study requirements and was acquired while residing and pursuing your studies in an eligible regional Australia area in order to receive the additional 5 points. The conditions for studying in Australia must be met.

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