Things to Consider While Choosing the College to Study Abroad

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Choosing the right college for you can be a formidable task. The college you choose will have a life-altering effect on your professional and personal life. Therefore, it needs careful consideration. Many Indian students planning to go abroad for higher studies come across this quandary every year. If you are facing the same issue that how to choosing the college to apply to, should you give preference only to academics, or should you take into account the location and kind of after-college life? To give all your doubts a rest, let’s discuss top factors that you should parallel when deciding on the colleges to apply to.

Course Fees -

You must consider this first while choosing a college on foreign soil. The cost of abroad education is usually on the high side. Thus, comparing the course fees of different colleges will help you plan your budget and figure how the ways to manage it. There is no benefit of selecting a college with a very high tuition fee if you can get the same course at a lesser cost in any other college with the same or almost the same accreditation.

Whether you are planning to take an education loan or fund your education by yourself, you must compare the fees of college while choosing the right ones. You can go to the college website and figure out the fee breakup of tuition fees as well as other related costs for the colleges you have in mind and then draw a parallel. A few thousands of rupees would not make a huge difference but any stark difference in tuition fees should be factored in.

Finances Available -

If you have a strong academic and extra-curricular profile, you must check the financial aids available at the college. Scholarships play a huge role in the funding of your college fees.

Abroad education loan is hands down the best option to finance your foreign studies and you must know how to compare the different education loan options available in the market and how much value is given by the banks to the college you are choosing to study at. Some colleges make the grade for a lower education loan limit while others meet the requirements for a higher limit.

College Ranking -

Comparing college ranking is an imperative factor to tick off from your “making a college checklist”. If you are targeting to make your career in a competitive field, such as maths, engineering, law, etc., the ranking of your college will matter a lot - right from drawing the top companies of your sector during campus placements.

It also stands true for the students who want to go for higher studies later on as it will help them enhance their overall profile and apply to their preferred colleges later on.

Possible Work Options -

Work options available during the study period is also a significant factor that must take in while choosing the college. It is especially important if you are planning to take an education loan. It will help you productively utilize your free time and earn money to lessen down the loan burden.

If you are planning to go for off-campus part-time jobs, you must draw a comparison between the feasibility of the options available. Earning while learning can help to lower your bank debt and also provide you monetary freedom to enjoy your college days.

Alumni Records -

Figuring out the alumni record of a college can help you make an informed decision while selecting a college. You can also try to get in touch with the alumni of the colleges to know about how your chosen course is. Learning more about their experiences in the college and how the college helped in shaping their career should be in your list of things to know about the college.

A sound alumni network also provides an excellent opportunity for professional guidance and mentoring as well as for possible employment opportunities. A college where its alumni network spends its time and money must have provided them a god experience and therefore should be preferred to others while choosing the college.

Placement Opportunities -

If you are not planning to pursue further studies after this course, you must compare the college placements with keen interest. Some colleges and universities abroad have excellent career services while the others scarcely manage to appeal to potential recruiters, thus it is always better to compare the college placement records and also the career services being offered if you plan to do a job after your course.

Choosing college can make or break your chances of landing a good job and career after studies. You must be very careful and do enough research before reaching any conclusion. You can also use the university comparison tool available on websites like GyanDhan. Pick your college wisely and embark on a successful career. All the best!

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