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Australia, which is located in the Southern Hemisphere, has made a name for itself as a popular study abroad option for international students. In terms of high-impact research and exemplary education, the nation stands in the forefront. Finding the right housing in the new nation has, nevertheless, always been one of the main worries of students who intend to pursue their study in Australia. Depending on their budget and lifestyle, students can choose from a broad variety of lodgings in Australia, including housing facilities and flats.

International students studying in Australia have a selection of accommodation alternatives to choose from. However, students should be aware that university housing differs from that to which many overseas students are used to, as Australian institutions provide little to no university housing. While there is some on-campus housing available, most students who come to Australia for higher education live off-campus in homestays, hostels, or rented flats.

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Accommodation in Australia

Before discussing the specifics of the various accommodations available in Australia, we have created a quick checklist for you to bear in mind while you choose your flat.

  • The most crucial factor in choosing your student housing is your budget. Due to the high cost of living in Australia, it is important to ensure that the housing facility you choose does not increase your financial burden. The least expensive choices for students on a budget can include homestays and on-campus accommodation, while they can also choose to live in flats near to their college and share rooms with friends.
  • A university student's budget may not allow for the purchase of appliances and furniture in Australia, so look for lodgings that come with suitable room furnishings. There are numerous completely furnished apartments available, which can ultimately help you save money.
  • You also need to think about proximity. The location of your lodgings relative to your educational facility is crucial. You don't want to have to drive far to go to your institution, after all.
  • Make sure the accommodations you choose in Australia provide all the amenities and facilities you'll need, including enough access to electricity, water, and other essential services, as well as internet connectivity.
  • Last but not least, thoroughly read the lease agreement. Make sure to thoroughly study all the terms and conditions of the leasing agreement because it is a legally binding contract. It is generally advisable to sign the lease after visiting the flat in person. International students may be duped by a number of fake postings.

Accommodations in Australia

The following are some of the most popular housing facilities in Australia, which as was previously said, offers a broad variety of living alternatives for its students:

1.Residential Colleges

Residential colleges have historically been a popular choice for lodging in Australia. The fact that these residencies are practical possibilities for living in Australia always adds an advantage to living on or close to the university. In addition to experiencing academic life in its purest form, transport costs significantly drop. Residential schools can be quite expensive, however on average one could anticipate to spend between AUD 200 and AUD 750 (INR 10K- INR 40K) every week.

2.Homestay Program

One of the most cost-effective and accommodating forms of housing in Australia is homestay. Homestays are a cheap and excellent way to discover a new place and culture. International students are given the opportunity to live with an Australian family and get basic necessities. For first-year students who might want additional direction and mentoring, this is a great option. In a homestay, you are given a furnished room, daily meals, and access to all necessary amenities. It could also involve pick-up at the airport. But always select a homestay that has been highly recommended by a reliable source. The price of a homestay experience may range from AUD 250 to AUD 400 (INR 13K to 21K) each week, but the packages can be tailored based on the meals, utilities, and accommodations picked.

3.Halls of Residence

Halls of residence are housing choices that are typically found on or close to campuses and are associated with or generally owned by educational institutions. Depending on their budget, people can rent a single bedroom with shared amenities or apartment-style rooms with a separate washing area and kitchenette. The majority of the time, the cost of the students' utilities is already accounted for in their tuition, and they have free internet access in their rooms. Prices might range from AUD 320 (INR 17K) to AUD 1000 (INR 53K) every month.

4.Hostel Accommodation

The ideal lodging choice for students doing short-term courses in Australia is a hostel. As they are quite economical and can fit into even the tightest budgets, hostels are a very popular choice for students. In Australia, one may usually pick between two different forms of hostel lodging. Hostels can be either traditional or for travellers. Having a carefree attitude, backpackers' hostels give its inhabitants a lively, comfortable environment. A person can select from a variety of service categories. In addition to choosing the basic services package, one can choose to use the exclusive services. Traditional Australian hostels, on the other hand, are recognised for offering top-notch lodging services.

A student can pick from a variety of services at traditional hostels, much like in backpacker hostels. Each student is provided with a comfortable room and access to a variety of common amenities. The typical rent for a student in an Australian hostel can cost anywhere from AUD 90 and AUD 150 (INR 4K–8K) per week, depending on the sort of hostel they pick. Hostels are among the most affordable housing options in Australia.

5.Managed Student Apartments

Another common kind of housing in Australia is specialised apartment buildings that may house 100 to 140 students. There are alternatives for single or double rooms with communal kitchens and toilets, as well as rooms with beds that can accommodate 4-5 students. The cost of renting a flat is quite low because many students share it. However, on average, a person might anticipate paying between AUD 200 and AUD 500 (INR 10K and INR 26K) every week. The price normally fluctuates depending on the flats. In addition to being fully furnished, the apartments also include on-site personnel and access to all contemporary amenities and 24-hour security.


Since many students find it uncomfortable to interact with strangers, you always have the option of picking a private rental if you don't want to live in housing facilities that are shared by other students. Thoughtfully read the rental agreement's terms and conditions, nevertheless. In addition, private rentals may be a bit more expensive than other housing options in Australia. A difficulty may arise if a student has a busy college schedule since they must pay for all of their utilities independently and provide for their own meals. It is possible to share an apartment with friends in certain private rentals, nevertheless. Despite the fact that the price of private rentals fluctuates, on average a student may anticipate paying between AUD 101 and AUD 500 (INR 5K-26K) every week.

Cost of Studying and Living in Australia

Studying in Australia is a great decision because it is constantly rated as one of the safest nations in the world. International students can also take into account options like renting a home, purpose-built student housing (studio apartments or shared rooms), short-term housing (hostels, hotels or temporary housing), university-managed facilities, residential colleges and homestay while keeping in mind the distance of their stay from the campus and whether it is easily accessible by public transportation. The price of attending college in Australia is broken down below.

Expenses Details Cost (in Aud) Cost (in Inr)
Tuition Fees Vocational Training
Graduate level courses
Post-Graduate level courses
2–10.7 lakhs,
70K–21.8 lakhs
72K–26.7 lakhs
Accommodation Hostels/Guest House
Shared Apartments
On-campus Accommodations
11-14 lakhs
Other Expenses Gas, Electricity, Entertainment, Transportation, Internet, etc. 270-540 13k-26k

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Our FAQ's

Do you have to live in student housing if you're a student?

Students in Australia have a wide range of housing options to choose from, some of which are open to them regardless of the type of visa they have and others which are only open to students, such as apartments for students that are run by residence colleges and dorms.

Australian student accommodation comes in a range of costs depending on the style you choose. The cost may vary depending on the country, city, and communities you choose to reside in. Once you know your budget, you may use that information to guide your search. You should expect to pay anywhere from AU$140 to AU$350 each week.

There are several options for students living in Australia. Because you may utilise any kind of rental as an international student, you have the following options: Homestay Hotel Residences Hostels Colleges Supervised housing for students Personal leases (rooms, flats, homes, etc.) The residence halls Private boarding institutions for secondary education

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