Part Time Jobs in the Uk for Indian Students

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When studying abroad in any nation, the majority of foreign students look for part-time jobs. They do it to pass the time, learn new skills, or be able to support themselves financially. Students may lower their student loan debt with these part-time employment while also developing a variety of skills. This site is for you if you want to look at UK international student part-time employment and want to study in the UK, which boasts one of the top educational systems in the world. Everything pertaining to part-time work in the UK for overseas students is covered in this article.

Rules for the Part Time Jobs in the Uk

There are a few guidelines that you must go by even if a UK student visa enables overseas students to work part-time employment in the UK. The list of them is below.

  • You are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week, or 4 hours per day, while enrolled in a full-time degree programme.
  • During a term of the language course, you may not work more than 10 hours per week.
  • If a session is interrupted, you can work 40 hours per week, or 8 hours per day, with the weekends off.
  • You cannot work for hire or on a contract basis.
  • Without a post-study work visa, you are unable to start working full-time for any organisation.

The ability to balance your career and education is very vital. Your success in school shouldn't be hampered by your work.

Types of Part Time Jobs for International Students in the Uk

The kind of part-time jobs that are available must first be discussed if you're interested in learning more about part-time career opportunities in the UK for overseas students. For international students seeking part-time employment in the UK, there are two possibilities. Both on- and off-campus work are available. Below you'll find more details on the topic.

1.On Campus Jobs:

On-campus employment is one type of part-time work available to overseas students in the UK. As the name implies, on-campus employment is offered on the university campus. These are ideal for students because they can apply in numerous departments close by. There are positions available on campus in places like the cafeteria, computer labs, reception areas, and libraries. Many students are unable to obtain on-campus employment since there aren't many of them.

2.Off Campus Jobs:

Off-campus employment is the second choice for overseas students looking for part-time work in the UK. Off-campus employment is often simple, although they are not always close by. These positions include data entry, contact centre maintenance, waiter/waitress, office boy, and receptionist. Universities must provide students permission to work off campus part-time employment.

Part Time Jobs in the Uk

International students have more options in the UK thanks to part-time employment. Additionally, there are lots of online jobs available! Especially if you are enrolled in a challenging degree, having an online part-time work in the UK might be quite helpful. You only need a laptop and a reliable internet connection, both of which you will have, to find work online. Additionally, there are many work-from-home opportunities available in the UK. For overseas students studying in the UK, there are several part-time positions available. You must create a thorough CV with your educational background, relevant experience, and other information that will help you land a job quickly if you want to work part-time in the UK. Five places are where you may look for part-time work:

  • Local newspapers may include part-time employment vacancies; you can submit an application for any such positions.
  • Online job searching enables you to look for various positions that are open to students in the UK. A number of positions are particularly tailored to your programme, area, or requirements. Many jobs are available that can be done from home.
  • Seek assistance from your university's recruitment staff. In addition to connecting with businesses for full-time positions, your institution has a specialised recruiting staff that also links with businesses for part-time jobs and internships. To apply for employment, you may easily contact them.
  • Utilise your resources: Many day scholars will already have a part-time position such as a waiter or a receptionist. If your friends' companies have openings, you can reach out to them.

How to Find Part Time Jobs in the Uk?

Having studied in the UK Finding part-time employment in any industry is simple if you are ready to put in the effort. Up to 20 hours of employment per week are permitted for students. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets, university unions, and other businesses employ a large portion of students. Once you have a driver's licence and a national insurance number, you can easily make $200 to $300 per month. You will be paid the minimum wage, which is around 5 pounds per hour; however, most occupations pay more than that. As soon as you arrive, get a driver's licence and your national insurance number. You may easily make $200 to $300 a month even if you don't put in the whole 80 hours. Online or at home, private coaching is a fantastic alternative.

Part Time Jobs Salary in Uk for International Students

You may use these employment to recoup the cost of your UK education. Here is a list of the best part-time jobs in the UK for international students, along with an estimate of their hourly pay.

Job Profile Average Salary
Cashier INR 805.94- INR 1007.42 per hour
Library Assistant INR 1007.42- INR 2014.84 per hour
Marketing INR 1158.53
Waiters/waitresses INR 1007.42 to INR 1813.36
HGV Class 1 Driver INR 1158.53- INR 2488.33
Customer Service INR 1007.42


Eligibility Criteria for the Part Time Jobs

Below is the eligibility criteria that has to be followed by the international students willing to work part time jobs in the UK:

  • Students must be at least 16 years old.
  • At the universities, students must be enrolled full-time in degree programmes.
  • To work in the UK, they need to have a Tier 4 visa.

How Are the Part Time Jobs Beneficial for the International Students?

For a variety of reasons, part-time work in the UK may be quite advantageous for overseas students. They not only help you with your needs for pocket money but also in a variety of other ways, including:

1.Financial advantages:

Studying in the UK is costly and will undoubtedly hurt your wallet. You may lower your cost of living in the UK by working part-time while you are a student. This covers the cost of housing rent, food expenditures, books, and a few other minor costs associated with studying in the UK.


Part-time work will assist you in acquiring important abilities that companies desire, such as time management, commercial awareness, initiative, team spirit, management skills, communication skills, etc.

3.Effective money management:

As soon as you start earning money, you'll start spending it responsibly since you'll be in charge of your own finances. Work experience: If you have a job that is connected to your field of study, you will gain priceless experience that you can draw on throughout your life and that will help you find employment in a variety of settings once you graduate.

4.Opportunities for networking:

While looking for part-time work, you will learn networking, make professional connections, and create tactics for a successful job hunt.

Part Time Online Jobs in the Uk

For international students looking for part-time work, the UK has more opportunities. Online employment is also widely offered. In the UK, having part-time online employment can be quite advantageous for you, especially if you are doing a challenging degree. All you need to find work online is a laptop and a reliable internet connection, both of which you already have. Numerous jobs that can be done from home are also available in the UK.

Part Time Work From Home Jobs in the Uk

The part-time work from home jobs in the UK are included in the table below. You can look at this:

Work From Home Job Average Salary
Private Tutor INR 3525.25 – INR 6043.28
Marketing Researcher INR 2014.43 – INR 30216.39
Data Entry INR 377.70
Writer INR 3021.64- INR 8057.70


Our FAQ's

The finest and highest paid part-time employment in the UK for students include those in marketing, instruction, sales, administration, and customer service, among other fields.

You run the danger of having your visa revoked and being deported if the rules and regulations established by the UK Border Agency are broken, even unintentionally.

Your wage will vary depending on your job's responsibilities, the sort of employer you work for, where you are located, how long you've been employed, etc. As of April 1, 2021, the National Minimum Wage is £6.56 per hour for workers between the ages of 18 and 20. Employees between the ages of 21 and 22 are paid £8.36 an hour. Employees who are 23 years of age or older earn £8.91 per hour.

The answer is that foreign students studying in the UK may find part-time work with ease. In the UK, it is often simpler to get part-time employment off-campus than on-campus.

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