Most Popular study Abroad Destinations

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Abroad Destinations

Most popular study abroad destinations

Every student dreams of getting to the top position someday. Every Indian student dreams of flying abroad someday either for getting a higher education degree or for work opportunities. There are many foreign destinations that have developed economy, incomparable infrastructure, structured curriculum, various fields of studies and work opportunities.

Without a doubt, the English speaking and developed economies like the U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, New Zealand are rated as the top choice destinations to study. In the current scenario, Europe is also becoming a favourite destination for studies among the students. But not everyone is lucky enough to get a chance to study there. Some are bound by the scores required for admission to the course of their choice while others are bound by the financial constraints. Hence, our smart and educated youth has now started exploring the other comparable and most popular study abroad destinations.


MBBS in Abroad

Despite the opportunities that the subject of Science has made available in the current scenario, becoming a Doctor is still among the top choice of students opting for Science as their high school subject. Not to forget, our Indian parents, who do not accept the change very easily, also want their wards to become a Doctor. The doctor is still considered the noblest profession in a country like ours. Also with the change in the lifestyle pattern, the need for good Doctors is rising day by day on this planet. Medical education which needs patience and rigorous efforts have got very costly in India in the last few years. Indian medical aspirant who aspires to become a Doctor can only make his dream come true either by getting a high NEET score close to 600 plus or by being capable of affording the heavy fees of private Indian medical colleges. In such circumstances, an academically average student or a middle-class background student may lose hope. But with the countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines etc. offering affordable medical education adds to the hope of such students. Most of these countries open the opportunities for study to the Indian medical aspirants with 50% marks in 12th and a NEET qualifying score. NEET is an Indian entrance exam for the entry to medicine program.


Other destinations gaining popularity these days among the students aspiring to study MBBS abroad include Italy, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Checz Republic. These are only a few to be mentioned. The list can go on.


Reasons that make these countries most popular destinations to study abroad

As mentioned before countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines etc. are offering affordable education. This is one of the main reasons that attract Indian medical aspirants. MBBS Abroad starts at a low cost of around 4-5 lacs per year which includes the tuition fee and accommodation. For those who are unable to get a government college in India and affording a private medical college is out of their pockets, these countries are good choices. National Medical Commission has recently removed the list of approved universities making it easier for students to choose from the options available. A notable factor that the student must consider while choosing a university abroad is that he must choose the government-approved university in the country of study. Most of the universities in these countries offer globally recognized degrees. Living expenses are almost similar to India. International exposure opens many doors for these students. What attracts most to these students is that the universities here are very old with rich teaching experience and qualified faculties thereby imparting better education.


For all those who cannot study in expensive economies like the U.K, U.S.A, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe, countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Ukraine, Georgia, Philippines etc. are the most popular study abroad destinations.

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