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There are several advantages to studying in the UK. UK universities are renowned for offering the greatest learning experiences to students from all over the world, from a top-notch curriculum to a varied and welcoming society. To study in the UK, however, you must develop adequate skills of spoken and written English as a foreign student. Safe English Tests can be used in situations like these. To complete your student visa, a Secure English Language Test score that validates your application is required. With the Pearson PTE Academic English Language Exam, Pearson offers one of the most objective and secure English Language Tests available. 98% of UK colleges recognise PTE Academic, the only SELT that uses AI to assess candidates and produce the most accurate, bias-free results.

The UK provides good job options for those who want to attend top-tier colleges, in addition to beautiful scenery and beautiful buildings. Before submitting an application for a student visa, however, applicants must take the language competence exam.

List of Universities and Minimum Pte Score Required by Them:

The following is a list of the best institutions in the UK together with the PTE score minimum needed for admission:

University Score Course Wise Score
University of Leicester 36-56  
University of Chester 51-57
  • Undergraduate: 61 overall, min. 59 in each sub-skill.
  • Postgraduate: 65 overall, min 59 in each sub-skill.
Solent University 36-61  
University of Essex 40-58
  • Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 42 in each sub-skill.
  • Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 42 in each sub-skill.
University of London 59-75
  • Standard Level: Overall 62 , no less than  59 in each sub-skill.
  • Good Level: Overall 69, no less than 62 in each sub-skill.
  • Advanced Level: Overall 75, no less than 62 in sub-skill.
Ashton University 42-70  
University of Sussex 56-67
  • Lower: 59 overall, at least 59 in all four skills.
  • Standard: 62 overall, at least 59 in all four skills.
  • Higher: 67 overall, at least 62 in all four skills.
University of Durham 58-64
  • Most advanced Diploma programs: 53 Overall, No less than 49 in L,S,W,R.
University Of Manchester 49-73  
Birmingham City University 43-73  


Some of the Top Universities in the UK are included in the list above. Nevertheless, depending on the programme level, various colleges have varied minimum score requirements. As a result, you must attempt to achieve a score higher than the minimum the institution requires if you want to be admitted to the greatest university in the UK.


Universities Accepting Pte Score in the Range of 50-70:

One of the most prestigious and widely used English language proficiency examinations in the world, including in the UK, is the Pearson Test of English (PTE). The PTE Academic computer-based test lasts for two hours. The exam evaluates a candidate's ability to use English in everyday contexts. Throughout the course of one testing session, there are twenty different sorts of questions. Speaking and writing are covered in Part 1 and range in length from 54 to 67 minutes. Reading takes up Part 2 (29–30 minutes), and listening takes up Part 3. (30-43 minutes). In the UK, there are numerous universities that accept PTE. In reality, there are several universities in the UK that accept PTE 50 marks. Several UK colleges accept PTE 50 results for their master's and undergraduate programmes. The following is a useful list for your review:

Name of the Institution Minimum Score Requirements Course-wise Details
University of Chester 51 -57
  • Undergraduate 61 overall 
  • Postgraduate 65 overall 
The University of Essex 40 -58
  • Undergraduate 50 overall 
  • Postgraduate 58 overall
Middlesex University 51 - 58
  • Undergraduate 50 
  • Postgraduate 58 
Sheffield Hallam University 51 - 67
  • BA, B.Sc, MA, MSc, MPhil, and Ph.D. courses- 52
Cardiff University 36 - 78
  • Equivalent to GCSE grade C/4 
  • Minimum 62 overall with a minimum of 51 in all communicative skills
  • Equivalent to GCSE grade B/6
  • Minimum 70 overall with a minimum of 54 in all communicative skills
The Manchester Metropolitan University 59 - 61
  • Undergraduate 50  
  • Postgraduate 58 
Teesside University 51 - 56
  • Undergraduate
  •  Fine Art, Design, Media Production, Engineering, Science, Computing, Media Studies, Journalism 51 
  • Business, English, History, Sport, Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Youth Studies, Education, Law, Crime & Investigation 52
  • Business, Fine Art, Design, Media Production, Engineering, Science, Computing, Journalism, Media Studies 52
  •  English, History 58
  •  Postgraduate 
  • Art and Design, Business (except MBA and HRM), Computing, Sport, Engineering, Science, TV Production, Journalism, Multimedia Public Relations, Mass Communications 52
  •  MBA, Education, English, Law (LLM), History, Psychology, Criminology, Sociology, Youth Studies, Criminal Investigation, Human Resource Management 58
The University of Northampton 56 - 61
  • Undergraduate  50 
  • Postgraduate 58 
Anglia Ruskin University 51 - 57
  • Undergraduate 57 
  • Postgraduate  61 
Edinburgh Napier University 51 - 56
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes 56
  • Research programmes 60
Ravensbourne University London 36 - 50
  • Foundation 36  
  • Undergraduate 42 
  • Postgraduate 50
Liverpool Hope University 51 - 58
  • Undergraduate - 51 
  • Postgraduate - 58 
The University of Birmingham 51 - 67
  • Undergraduate Courses- 51 in each skill
SOAS University of London 60 - 65
  • Minimum 60 for all UG/PG programs
London South Bank University 51 - 60
  • Undergraduate- 52
  • Postgraduate-60
University College London 59 - 75
  • Standard- 62 
  • Good- 69
  • Advanced- 75
The University of Hull 51 - 54
  • 54 for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
Royal Holloway and Bedford New College 51 - 69
  • Accounting and Financial Management- 61 
  • Digital Innovation Management - 61 
  • Human Resource Management and Organisational Studies - 61 
  • Marketing - 61 
  • Computer Science - 61 
  • Electronic Engineering - 61 
  • Physics - 61 
  • English - 69  
Queen Mary University of London 51 - 69
  • Undergraduate School of Biological and Chemical Sciences - 62
  • School of Business and Management - 62
  • School of Economics and Finance - 62
  • School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science - 57
  • School of Engineering and Material Sciences - 57
  • School of English and Drama - 68
  • School of Geography - 68
  • School of History - 68
  • School of Languages, Linguistics and Film - 68
  • School of Law - 68
  • School of Mathematical Sciences - 57
  • School of Medicine and Dentistry - 68
  • School of Physics and Astronomy - 57
  • School of Politics and International Relations - 68
The University of Reading 51 - 67
  • Arts and Humanities courses - 67 
  • Social Sciences, Science and Life Sciences, and School of Law courses - 64 

These are the required PTE scores and course information for a select group of UK institutions. Several colleges accept PTE results for admission to a variety of courses.

What if One Does Not Get an Ideal Pte Score?

The range of the PTE Score is from 10 to 90 points overall. IELTS bands of 6.0 and 8.0 correspond to around 50 and 79 PTE points, respectively. A score of 70 points or more may be useful for admission to the best colleges. Candidates will move through the selection process more quickly if their score is higher than 75. In order to pass the PTE exam, the test should aim for at least 70 points.

Candidates may ask for a rescore if they are dissatisfied with their PTE Score. Yet, as the PTE Academic is a computer-scored exam, the likelihood of a mistake is quite low. Only verbal replies and written comments with open-ended responses are rescored. Applicants are prohibited from obtaining a rescore if they have already scheduled another test or delivered their score to an institution. Candidates can only request a rescore for their most recent PTE Academic Test. In the case that the score changes, the new score will take the place of the old score, and a new report with the updated score will be sent.

A student's school-level English language proficiency score or their prior academic credentials may be used by several UK universities to determine whether they are admitted. For those who are not native English speakers, passing the test and receiving the desired admissions score is not simple. Students can apply to universities in such situations where alternative forms of proof, such as a school-level English score, are required instead of a PTE score certificate.

Tips to Get Good Score on Pte:

Your speaking, reading, writing, and listening abilities are evaluated on PTE Academic. Prior to November 16, 2021, the PTE Academic test required three hours to complete; after that day, the test will only require two hours. This will make your exam experience shorter, more convenient, and less stressful. There is no need to fear if you have already begun studying and want to take the exam after November 16. The different work kinds will all stay the same. The amount of questions in each segment has just decreased. Continue reading to learn about some helpful tools and resources for PTE Academic preparation, such as PTE practise tests using old PTE Academic exam questions.

1.Be mindful of your intonation. Being genuine when speaking is important, as is being aware of when and where to emphasise certain sentences. Not a robot, but a human.

2.Use compound and complicated phrases while drafting your summary. Use a complicated or compound sentence to encapsulate the passage's core idea because your response must be contained inside a single sentence.

3.Time management is highly important in the reading module. Spend no more than two minutes on a single question.

4.Learn the native English accent in preparation for the listening module. Only after understanding what is said in the audio can you respond to a question.

5.Typos should be avoided. As PTE-A is a computer-based test, every typographical error will be interpreted by the computer as a spelling error.

6.While speaking, properly open your mouth. Your speech is not understood by the computer; it only comprehends English-language sounds. Losing points will happen from whispering your response while the computer is recording.

7.Your first priority in the speaking module is fluency. Avoid taking extended breaks when answering the question. Likewise, if you say anything incorrectly, don't go back and fix it.

8.Before you begin writing your essay, make a plan. Recognize the subject and give your brainstorming two minutes. This is crucial because if your essay veers off subject, you will receive a worse grade.

Minimum Pte Score for Uk Visa:

Before applying for the UK student visa, one must know that there are certain eligibility and PTE scores that are required for obtaining the visa.

  • Pre-sessional courses with a student visa (Tier 4 General Student Visa) are necessary; the minimum PTE score is 43.
  • A minimum PTE score of 59 is needed for student visas (Tier 4 General Student Visas) for degree-level students and higher.

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Our FAQ's

Which UK universities accept PTE?

In the UK, several prestigious colleges recognise PTE results. The University of Exeter, Swansea University, The University of Stirling, and many other prestigious institutions are just a few of the top names.

Students who want to work in the UK frequently choose the PTE, or Pearson Test of English. Our test is accepted for registration by a number of State nursing boards in addition to professional groups and organisations around the country.

A 36 (total) minimum score is required, with a minimum of 36 in each part. The finest institutions often require admissions scores of 58 or above. The minimum score criteria differ amongst UK universities.

The PTE test is recognised by a number of well-known nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. The many PTE dates offered at test centres close to candidates may be seen here. Applicants who want to register for the PTE test can do so.

Both tests are approved by the best universities in the UK, so it depends on you. Choose PTE if you want your results in 5 days and would rather write brief essays. IELTS is your exam, nevertheless, if you do better in-person interviews and like giving short responses over trying to answer multiple-choice questions.

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