MBA in Australia for Indian Students

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The high quality standards and widespread acceptance of Australian business programmes are well known. In addition, who doesn't adore Australia's stunning scenery and kind people? Australia is a popular choice for post-graduate study among the top locations. You've made the perfect choice if you're planning to study for an MBA in Australia. The readers of this post who want to study an MBA in Australia will receive thorough information from it. 
When deciding to pursue an MBA, there are often a number of things that need to be taken into account. This has to be divided into the following categories: location, universities, speciality, tuition costs, living expenses, financial help, etc. Australia will be the top choice for overseas students if you create a checklist of these components.
The nicest thing about Australian colleges is that they always appear at the top of the list of international rankings. Top Universities in Australia are acknowledged by QS World MBA rankings and FT business school rankings. In addition, these rankings on the table are becoming higher each year. In addition, the courses at these business schools are designed to meet top-notch standards, enabling graduates in management to reach their full potential. According to the rankings, we have determined the top business schools and institutions.


  1. MBA IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS:  One of the most well-known management courses is offered here, and overseas students are expressing interest in taking it in Australia. This course primarily focuses on marketing, finance, human resources, and global business management. With a degree in international business, a candidate may find employment as a global business manager, chief executive officer, international business consultant, or administrative service manager.
  2. MBA IN FINANCE: If you want to obtain insights on financial ideas in a worldwide perspective, pursuing MBA in Finance is the perfect decision. Investment management, stockbroking, financial economics, corporate finance, and international finance are all included in the course material. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, such as financial services, banking, insurance, stockbroking, credit risk management, financial agencies, and consultancies, if you successfully complete this course.
  3. MBA IN STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP: MBA in Strategy & Leadership is an option for those who value having strategic management and leadership qualities. It helps to bring out the best in the aspirants and to make them create and carry out business ideas, manage the company, and so on.
  4. MBA IN E-COMMERCE: There is a big spike in the requests for MBA in e-commerce in the recent years. Also, you will have a fantastic opportunity to carve yourself a career in the e-commerce sector thanks to the globally recognised degree from one of Australia's top institutions. Graduates of MBA programmes in e-commerce may find employment as senior web developers, promotion managers, or e-commerce consultants.
  5. MBA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: An MBA in human resource management is a fantastic alternative for those who have a strong propensity for socialising and interacting with others. This program's curriculum includes topics like hiring, training, formulating rules for staff welfare, and increasing engagement and productivity among other things.


About 59,966 AUD is the typical MBA programme fee per year. Moreover, costs have gone up 3.34 percent more than they did the previous year. For overseas students, an MBA will cost, on average, between 45,000 and 822,000 AUD per year.


In order to properly apply for an MBA programme in Australia, Indian candidates must satisfy certain requirements. This will mostly be determined by prior academic success, competence exams, and professional experience.

  • Academic excellence is an essential component that is taken as a given. A candidate for an MBA must have 15 years of schooling from a reputable university. Candidates for MBA programmes must have a minimum GPA of 65%.
  • To pass, you must score well on the IELTS or TOEFL. Candidates from non-English-speaking nations must get high IELTS exam scores.
  • IELTS: 6.5 or above (overall band score)
  • TOEFL: 80 or above
  • An essential requirement for admission to an MBA programme in Australia is the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The majority of Australian colleges demand GMAT scores of at least 650 from overseas applicants.
  • Work experience is not a prerequisite for MBA programmes in Australia. Having two to three years of experience in the pertinent area, however, can help you stand out from the other application profiles.


International students who wish to enrol in MBA programmes in Australian universities are required to provide a number of documentation attesting to their identification, academic standing, and eligibility. Are you trying to get the documentation checklist ready? We made things simple for you!
For your reference, below is a checklist.

  • a list of all the undergraduate degree certificates from prior universities.
  • a statement attesting to your employment in the field
  • educational records
  • SOP - Statement of purpose
  • LOR - Letter of Recommendation
  • Funding resources documents 
  • Certificate of test that includes GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS
  • CV/Resume 


Each university will have their own procedures and enrolment requirements, and this can show differentiation depending on the education provider. 
Students need to initiate the application process after shortlisting the Universities that offer the suitable courses. 
Once you select the college you wish to join, you can start out with filling the application forms and providing the documents required with the form, it will be specified on the form.
The form will take about 10-15 days to process.
Once the acceptance letter is received you can move further by submitting the semester fees of the University.


Australia is renowned for its high-quality and well-received business programmes. Who doesn't enjoy Australia's spectacular scenery and its gracious people, after all? Prominent Australian business schools including Monash, Macquarie, Deakin, and LaTrobe University accept applicants for their MBA programmes without requiring them to take the GMAT.
In Australia, an MBA earns an annual income of almost 95,000 AUD on average. After receiving their MBA, the nation provides overseas students some of the highest paying positions in the whole globe.


Australia's simple 1.5-year work visa to remain in the nation is one of the factors contributing to its rapid growth. B-schools in Australia are renowned for their highly regarded academic programmes as well as for offering opportunities to overseas students once they complete an MBA there.

Below are some of the most well-known positions available in Australia after an MBA:

SALES MANAGER: The role of sales manager is critical since sales are the most important aspect of a firm. With the purpose of boosting direct sales, they are in charge of the sales divisions and must ensure that all salespeople meet their quotas.

MARKETING MANAGER: If you have an MBA in marketing, you may work as a marketing manager for a firm that offers goods or services. Managing the marketing team and promoting the company's goods and services would be your main duties in order to increase sales.

HR MANAGER: For mid-sized and big firms to run efficiently, human resource departments are crucial. They are responsible for ensuring that the proper candidates are chosen and that the company's present employees are happy.

FINANCE ADVISOR: To pursue this job, you'll need a finance MBA and some prior work experience in the finance industry. As a financial adviser, you will give businesses and individuals financial and capital management guidance in return for payment.

BUSINESS ANALYST: A business analyst employs data analytics to provide light on the past, present, and future of an organisation. This analytics is used to inform crucial business decisions. Business analyst will be one of the most important positions in the future.

INVESTMENT BANKER: Investment bankers support businesses with large-scale capital raising. They are financial experts that help businesses through a number of means with cash raising and business expansion. Investment bankers are among the top paid professions in the MBA world.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT BANKER: A business development manager employs a number of strategies to develop and expand a firm. They are intended to help in sales, marketing, and even the establishment of successful alliances. Business development managers are crucial for advancing a business.

BUSINESS CONSULTANT: Business consultants are specialists that organisations engage to aid with their operations. On a variety of subjects, they provide business consultancy services. One could submit an application for this job after receiving an MBA and accumulating adequate business experience.

CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER: Technology is becoming an essential component of all businesses, regardless of their structure. The person in charge of the technical aspects of the business and the adoption of new technologies is the CTO.

Our FAQ's

In Australia, some well-liked MBA programmes include:

  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Strategy & Leadership
  • MBA in HR
  • MBA in Finance in Australia

According to studies, marketing, sales, finance, and operations are some of the most popular MBA specialties in Australia.

Yes. Without a GMAT score, several prestigious Australian colleges offer MBA programmes.

Yes! It is without a doubt a sensible investment to get an MBA in Australia. The attractive career prospects are only one of the compelling reasons why thousands of international students choose Australia to study management.

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