MBA in Australia Cost for Indian Students

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MBA in Australia- Why study here?

Australia's business schools are famous for their high levels of excellence and widespread acceptance. Who doesn't like Australia's breathtaking beauty and kind people, after all? Australia is one of the most popular locations among top destinations for postgraduate study. You've chosen wisely if you've decided to pursue an MBA in Australia. The applicants who aspire to study an MBA in Australia will receive full information from this post.
The average yearly programme fee for an MBA is around 59,966 AUD, according to the 2021 study. Moreover, costs have gone up 3.34 percent more than they did the previous year. For overseas students, an MBA will cost, on average, between 45,000 and 822,000 AUD per year. The cost of tuition often varies depending on the school and course you select. Yet, there is no reason to be alarmed or perplexed by the fees component. You can pay for it by utilising any of the appropriate scholarships provided by Australian government and nonprofit organisations.
There are a few costs that need to be considered before you start your education. You must first register and then submit an application to your top university. In general, registration costs may differ from institution to university depending on how well-known and popular each is. You would also have to pay for Visas and competence exams in addition to this. Aspirants are invited to enjoy their studies in a lovely atmosphere in Australia, which is recognised for its welcoming environment and cosmopolitan community. Yet, if you want to stay in one of Australia's finest cities, you will need to spend a fair amount of money. A single individual may create their livelihood for between 1500 and 2600 AUD to make it reasonable.
The duration, specialty, and business school that you select all have an impact on the program's costs. Early insight gathering and advance planning are recommended. Knowing the cost structure is unquestionably crucial to avoid any inconvenience.


MBA IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: One of the most well-known management courses is offered here, and overseas students are expressing interest in taking it in Australia. This course primarily focuses on marketing, finance, human resources, and global business management. With a degree in international business, a candidate may find employment as a global business manager, chief executive officer, international business consultant, or administrative service manager.

MBA IN FINANCE: If you want to obtain insights on financial ideas in a worldwide perspective, pursuing MBA in Finance is the perfect decision. Investment management, stockbroking, financial economics, corporate finance, and international finance are all included in the course material. You will have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, such as financial services, banking, insurance, stockbroking, credit risk management, financial agencies, and consultancies, if you successfully complete this course.

MBA IN STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP: MBA in Strategy & Leadership is an option for those who value having strategic management and leadership qualities. It helps to bring out the best in the aspirants and to make them create and carry out business ideas, manage the company, and so on.

MBA IN E-COMMERCE: There is a big spike in the requests for MBA in e-commerce in the recent years. Also, you will have a fantastic opportunity to carve yourself a career in the e-commerce sector thanks to the globally recognised degree from one of Australia's top institutions. Graduates of MBA programmes in e-commerce may find employment as senior web developers, promotion managers, or e-commerce consultants.

MBA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: An MBA in human resource management is a fantastic alternative for those who have a strong propensity for socialising and interacting with others. This program's curriculum includes topics like hiring, training, formulating rules for staff welfare, and increasing engagement and productivity among other things.

IIBIT     21,400 10,29,126.00
Federation University 21,400 10,29,126.00
Southern Cross University 21,904 10,53,363.36
University Sunshine Coast 22,000 10,57,980.00
James Cook University 22,500 10,82,025.00
Holmes Institute 17,600 8,46,384.00



The best country to pursue an MBA abroad is Australia. This is due to the fact that Australia's best business schools provide a wide selection of study options at reasonable tuition costs.

The University of Sydney 54,000 28.59 lakhs
Deakin University 61,416 32.52 lakhs
The Australian National University 40,992 21.71 lakhs
The University of Western Australia 64,200 34 lakhs
The University of Melbourne 99,630 52.75 lakhs
The University of Queensland 84,648 44.82 lakhs
Monash University 100,000 52.94 lakhs

Costs for MBA programmes in Australia range greatly, from 27,600 to 100,000 AUD (14.65 to 53.08 lakhs INR). 

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY: The institution has an amazing track record of success in providing top-notch education, ranking among the top 200 business schools in the world. In-depth knowledge and competence in the fields covered in the courses are intended to be provided. The top-notch programmes are made to provide students an inclusive experience that will help them accomplish their objectives. Sydney Business School combines a top-notch educational experience with real-world business experience.

UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES: The Australian Graduate School of Management at the University of New South Wales concentrates on educating its students for executive leadership and general management job responsibilities in the commercial and government services sectors. It is regarded as one of the best business schools in Australia. This university's MBA study programme mixes classroom instruction with teamwork and experience learning. It enhances your capacity for making decisions.

UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE: One of the best business schools in Australia is the University of Melbourne's Melbourne Business School. In a fascinating city, the B school provides exposure to real-world business situations. According to The Economist, Melbourne Business School's MBA programme is the finest in Australia. The programme offers a wide range of chances and information that are applicable to real-world situations. It is regarded as one of Melbourne's finest business schools.

MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY: The MBA and Global MBA study programmes at Macquarie University's business school provide students with the abilities to manage and have an impact on a variety of options in a changing global market. For overseas students seeking an MBA in Australia, the business school is one of the top choices.

UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND: The Brisbane city core is where the UQ Business School is situated. The Economist has ranked it as the top MBA programme internationally for the fifth consecutive year. For overseas students, it is one of the top Australian business schools. You are given all the information and abilities needed to resolve challenging business issues at the UQ Business school.

MONASH UNIVERSITY: In Australia, Monash University is well-known. Here are some of the MBA study options:

  • Experience-based courses 
  • consulting initiatives
  • Opportunities for international industry involvement

UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA: In Perth, the University of Western Australia (UWA) Business School is situated. The MBA study curriculum there is rigorous and flexible. You may obtain the abilities, information, and contacts you need at the UWA Business School to manage top leadership positions throughout the globe in business. 

AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY: The top business schools in Australia are not included in the list if ANU College of Business and Economics is left off. With the Australian National University, the B school is associated. You have the option to advance in higher management positions by improving your business and management abilities through the MBA study programme at this B School. At the MBA programme at ANU, teaching and learning are interactive.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA: A lucrative company management career is made possible by an MBA from UniSA Business School. One of Australia's top institutions, according to many people. MBA programmes are offered by the UniSA Business School at the University of South Australia. Senior management decision-making is the subject of a strong pragmatic focus in it. Your professional development is accelerated.

UNIVERSITY OF WOLLONGONG: A partnership exists between the University of Wollongong and the Sydney Business School. It is supported by the University's Business Faculty, which was previously stated. The B school is among the top 200 business schools in the world. Without a doubt, it ranks among the top Australian MBA programmes for foreign students. Sydney Business School consistently equips its students with the skills they need to flourish in their chosen professions.


  • The management programmes in Australia provide a mix of practical and academic information to the students. Its main emphasis is on the improvement of interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
  • The educational systems in Australia foster originality and independent thought.
  • Several management programmes in Australia give foreign students the opportunity to get experience by taking part in an internship with a study tour, a local business, or a global exchange.
  • If you pursue an MBA in Australia, you can expect to graduate with high-calibre, internationally recognised credentials. It can considerably accelerate the development of your career in your own nation or anyplace else in the globe.
  • Australia is home to over 75 MBA programmes that are accredited internationally. The EQUIS and AACSB have granted global certification to several of the study programmes.
  • The multiculturalism of Australia gives kids the chance to learn alongside peers from other cultures. You get the chance to develop a broad understanding of cultures, and it aids your management studies.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn in a setting where Western and Eastern viewpoints on business and management are combined.

Australia has more to offer than most people would anticipate. There are 8 of its universities listed in the top 100 worldwide. Due to the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere, superior educational system, and high standard of living, many international students choose to study in Australia.
Obtaining an MBA from one of the reputable MBA institutions in Australia is a revitalising and once-in-a-lifetime experience that makes it easier to accomplish your objectives.

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Almost 59,966 AUD or 31,62,000 INR is spent on education annually in Australia. Fees for the inexpensive MBA programmes in Australia range from 45,000 AUD (approximately 23,82,300 INR) to 822,000 AUD (approximately 4,33,35,000 INR) each year.

Costs for an MBA in Australia The average yearly programme fee for an MBA is around 59,966 AUD, according to the 2021 study. Moreover, costs have gone up 3.34 percent more than they did the previous year. For overseas students, an MBA will cost, on average, between 45,000 and 822,000 AUD per year.

The post-study work stream is the only choice open to MBA students. Students who started their studies after November 2011 can use this stream.

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