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mba in australia

Australia is a diversified nation and continues to be a top option for foreign students who want to pursue higher education overseas. A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme is the best option among master's degree programmes. It is important to note that more than 70,000 Indian students join various institutions across Australia each year, making it a popular and suitable location for them to study. Let's research the top MBA programmes in Australia and assess the options for doing an MBA there.

Top Universities for Mba in Australia

The most sought-after country for an MBA degree in the Asia Pacific area is Australia, according to research. According to the QS Top institutions Rankings 2022, below are the top institutions in Australia offering MBA programmes for Indian students:

Universities Minimum Gmat Score MINIMUM WORK EXPERIENCE (in years) QS Top Universities Rankings 2023
Australian National University 600 5 #62
The University of Melbourne 705 2 #37
The University of Sydney 550 3 #41
The University of Queensland 550 4 #50
University of New South Wales 650 2 #45
Monash University 550 3 #57
The University of Adelaide 500 2 #109
University of Technology Sydney 550 4 #137
The University of Newcastle GMAT Score (Not Mandatory) 3 #122
The University of Western Australia 650 2 #90


5 Reasons to Pursue Mba in Australia

Students who get an MBA are prepared with the most recent international business market trends and are trained to become business experts. Because of Australia's advanced growth and elite educational institutions, earning an MBA there will help your career get a boost. This fast-paced sector of management requires knowledgeable mentoring, hands-on experience, and theoretical understanding with engaging classrooms. And we think it's safe to argue that Australia meets every one of these crucial requirements. The Australian educational system provides students with unmatched technology, premier research institutes, and greater employment opportunities that are commendable and the stuff of dreams. There are several benefits to doing an MBA or management study in Australia.

  • You will graduate from an Australian management programme with a top-notch, internationally recognised credential that will help you progress your career at home or anywhere else in the world. There are more than 75 MBA programmes in Australia, several of which have received international accreditation from the AACSB and EQUIS.
  • Many Australian management and MBA programmes allow international students to gain experience by participating in an international exchange programme or study tour, doing an internship with a local business, or both.
  • Students in Australian management and MBA programmes receive a mix of academic and practical training with a focus on developing their leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills. Australia offers courses that foster originality and critical thinking.
  • Due to Australia's multiculturalism, you will have the opportunity to study alongside other students who represent a range of cultural backgrounds, giving you a varied cultural perspective on management. Additionally, you'll have the chance to learn in a setting that blends Eastern and Western management and business methods.
  • International students are drawn to Australia by its friendly visa regulations, which are also essential in this regard.

Mba in Australia Eligibility Requirements

You must meet specific eligibility requirements, which mostly vary depending on the programme and university, in order to apply for an MBA in Australia. The following are the fundamental eligibility requirements you need to be aware of before choosing an MBA programme at an Australian university:

  • You must have earned the minimum grade point average required by the university of your choice while earning your bachelor's degree from an accredited college in any area.
  • Australian colleges further demand that applicants submit accurate and competitive GMAT scores.
  • To study an MBA in Australia, you must also have a minimum IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • Although it is not a requirement to apply for an MBA in Australia, top business schools prefer it in order to shortlist the best candidates. Thus, having two to three years of work experience will undoubtedly help you stand out from the other applicants.

Documents Required

Some of the documentation that Australian institutions may want from you when you apply for an MBA in Australia are given below. Take a look at this:

  • SOP
  • LORs
  • English Language Proficiency scores
  • Application form (duly filled and signed)
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Copy of past official transcripts and academic records
  • MBA essays
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Official student visa
  • Loan papers (if applicable)

Top Mba Programs in Australia

Although the General MBA is the most popular course to pursue in Australia, you can also choose from a variety of specialised MBA courses offered by numerous universities. The following are a few of the best specialised MBA programmes in Australia:

  • MBA in Sports Management
  • MBA in Event Management
  • MBA in HR
  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MBA in Accounting and Finance
  • MBA in Information Technology
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship

Mba in Australia Course Duration

The majority of Australian colleges and business institutions offer MBA programmes that span between 15 months and two years. Additionally, a number of universities have started offering one-year MBA programmes, which we will discuss in the blog's later section. Take a look at some of the best universities in Australia's top MBA programmes' full-time programme lengths.

University Course Duration
The University of Melbourne 16 months
The University of Sydney 18 months
Australian National University 1.5 years
The University of Queensland 1 year
University of New South Wales 2 years
Monash University 2 years
The University of Adelaide 18 months
University of Technology Sydney 2 years
The University of Western Australia 16 months
The University of Newcastle 1.5 years


Mba in Australia Cost

Between AUD 40,000 and AUD 63,000 is the total cost of an MBA programme at a top business school in Australia. We have created a list of all expenditures for your convenience below:

1.Pre Arrival Cost:

Expenses Cost (in Aud)
IELTS Registration Fee 215-240
Application Fee 100
Australian Student Visa Fee 485
TOEFL (iBT) Registration Fee 160-250
GMAT Fee 250
GRE Fee 250

2.Post Arrival Cost:

The entire cost of an MBA programme at a top business school in Australia is between 40,000 and 63,000 USD. UWA and La Trobe Business School in Australia charge the least for an MBA, whereas Melbourne Business School costs the most among top-ranked universities.

Tuition Fees

Universities Tuition Fees (in Inr)
The University of Melbourne 45.5 lakhs
The University of Sydney 49.3 lakhs
Australian National University 37 lakhs
The University of Queensland 41.2 lakhs
University of New South Wales 44.2 lakhs
Monash University 45 lakhs
The University of Adelaide 41 lakhs
University of Technology Sydney 48 lakhs
The University of Western Australia 30.5 lakhs
The University of Newcastle 25 lakhs

Cost of Living

There are more requirements in addition to paying the course's fee. The total cost each month will vary from A$ 5,000 to A$ 10,000 (INR 2,73,469 to INR 5,46,938) and will include all expenses such as housing and food, travel, extra course-related costs, personal expenses, and insurance. Take a look at the breakdown of typical weekly living expenses for foreign students in Australia:

Expenses Average Expenses/week (in Aud)
Accommodation 100-300
Recreation 80-150
Course Related expenditure 15-20
Food/Groceries 140-280
Utilities 10-20
Transportation 30-60


Scholarships/financial Aid for International Students in Australia Mba

students in Australia are eligible to apply for a range of international scholarships. Here are a few of Australia's well-known business schools and scholarships for international students:

1.Kraft Heinz Scholarship:

By HJ Heinz Foundation, this scholarship was established in 1987. Both part-time and full-time candidates may be awarded this scholarship, which is eligible to undergraduate and graduate programmes. This scholarship, as stated on the website, is given to students who are driven, ambitious, and enthusiastic. It is worth $12,000 to receive this award. Students must complete a Scholarship Application form and turn it in by November 30th to be eligible for this scholarship.

2.Mbs Scholarships:

The cost of studying is subsidised in part by this scholarship. The goal of this fellowship is to draw talented students from a variety of backgrounds. The amount of this grant varies according to the course and the candidates' financial situation. All MBA programme applicants who are enrolled full-time are immediately eligible for this award. If they want to be considered for the scholarship programme, Executive MBA and Senior Executive MBA applicants must indicate this.

3.Monash Mba International Women in Leadership Scholarship:

The purpose of this fellowship is to assist women in developing their professions. Women from all around the world are encouraged and supported by this scholarship to pursue a Monash MBA. Each cohort may get up to 4 recipients of this grant. This scholarship is worth $10,000. The applicant must be a female foreign applicant who is enrolled in the Monash MBA programme in Australia to be eligible for this award.

4.Adelaide Mba Scholarship:

This scholarship programme, which is supported by the Adelaide Business School, makes sure that qualified students have access to the programme. Students from abroad as well as domestic students are eligible for this grant. This scholarship, which can pay between 10% and 100% of the tuition costs, is quite competitive.

5.Uow Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship:

All master's degree programmes, including the MBA programme, are eligible for this award. Students do not need to submit a separate application; those who sign up for the course immediately qualify for the award. The number of candidates selected for the scholarship has no upper bound. Up to 30% of the fees are waived with this award.

Affordable Mba Options in Australia

You may need to look into some of the inexpensive MBA choices offered in Australia if you feel that the cost of an MBA programme in Australia is too excessive and burning a hole in your wallet. The best colleges that provide affordable, high-quality MBA programmes to overseas students in Australia are mentioned here.

Universities Average Tuition Fees/year (in Aud)
Holmes Institute 17,600 AUD
Kaplan Business School 15,375 AUD
Edith Cowan University 20,600 AUD
Charles Darwin University 20,560 AUD
Central Queensland University 21,355 AUD
Victoria University 20,940 AUD
Federation University 21,400 AUD
Southern Cross University 21,904 AUD
University of Southern Queensland 21,500 AUD
James Cook University 22,500 AUD


Mba in Australia Without Work Experience

Students who wish to pursue an MBA degree in Australia without any prior job experience are able to do so. Australia is remarkable and well-liked by students from all over the world due to its incredible educational system and a quality system that ensures the finest is provided. Some prestigious Australian universities admit MBA candidates with little to no work experience. Below is a list of all such colleges and institutions in Australia that provide an MBA without job experience:

Universities Duration of the Course
Monash University 2 years
Bond University 1 year
Macquarie University 1 year
University of Tasmania 1.7 years
University of Canberra 2 years
Australian National University 1.5 years


Mba in Australia Without Gmat

Numerous universities and business schools in Australia are aware that the GMAT may not be the best indicator of an applicant's potential for success in the MBA programme. This idea is quite popular in Australia, where many prestigious, highly regarded universities accept applicants without GMAT scores. You may look over the list of these colleges that we've put up below.

  • Monash University
  • RMIT University
  • University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • Macquarie University
  • Deakin University
  • Curtin University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of South Australia
  • University of Wollongong
  • La Trobe University
  • University of Newcastle
  • University of Western Sydney

Mba in Australia Without Ielts

A language proficiency exam called IELTS is used to evaluate a student's level of English language proficiency. The pupils can engage with locals and blend in because of this. But in addition to IELTS, there are other methods to evaluate that. Several Australian institutions also accept applications through alternative channels in addition to IELTS.

  • Students who do not have IELTS must apply online to Australian colleges. A thorough investigation of colleges is required. The student must provide several documents with their application, including a passport, a SOP, a LOR, proof of job experience, etc. A video interview with the chosen candidates is required. The interviewer will evaluate your English-speaking skills at this point.
  • Additionally, the Pearson Test of English, or PTE as it is more commonly known, is taken at more than 3000 institutions and colleges in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The Australian government uses PTE for many different things.

Mba in Australia Intakes

Intakes in Australian Universities Starting Month
February/Semester 1/T1 Late February/ Early March to late June
July/ Semester 2/T2 Late July/Early August to November
September/ Semester 3/T3 Late October /Early November to February.


Student Visa to Study in Australia

For the purpose of enrolling in and completing their MBA courses or programmes, international applicants and students need an Australian student visa. You may do the same by submitting an online application for a visa and paying 620 AUD (34,228 INR) while also providing the required documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid ID proof
  • Acceptance/offer letter from a university in Australia
  • Health insurance details
  • English language proficiency certificate and scores
  • Passport-size photographs (recent)
  • Application form (duly filled and signed)

Work Visa Post Mba in Australia

An Australian work visa is available to former international students who recently graduated from an Australian university. The students are permitted to live, work, and study in Australia for a set period of time after completing their MBA programmes. Students are only eligible for one Temporary Graduate visa (SUBCLASS 485) as principal applicants. Two categories make up this temporary graduate visa:

  • The Graduate Work stream
  • The Post-Study Work stream

The main applicant covered by the application must be present while applying for a visa and when a decision is made on the visa. Additionally, in order to qualify for the Graduate Work stream visa, the applicant's qualifications must match one of the jobs on the list of occupations with specific skill requirements. The bearer of a visa in this category is allowed to remain for up to 18 months. A higher education degree is also a requirement for those applying for the Post-Study Work stream of visas. The bearer of a visa in this category is allowed to stay for two to four years.

Job Roles After Mba in Australia

Australia's simple 1.5-year work visa to remain in the nation is one of the factors contributing to its rapid growth. B-schools in Australia are renowned for their highly regarded academic programmes as well as for offering opportunities to overseas students once they complete an MBA there. Here are some of the most well-known jobs available in Australia after an MBA:

1.Sales Manager:

The role of sales manager is critical since sales are the most important aspect of a firm. For the purpose of boosting direct sales, they are in charge of the sales departments and must ensure that all salespeople meet their quotas.

2.Marketing Manager:

If you have an MBA in marketing, you can work as a marketing manager for a firm that offers goods or services. In order to increase sales, you would be primarily responsible for managing the marketing division and promoting the company's goods and services.

3.Financial Advisor:

To pursue this job, you'll need a finance MBA and some prior work experience in the finance industry. As a financial adviser, you will give businesses and individuals financial and capital management guidance in return for payment.

4.Hr Manager:

The efficient running of mid-sized and big organisations depends on their human resources departments. They are in charge of ensuring both the right people are hired and the satisfaction of the company's present personnel.

5.Business Analyst:

A business analyst employs data analytics to provide light on the past, present, and future of an organisation. This analytics is used to inform crucial business decisions. Business analyst will be one of the most important positions in the future.

6.Investment Banker:

Investment bankers support businesses with large-scale capital raising. They are financial experts that help businesses through a number of means with cash raising and business expansion. Investment bankers are among the top paid professions in the MBA world.

7.Project Manager:

The term "project manager" refers to the person in charge of a project. All those involved in the project must be under their supervision. To guarantee the project's success, they must plan, execute, and monitor it.

8.Business Development Manager:

An organisation may be built and grown in a number of ways by a business development manager. They are designed to support sales, marketing, and even the development of successful alliances. A corporation cannot advance without business development managers.

9.Business Consultant:

Business consultants are specialists that organisations engage to aid in their operations. On a variety of subjects, they provide business consultancy services. One could submit an application for this job after receiving an MBA and accumulating adequate business experience.

10.Chief Technology Officer:

Technology is becoming an essential component of all businesses, regardless of their structure. The person in charge of the technical aspects of the business and the adoption of new technologies is the CTO.

Are you unsure about which institution in Australia should be your choice for an MBA programme? Don't worry; our professionals at JAGVIMAL can assist you in selecting a location that fits your interests and profile.

Our FAQ's

With the help of internship programmes and job placement options, Australia has a healthy job market for qualified MBA professionals. The Melbourne Business School has an employment rate of 88 percent, according to the most recent placement figures. A placement rate of 69% may be found at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM).

Although UK consumer prices are (on average) 12% lower, purchasing power is 16% lower (as a result of lower pay). Life is generally better in Australia.

According to MBA News Australia, there are now 20,000 MBA students enrolled in more than 30 Australian universities, with the MBA market in Australia being valued at A$500 million. The average MBA programme in Australia costs about A$47,500.

According to the report, the high demand for MBAs among multinational corporations in Asia and the effectiveness of Australian business schools in hiring and placing Asian candidates across the region are the reasons why MBA graduates from Australian colleges earn high salaries.

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