May Intake in UK Admission Requirements and Deadlines 2024

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May Intake in the UK Admission Requirements and Deadlines, 2024


May intake is a great opportunity for international students especially those candidates who have missed the chance to enrol in a UK-based educational institution during the autumn and spring seasons in September and January. It generally takes admission during summers around April and May. This intake is not primarily preferred by students because of the limited courses offered by universities in the UK. But still, foreign candidates must assess if an educational establishment based in the United Kingdom provides admission at specified intake. It helps the student to choose appropriate intake programs rather than filling out enrolment forms in a hurry further improving their likelihood of getting enrolled. In this blog, we will talk about May Intake 2024, admission criteria, required credentials, and reputed universities offering courses and programs during that period.

May Intake UK 2024

The term May Intake is also referred to as a half-year or midsummer opening. It offers exceptional breakthroughs for candidates aspiring to study in a UK-based educational establishment excluding autumn intake [September opening]. Even in certain cases, May intake can be tempting, especially for students pursuing acquiescent programs in their educational journey or where the situation coordinates perfectly with the opening of the May session for candidates planning to study in the UK. Although, candidates prefer to take admission majorly during the autumn season in September and May Opening 2024 for admission in the UK has gained the attention of many international candidates recently owing probable gain. This session is chosen by very few students due to which competitive spirit is quite low. It automatically increases the possibility of candidates getting selected within May Intake at UK-based academic institutions. Moreover, top renowned universities in the United Kingdom do not offer courses within this particular intake. In some cases, these esteemed educational establishment provides certain programs.

The mid-summer session closes their application forms somewhere between October 2023 and February 2024. Where classes commence between April -May and end during October or November 2024 offering various prevalent programs like a Master’s program in Global Business Administrative study, Information Technology, Construction Engineering, Analytical Technologies, Distributed Computing, Foreign Relations, Marketing, Digital Communication, and so on. 

Why Choose UK May Intake 2024?

Some of the following reasons to choose UK May Intake are listed below-

  • Flexible Structure - The May opening at educational institutions located in the United Kingdom provides an alternate time for the commencement of classes. It is advantageous for students who were unable to enroll in UK-based universities during September opening or required a break to prepare. They also enabled candidates to apply for admission in the summer sessions having prior obligations and responsibilities during the fall season. Further, planning their academic roadmap at their convenience.
  • Align Educational Schedule - Various programs are particularly designed to coordinate with May Intake 2024 at UK-based universities safeguarding a unified shift concerning candidates enrolling in half-yearly programs. It is considered a requirement to include practical exposure with theoretical knowledge like training periods or research assignments etc.
  • Minor Units - Universities offering May intake to international candidates may be operating at a smaller level in comparison with the fall season opening allowing additional modified heed from the end of teachers. Where small units of classroom lead to an interesting discussion, a better understanding of concepts with good communication flow with their professors, and resilient intellect of communal aspects within aspirants.
  • Early Completion of Course - In the first week of May, students can complete their course early compared to candidates pursuing programs in UK-based universities during the September opening. This characteristic of May intake attracts many individuals aspiring to work at an initial stage. Even learners who are interested in investing their very little time in educational journey enroll for summer sessions. 

May Intake UK 2024 Deadline

An application form released for admission in various courses and programs at UK-based universities should be completed before the closing date further avoiding any kind of delay on the part of the candidate. The following deadlines are discussed below during May Intake UK 2024-

  • Firstly, the session 2024 commences in August and ends in September. Where students most probably start the groundwork for their preferred educational establishments offering courses as per their requirements.
  • Secondly, from September to October 2024 intake candidates commence their preparation for entering the UK-based universities by appearing for linguistic exams like the IELTS Test or other required assessments as per norms of specific academic institutions.
  • Thirdly, during October 2024 -November 2024 educational establishments based in the UK released a list of required credentials during May Intake so that students submit requisite documents.
  • Fourth, the summer opening of universities necessitates students to apply at educational establishments that are best for their professional requirements and submit admission forms with the necessary credentials starting from November 2024 and ending it around February 2025.
  • Fifth, within the time duration of February –March 2025 candidates should hold on and wait for the response of the university to which the candidate has applied.
  • Sixth, during the timeline of March to April 2025 students planning to study abroad in countries like the United Kingdom initiate their study visa form.
  • Seventh, in the final stage of the May Intake session candidates after receiving approval from the academic institution about their admission status book their tickets and prepare travel documents required in the UK to start their educational journey commencing from April to May 2025. 

Essential credentials for applying in May Intake UK 2024

At the time of filling out the application form for the May Intake UK 2024 session students in their desired university are obligated candidate to prepare and gather relevant documents as per the list released by academic institutions. Where the student submits the required credentials ensuring an effortless application procedure.

  1. First and foremost student must submit their academic records from recognized institutions.
  2. The second requisite is being able to present a scorecard of an English linguistic exam such as the IELTS band. 
  3. The third most important credential is a common recommendation letter from the end of the previous institution. 
  4. In the fourth position, candidates should submit papers like a statement of purpose expressing the aim of students planning to study abroad.
  5. The fifth required document is a well-structured resume and Curriculum Vitae of individuals mentioning their educational journey and work experience if any.
  6. On the sixth number, students must submit a legal passport and lastly, they have to present appropriate visa-related credentials with the application form. 

Admission Process for Summer Intake UK 2024

A detailed guide regarding the admission procedure and submitting application forms in the UK-based academic establishments for session 2024 is mentioned below-

  • The first step is conducting detailed research concerning admission in the UK summer session as per the preference of students at certified universities or specific programs. Where candidates should categorize educational institutions providing May Intake courses in various disciplines. They must also be aware of details like program structure, staff members, specialization offered by particular institutions, resources, and opportunities given to students on campus grounds like placement ratio, training period, practical assignments, and writing research papers, etc.
  • The second step is a submission of the application form for a chosen academic establishment where the candidate should fill out the entry letter online mode by visiting the university's official portal before the closing date of UK May Intake 2024. Furthermore, it is necessary to attach all the required credentials enlisted by educational institutions on their website with correct and legitimate details.
  • The third step is the initiation of appropriate payment as per the norms of a particular educational institution based in the United Kingdom. Where the application fee includes management costs with dispensation of the application form.
  • The fourth step is an assessment of the application form by an academic institution based in the United Kingdom. It depends on various factors like academic transcripts, language exam scorecards, statement of proposal, recommendation letter, and other credentials. There are a few courses that require students to go through an interview process as part of selection criteria further evaluating a candidate's competence for the specified programs.
  • The fifth step is receiving a Proposal Letter from the end of the specified educational institution. It means that the university has accepted your application form for a particular course. Furthermore, such an offer letter may or may not include certain conditions implied on a student by the university such as acceptance or other terms to which the candidate must oblige.
  • The sixth and final step is approval of the offer letter by the student after cautiously reviewing the terms of the memo. Moreover, if a candidate is contented with the conditions specified then they must acknowledge and abide by the mentioned conditions like submission of relevant documents etc. On the other hand, a student also needs to fill out a study visa application form and comply with the process mentioned by presenting the required credentials such as Bank documents, a Letter of Approval from a University abroad [CAS], and finally give an interview for a visa at nearby embassies or consulate. 

Top UK Universities in 2024 for May Intake

University of Brunel

It is regarded as part of Brunel Institute, situated in London, which is a dynamic hub recognized for its broad notions and understanding. This university focuses mainly on worldwide professional advancement; they predominantly hold vigorous universal recognition within their union and international forecasts. As per QS Rankings of World University 2024, the Brunel Institute has been ranked at 343rd position. It offers various programs during May Intake such as a Master's or diploma degree in the clinical advancement field, a Bachelor's in Life Science, etc.

University of Kent

It has been sanctioned by establishments like AMBA and CMI, furnishing great opportunities for aspirants to study the foundation of business studies in the management and executive field. This academic establishment holds a noticeable position globally. As per QS World University Ranking 2024, the University of Kent is positioned at 336th rank. It offers varied programs like Bachelor in Biochemistry, Chartered Management, Foundation degrees in Biological Science, etc.

University of Chester

This educational institution plays a key role in a candidate’s academic transformation into supervisory positions in big companies. It focuses on numerous strategies to study business administration, such as investigational schooling, vigorous seminars, and inquiry-based education. The University of Chester also offers various other programs during a summer session of April-May opening.

University of Hertfordshire

It deals in various programs, amongst which the master’s level courses are under enormous demand by learners at the universal level. These programs aid the student in changing their approach and process of operation, further commencing varied opportunities at the administrative level. This educational establishment provides an opening of admission form during May Intake UK 2024. 


This blog provides a basic understanding of the May Intake 2024 program. It also focuses on admission criteria for international students applying to UK-based universities and explains about summer session deadline structure with a requirement of valid documents in addition to choosing May Intake by candidates. Furthermore, discussing a list of reputable universities based in the United Kingdom offering courses or degrees for students during half-yearly sessions. 

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