Is MBBS in Philippines is Globally Recognized?

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Globally Recognized Course

Philippines is one of the most sought after destinations for students to pursue MBBS. MBBS from any university in the Philippines is a globally recognized course and is recognized and approved by the various medical bodies of several countries such as the Medical Council of India. MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is a much better option than many countries if a student is looking to pursue his medical course abroad. The universities of the Philippines are globally recognized and well-known institutions that are approved by the World Health Organization. The duration of the MBBS course in the Philippines ranges from 5.6-6yrs. The internship is supposed to be done in any of the major affiliated hospitals of the country under the guidance and supervision of experienced doctors. The medical education degree in the Philippines is called MD which is equivalent to MBBS in India. As the universities of the Philippines are recognized and approved by the Medical Council of India, the curriculum is followed according to the guidelines of MCI so that the students can easily check and clear the MCI screening test after completion of their studies.


Literacy Rate of Philippines

The literacy rate of the Philippines is approximately 95% which is an extremely high rate and the citizens of the country are very serious about their studies. Many Indian students seek their medical education abroad every year and a large number of Indian students consider the Philippines a perfect destination for medical studies. The universities keep the student-teacher ratio very healthy and the teachers focus on the individual development and growth of the students. The students are allowed to participate in several seminars and conferences related to medical science to learn new things. The best part of any Indian student studying MBBS in the Philippines is that traveling to the Philippines is very easy from India as there are direct flights available between both the countries. The Philippines is majorly an English-speaking country and because of that, the Indian students do not face any difficulties in communicating with doctors and patients at the time of their internship. The medium of teaching in universities is English so that the students who are coming from overseas do not face any language barriers. The main goal of the universities is on the practical training of the students and gives them real-life and hands-on experience with medical situations.


Tuition Fee of Philippines

The tuition fee of the Philippines is almost the same as the yearly fees of any private medical college in Northern India. Studying MBBS in the Philippines is a good deal for the Indian students not just because of the high quality of education in the country but also because of the economical education the country provides. Also, it is an excellent destination for medical aspirants who are looking for an MBBS scholarship abroad for Indian students. The universities provide scholarships to eligible students. The climate of the country is mostly moderate and the students from India do not face any difficulties in settling here for the course of their studies. The library of the universities also equipped with the latest texts and books with several kinds of research from known scholars and doctors for the students to read.


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