How to Crack NEET in 1st Attempt ?

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How to Crack NEET in 1st Attempt

Becoming a successful medical professional is what all medical students dream that students put years of hard work and lots of money to pursue their passion. In order to enter a top university, it is important to decipher the National Entrance and Eligibility Test (NEET). In such a situation, it becomes important not only to work hard but also to work intelligently. There is only a little time to prepare for NEET you may be studying day and night to pass the flight. But sometimes it is important to be guided in the right direction, although NEET is mainly based on the NCERT curriculum and, therefore, a full analysis of it is a must. To prepare for NEET you need an appropriate schedule and schedule to facilitate the preparation process.


  1. Follow the Examination Pattern –

Usually, a question paper comes with an established pattern and the same weightage try to solve the sample papers as much as you can. These question documents help you get an advance of the exam pattern, the weight of each section and the assignment of topics according to each section.


  1. Must Attempt –

There are some issues that have been raised in each question and need special attention when preparing for exams. While preparing for a biology exam, the following are the important topics – cell structure, photosynthesis, biotechnology, genetics, plant morphology, evolution and cellular respiration.


  1. Always Try Your Best –

At the beginning, try to work on the whole program of studies, if you think there is not enough time justify and there is a hurry to finish the program, in such a situation, choose the important topics and begin to prepare them effectively. Quitting smoking is never an option; always try your best to complete as much as you can. Some important issues to which you can give your best shot are – development, respiration and gas exchange, ecology, biological classification.


  1. Topics to Be Prepared Only in Enough Time –

When you think you have finished preparing for all the important topics and still have some time justify, you can definitely examine some of the most important topics such as the Animal Kingdom, the animal tissues, the anatomy of flowering plants and the growth and development of plants, etc. Other topics Like Plantae and Animalia you need a little extra time and effort and, therefore, you must prepare yourself with good concentration. Attention should be paid to themes such as the Phylum in Non-Chordates characters and up to the class level in Chordates. It is recommended that students review all the examples in NCERT. The important topics to be prepared from class 11th of the syllabus include “Human physiology”, “Plant physiology”, “Cell biology” and “Biomolecules”. You can also check the weighting of these topics according to the question documents of the previous year. Pay attention to the common and scientific names of the organisms of Animalia and Plantae. Also, do not forget to practice the “Genetics” number together with the pedigree.


  1. Practice Makes a Man Perfect –

Even when you have completed the program, do not forget to practice the whole program over and over again. The practice can be done in 2 ways, either by chapters or by solving sample documents from the previous year. What type of choice depends on your way of learning and practicing? After practicing the simulated test or the sample documents, review their performance and discover the areas where they are lacking so that the next time before solving the sample documents you prepare well for the topics that were missing the last time.


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