How to Apply for Admission in Chinese Medical Universities

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The application form process for study MBBS in China Medical Universities might seem to be complicated and challenging too for you. China is an East Asia country with different culture and it could be difficult to find clear information about the application form process with some Universities which might be outdated. Many students also find it hard to communicate with Chinese Universities who may be difficult to reach by phone or email.


We receive a lot of inquires from students who don’t quite understand where to started on their application from, so we have decided to make clear the complete process in detailed about how to apply for admission Chinese Medical Universities.


1.) How can I apply to study in China’s Colleges or Universities?

Applying to through us is too easy and easier than making use of by yourself, once we do the bigger part of application in your stead and we get it done for free. We have been funded by China’s colleges. 


Here Is How You Can Apply Through Jagvimal Consultants –

i.) Complete our online application form, click here to start with.


ii.) Send the application form documents first to us by email at

We are able to review them free of charge before you finally send them. Among our advisors will reply back with home elevators the next phase and additional assistance.


2.) What Application Documents Had A Need To Apply To Study In China?

The full list of required documents just a little differs depending on Medical Universities in China, however the basic list the following –

  • Passport Copy.
  • A Photo (Passport Size).
  • Graduation Certificate.
  • Official Transcripts.
  • 2 Recommendation Letters (Should Be Written and Authorized By Your Professors or Educators and Contain Their Contact Details).
  • Personal Statement

Additionally, there could be a demand to provide – (if these documents are needed, we will contact you after reviewing the application) –

  • Bank Statement
  • Physical Examination Form

All documents should be either in Chinese or English language. If your document is in virtually any other language, you should get a notarized translation before you submit the document.


3) What Is The Application Process Of Chinese Universities?

i.) Provide all information required on our MBBS application form, mentioned in our website.

These details include your contact details (Name, Date of Birth, 12th Passed Year, Gender, Nationality, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name etc.), permanent home address, and the details of your emergency contact, work and education record.

ii.) Provide all the required documents

iii.) Pay the application fee

Application fee is paid to get your application reviewed, but it addresses the postal fee and the fee of applying to get visa application form. It is not refundable even if the application was not successful. The total amount is defined by University or College and differs at each University or College. How to pay the application forms charge.

iv.) Submit application and wait for our feedback. We will be reply and give you feedback quickly.


4.) What Happens After The Application Is Submitted?

It will take us around 1 to 2 days to review it and when there are no additional information or no required, we will process it within 2 days and update you if it is submitted and offer you with the application ID.

It often takes 4 to 6 weeks for University to review an application and make decision. But about the results decision can be split into 2 types –

i.) Colleges or Universities which are review applications one at a time and offer the results immediately after the review.

ii.) Colleges or Universities which are review applications following the deadline, all at one time and offer the results following the deadline.

Obviously, it requires longer studying the consequence of your admission from the next type, but we will follow up on the application and update you regularly.

To successful applicants Colleges or Universities will send their admission plan which involves admission notice, it often takes a month to get it that is why it is recommended to use as soon as possible. To find out more on visa application processes.

In the event that you still have questions about the applications process or want our advice relating to your documents or program or University or College, our contact details –

Email us at

Phone/Whatsapp : +91 9772378888

Request a callback

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