Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in Australia

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Many students hope to obtain a competitive salary in their preferred field of employment. The greatest method to make this ambition come true is to have an idea of which specific specialisation in that industry would enable you to land one of the highest paying jobs on the market. In addition to work happiness, the most important aspect for students to choose a career is money. This is because money is what drives most people to pursue certain careers. One of the most desired degrees in education in India is an engineering degree. There are several reasons why students pick this area, but one of the key ones is that it provides access to a wide range of lucrative employment. As a student of engineering, you undoubtedly want to pursue a career path that will be both professionally and socially fulfilling and that will also involve a well-paying job that will enable you to maintain a respectable level of living. To learn more, keep reading this blog post on some of the highest paying engineering jobs.

List of Top 15 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in Australia

1.Civil Engineer:

Roles: A civil engineer can work on their own if they hold a professional engineer's licence. One of the jobs of the engineer is to examine the surroundings and site locations to ascertain if development is feasible. Using computer software programmes, he creates plans and designs and handles design problems. Salary: somewhere between $100,000 and $120,000 AUD

2.Electrical Engineer:

Roles: These engineers are tasked with creating new electrically powered systems and testing and installing electrical systems. To build, organise, and enhance electrical systems, they employ software. They undertake meticulous calculations and, at their best, contribute to the creation of building, production, and installation requirements and standards. Salary: somewhere between AUD$75,000 and AUD$152,580 SOFTWARE ENGINEER: Roles: A software engineer's main duty is to address every stage of the software development lifecycle. He is given responsibilities like need analysis, software design, testing, and development. The engineer must comprehend computer architecture and be aware of how hardware constraints affect software development. Salary: somewhere between AUD$57000 and AUD$112000

3.Mechanical Engineer:

Roles: Mechanical engineers carry out a variety of technical tasks including creating, analysing, and testing mechanical equipment. These engineers solve problems technically and via communication. They adhere to accepted technical practices while also being knowledgeable with project management. Salary: around $55,000 to $110,000 AUD

4.Environmental Engineer:

Roles: Environmental engineers provide the role of technological advisors, assisting with resource control, environmental law, and the management of increasing pollutants and land usage. In order to provide sound solutions, they make use of technology. They are effective in assisting in the development of laws that control access to land, water, and air. Salary: somewhere between AUD$62,000 and AUD$111,000

5.Chemical Engineer:

Roles: Chemical engineers' responsibilities include creating new chemical compounds and having knowledge of various chemical characteristics. By using superior chemical systems, they act as troubleshooters and enhance industrial operations. They do research, participate in product creation, and conduct experiments using chemical reactions. Salary: about $57,000 to $117,000 AUD

6.Production or Plant Engineer:

Roles: Production engineers' responsibilities include managing the manufacture of goods. They guarantee that production demands are affordable. They choose the materials to be used in a product's construction, put it together to assure quality, and run a manufacturing line using labour and equipment. Salary: somewhere between AUD$41,200 and AUD$128,000

7.Transport Engineer:

Roles: The transport engineer's primary duty is to supervise engineering projects. They are in charge of scheduling, planning projects, and building and creating transportation networks. They guarantee that transport projects are finished on schedule and on budget. The engineers operate in the transportation, technology, airport, building, and railway sectors. Salary: somewhere between AUD$60,000 and AUD$141,000

8.Petroleum Engineer:

Roles: These experts conduct preliminary explorations and employ a variety of techniques to extract natural gas and oil from varying depths under the earth's surface. They assist teams in recommending drilling sites depending on the difficulty, expense, and viability of recovering the product from the location it is identified. Salary: somewhere between $66,000 to $194,000.

9.Industrial Engineer:

Roles: The management and enhancement of production processes are the responsibility of every industrial engineer. They improve how a factory or other facility operates. These engineers look at current production rates as well as reports on process efficiency for a specific area of the facility or plant. Salary: somewhere between $47,000 and $105,000 AUD

10.Quantity Surveyor:

Roles: Engineering projects are handled and managed by quantity surveyors. They are entrusted for generating high quality and cost balance while maximising project value for various clients. Working with contractors or clients, they are known as construction or engineering cost consultants. Salary: somewhere between AUD$53,000 and AUD$116,000

11.Nuclear Engineer:

Roles: Engineers' responsibilities include developing and analysing the procedures, equipment, and systems needed to reap the rewards of radiation and nuclear energy. They do study on issues with nuclear energy systems and create and improve nuclear machinery. They are in charge of nuclear reactor operation, testing, and maintenance. Salary: somewhere between $64,000 and $133,000 AUD

12.Aeronautical Engineer:

Roles: Aeronautical engineers may work for the government or for defence companies. Because they perform their duties in locations requiring specialised access, some occupations need security clearance. They handle the design, development, and research of different spacecraft, aircraft, missiles, and satellite kinds. Salary: somewhere between $52,000 and $123,000 AUD

13.Mining Engineer:

Roles: These mining engineers help various activities technically. They offer estimates pertinent to mining construction, participate in capital projects, and choose mining equipment. They work on diagnosing, modernising, modifying, and rebuilding mining machinery. Salary: somewhere between AUD$85,000 and AUD$159,000

14.Biomedical Engineer:

Roles: In a support capacity, biomedical engineers collaborate as a team. Their main responsibility is to have a solid knowledge of the engineering concepts needed to have that understanding. The marketing perspective is something that these engineers must consider while developing their concepts, and they must have the knowledge to choose wisely. Salary: Between $51,000 to $91,000 approximately in salary

Engineering Courses in Australia

Even though there has been a lot discussed in terms of engineering careers, aerospace, biomedicine, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, geological, mechanical, petroleum, and telecommunications are the most popular engineering fields for overseas students in Australia. The nation also provides post-graduate programmes that might help you launch a prosperous career.


In conclusion, the Professional Year Programme described above, the pay scale for engineers, and the information on the courses encourage engineering hopefuls to pursue jobs in Australia. Consult our knowledgeable team of education and immigration specialists at JAGVIMAL for Australia for detailed information on the pay scales for various engineering jobs, the PY programme, and student visas.

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