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Australia has a regionally distinct grading system. As an international student, you must be aware of the basic differences in academic grading systems in other nations when you complete your course. A guide to the Australian grading system for schools and universities is provided here. You might take into account, however, that the grading scheme is not uniform throughout Australia. Since Australia is a large nation with several states, each of which has its own grading system, it is advised that if you want to enrol in any degree at a different Australian institution that you take into account the following tables. Although the fundamental scale of grades appears to be the same at all colleges, it differs depending on the institution you plan to attend and the state to which it belongs. Each Australian state is home to a number of top-tier institutions that are renowned for their diversity and have their own grading systems. For additional information on the Australian grading system, the Australian Capital Territory, the application, the GPA calculation, and other topics, continue reading.E3

Australian Capital Territory

The Australian National University, Charles Sturt University, University of Canberra, UNSW Canberra, and Australian Catholic University are a few of the notable universities in the Australian Capital Territory. The following is how various universities grade their students:

Grade Grade Scale
A 100-85
B 84-70
C 69-50
D 49-25
E 24-0


New South Wales

The University of Newcastle, the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, the University of Sydney, and La Trobe University are a few of the important universities in New South Wales. The following is the New South Wales university grading scheme:

Grade Grade Scale
A 100-85
B 84-70
C 69-50
D 49-25
E 24-0


Northern Territory

One of Australia's most picturesque states, home to Charles Darwin University and Flinders University, as well as Darwin as its capital city. Following is the grading scale for the same:

Grade Scale 1  Scale 2
A 5 17-20
B 4-4.99 14-16.99
C 3-3.99 11-13.99
D 2-2.99 8-10.99
E 1-1.99 0-7.99



The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Bond University, and James Cook University are just a few examples of the illustrious institutions that can be found in Queensland, Australia's second-largest state and one of its most populous. The Queensland grading scheme is as follows:

 Grade Grade Scale%
HD 7
D 6-6.99
 C 5-5.99
P 4-4.99
F 1-3.99


Southern Australia

Kangaroo Island is a wildlife sanctuary in the southern part of Australia. The University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia, and Torrens University are all located in this state. The following is the grading scale:

Grade Grade Scale%
HD 85-100
D 75-84
C 65-74
P1 55-64
P2 50-54
F1 40-49
F2 30-39



Tasmania, commonly known as the Island State, is one of Australia's well-known states and is renowned for having the purest air in the world and having the country's most extensive historical legacy. There is just one university in the state, and that is the University of Tasmania. Below is the university's system for assigning grades:

Grade Grade Scale%
EA 4.00
HA 3.50-3.99
CA 3.00-3.49
SA 2.50-2.99
PA 2.99-2.49



Melbourne, the state's capital, is home to some of the greatest private institutions in the nation, including Monash University, Swinburne University, University of Melbourne, Deakin University, RMIT, and Victoria University, among others. Victoria is a hardworking state that boasts the best government in the nation. The state uses the following grading scale:

Code Mark
HD 80-100
D 70-79
C 60-69
P 50-59
N 0-49


Application of Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (Atar) and the Gpa Scores

GPAs are less common in Australia, but they are still used for courses in law and medicine. In order to calculate GPA scores, you must multiply the total grade points by the so-called course unit value and divide the result by the total number of credit points.

The Gpa Formula

Gpa= Total of (Grade Point * Credit Points) / Total of (Credit Points)

The word "ATAR" refers to a score that is used to determine a student's prospects of admission to a university. It is a crucial component of Australia's educational system. If you have an ATAR of 95, it simply implies that you are much better than 95% of your peers in the same stream. You will be given possibilities that the Australian government sponsors after your ATAR surpasses a certain threshold.

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Our FAQ's

The highest GPA in Australia is how much?

Australia's GPA scale ranges from 0 to 7, with 7 being the highest. The term

For many colleges, receiving a GPA grade between 70 and 84% is noteworthy and is regarded as an excellent GPA score.

The highest marks offered by Australian universities are 6 and 7. Students with GPAs in this level are sought after by employers; as a result, if your GPA is 6, you have done exceptionally well in the course. A GPA of 7 is the greatest possible result, though, so congratulations.

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