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German is a widely spoken language in both the European Union as well as the whole world. Being a major language , German is also taught widely as a foreign language, since it is seen that German is quite influential in the fields, such as, Philosophy, theology, science and technology. The language is mainly spoken as official and co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol.

Learning German, connects you to a wide range of people who are native speakers of the language. Also around the globe, many people learn German as their second language. Most importantly, German is an easy to learn language in India, due to its vast acceptability. Germany is one of the world's biggest economies with leading companies, job opportunities and quality Education. Along with being the number one export nation, German culture is a part of the heritage.

German being a language builds no boundary or limitation to grasp it, anyone of any age group can go ahead and learn the language. And, it is best to be pointed out that, people who wish to pursue studies or career abroad must know the language, so there is no language barrier. Also, many Universities and companies in Germany demand for language proficiency proof, since their mode of instruction is in German language. So this makes it all the way more necessary to learn the language, if you are not a native speaker.

Levels of the Language:

There are 6 levels in language expertise if you are planning to learn the language.

1. A1: Level 1 of German:

This is the first level of the language and is meant for the beginners. Students can generally speak the basic level of German and can use it to create and use the expressions to describe their needs or to answer certain questions. Students can speak the language slowly at this elementary level.

2. A2: Level 2 of German:

In this level Students can easily comprehend and respond to the sentences associated with general information regarding personal information, work, shopping, etc. However, it is still an elementary level for the beginners.

3. B1: Level 3 of German:

B1 or A3 is the level for the German learners and the students can further use the language independently. Students who are at this level can handle conversations with ease. It is one of the moderate levels for the language. Also students who wish to

4. B2: Level 4 of German:

Being the 4th level of German proficiency, it is also considered as a moderate level of the language. The B2 level students can communicate fluently in the language. It makes it easy for the learners to understand the native German easily.

5. C1: Level 5 of German:

It helps in achieving a high level of language proficiency. This level is opted by a small fraction of students who want to pursue higher German language courses and are planning for higher studies or professions in the German Language. Spontaneous, effective, and fluent use of Language is expected from students who are pursuing C1 level.

6. C2: Level 6 of German:

This is the highest of all the levels for German Language studies; C2 Level. The aspirants, after completion of this course, are expected to speak like a native German speaker. They should be able to converse confidently and effortlessly on any topic and at the same time express their opinions and views about the same.

About the Language Course:

All the 6 language levels comprises 4 modules, namely Listening, speaking, writing, and reading. The listening module consists of learning to listen carefully and being able to comprehend what is said. Then comes the speaking module, where the student learns to speak and to respond correctly about what was said. This leads to the writing module, in which the student writes letters, emails, essays and other writing material. And the last one is reading material, in which students are given written texts and they have to comprehend the meaning of it.

Also, generally the course is for 2-4 months in which students are taught 3-6 hours/day.

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