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An evaluation of your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills in English is done with the Duolingo English Test. The questions on this computer-adaptive test get harder or easier as you go along depending on how you respond to earlier inquiries. You respond to open-ended questions in addition to multiple-choice ones to gauge your spoken and writing English proficiency. All of the questions you respond to are graded by the computer. Also, you have the choice of recording a video interview and writing sample.

The computer-based English test establishes the candidates' level of language proficiency before they are allowed to immigrate to any English-speaking nation. Like any other English language exam, Duolingo evaluates students' abilities in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Whenever, from anywhere in the globe, you can take the test online. A computer-adaptive test is offered by Duolingo. adaptive tests for computers This is as a result of the difficulty level continually increasing with each right response. The next question will be considerably simpler if your response is incorrect. You may alternatively select the improved test version, in which case you can select the ten-minute interview and record your responses to every open-ended question.

Duolingo Exam Test Fee:

Comparing the cost to other English language exams like the TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and others, it is incredibly reasonable. Compared to other exams, which can cost up to INR 15,000 or more, the Duolingo exam is $49 (INR 3,678*) plus taxes (if applicable). There is not a single exam waiver available. By selecting the "purchase the test" tab and the "buy now" button, you can pay for the exam. PayPal is also accepted, as are all credit cards. You must take the test within 90 days of successfully submitting the fees, else the time limit will be lost.

Benefits of the Duolingo English Test:

In addition to the persuasive arguments of price, customization, and convenience, we have outlined a number of benefits that make the Duolingo English Test the ideal choice for an English Language Proficiency exam:

1.The cost of the test is only $49. You not only save money on the cost of the test, but also on transportation expenses and the stress associated with travelling to the facility. You may take numerous Duolingo exams for the price of one IELTS or TOEFL exam.

2.The sending of Duolingo test results to as many institutions as desired is free of further fees. Only four institutions will accept your TOEFL scores for free, and only five will accept your IELTS scores. There is a cost of about $20 for each additional university after that. You save all such expenses by using Duolingo.

3.The exam lasts one hour in total, which is three times shorter than the IELTS or TOEFL. As a result, this also suggests that you won't need to spend a lot of time studying for your mock exam. Instead, you may concentrate more on learning particular kinds of questions.

4.Within 48 hours, the findings are made public.

5.DET is known for its rapid and simple online enrolling process. A few minutes before the test's start, you can register. The Duolingo English Test has no defined test dates.

6.You do not have to prove your qualifications or show academic credentials in order to take the Duolingo English Test, which is a bonus. Anybody from anywhere in the world can sign up for and take the Duolingo English Test. However, there are particular requirements and limitations that must be followed both before signing up for the exam and while taking it.

7.Assume that taking the Duolingo English Test is done in order to submit an admissions application. In such a situation, test takers must confirm the test's acceptance at the desired institution abroad before registering for it. Everyone may take the Duolingo English exam. No minimum age has been set by the Duolingo councils. You must have parental or guardian agreement to take the exam if you are under the age of 13 or the age at which your country needs parental consent.

8.If you are a non-native English speaker, you do not need to take the Duolingo English Test. To start the test, the candidate only has to pay the registration fee.

9.Results from the Duolingo English exam may be added to a résumé or LinkedIn profile. So, these ratings can be used for interviews by any prospective employer. It will assist in separating one possible applicant from another.

10.The Duolingo scores are used by foreign colleges to correctly evaluate the talents and aptitudes of overseas students. It assists in placing the student in an appropriate English class, resulting in a more successful and enjoyable college experience.

Minimum Duolingo Scores Accepted by the Australian Universities:

Before the epidemic, DET was not acknowledged in Australia. The Duolingo test became more helpful than ever when it got challenging for the students to get to their exam locations. There are currently around 20 institutions in Australia that recognise Duolingo and accept the exam results as evidence of an overseas student's English language competency.

  • Charles Darwin University - Minimum score of 110
  • Griffith University - Minimum score of 110
  • Kaplan Business School - Minimum score of 100
  • Adelaide Institute of Higher Education - Minimum score of 105
  • Swinburne University of Technology - Minimum score of 105
  • Monash University - Minimum score of 85
  • Macquarie University - Minimum score of 115
  • Australian National University - Minimum score of 115
  • Flinders University - Minimum score of 95
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Australia - Minimum score of 105

The Duolingo exam is mostly used by academic institutions to check a candidate's proficiency with and understanding of the English language. These exam results are also helpful for interview and application verification.

Duolingo Score Requirements for Australia:

A few Duolingo or TOEFL testing facilities have closed as a result of COVID-19. You may use the Duolingo English Test to fulfil your English language requirements at a number of Australian schools and universities if you're an overseas student. The following educational facilities, which satisfies the fundamental criteria, accept the DET:

1.University of New South Wales:

The University of New South Wales (UNSW), an open research institution, was established in 1949 with the intention of addressing the evolving demands of technology. Its original name was the New South Wales University of Technology. USW is now accepting the Duolingo English Test on an interim basis for entry in September 2021 and February 2022. It takes a total of 100 points, with 90 points in each category.

2.Monash College:

An Australian public research university is Monash College. The second-oldest university in the state, it was founded in 1958. They have worked along with the Duolingo English Test to keep evaluating students' proficiency in the language. Prior to beginning Monash English, Monash English Bridging, Foundation Year, or the Diploma, pre-college students must pass the assessment. Depending on the curriculum you select, an average of 85 to 105 on the Duolingo English Test is necessary.

3.Curtin University:

Among the top 1% of universities worldwide, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2021, is Curtin University. You will acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in the global workplace thanks to Curtin's well regarded courses and extensive industry connections. A score of 120 is needed on the Duolingo English Test in order to be approved for the 2022 intake.

4.Macquarie University:

One of Australia's top universities, Macquarie University produces some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Macquarie University will accept the Duolingo English Test as a replacement with a minimum score of 120 notwithstanding the fact that regular IELTS and TOEFL testing is still disrupted in China.

5.Queensland University of Technology (Qut):

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was ranked third for art and design and first in Australia for communication and media studies in the QS Global University Ranking by Subject (2021). English language prerequisites for enrolment in QUT International College English language courses may be satisfied by passing the Duolingo English Test. QUT will accept the results of the Duolingo English Test for admission into the 2022 intakes due to the testing facilities' limited accessibility. According to the curriculum, their DET score required ranges from 85 to 100.

Universities Accepting Duolingo for Bachelors:

Below are the Universities that accept Duolingo for Bachelors courses in Australia:

  • La Trobe College Australia
  • Western Sydney University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • La Trobe University
  • Australian National University
  • Griffith College – Australia
  • Edith Cowan College – All Diploma Programs
  • Sydney Institute of Business and Technology
  • Curtin College – Perth
  • Kaplan Business School

Universities Accepting Duolingo for Masters:

Below are the Universities that accept Duolingo for Masters courses in Australia: Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) Kaplan Business School Flinders University Ad Astra Institute Griffith University JMC Academy Monash College Flinders University Australian National University Carnegie Mellon University in Australia

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Our FAQ's

Can I apply for an Australian visa using Duolingo?

No. Duolingo exams are not accepted by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Prospective students must submit their TOEFL or IELTS results in order to be granted a visa.

Universities in Australia that accept Duolingo must have a minimum score between 105 and 120. For good graduate study programmes like the MS in Finance, MBA, and Masters in Civil Engineering, etc., a score of greater than 120 is regarded as exceptional.

According to several immigration professionals, overseas students find the Duolingo test to be far simpler than the IELTS test. The outcomes of Duolingo tests are just as trustworthy as those of any other language assessment. Compare the two now. The benchmark for English language competency assessments is IELTS. On the other hand, Duolingo has just recently gained popularity and will need time to build trust. Yet, because of its user-friendly interface and exam that is designed to be taken online, Duolingo is far more accessible than IELTS.

The English language skills of candidates looking to study abroad is examined by the Duolingo Test. By doing informal study on YouTube or numerous educational websites, you may become ready for the exam. In addition, you may go to the Duolingo website's test readiness page to sign up for the free practice test, examine the question format, and get the official handbook for more assistance.

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