Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

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Dubai Health Authority (DHA)

DHA Exam, Dubai

Department of Health and Medical Services, established and operative since 1953 was the formal body looking after the healthcare system in Emirates before Dubai Health Authority (DHA) was formed. Under the directives of the Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Health Authority was formed in 2007 and took over the charge to oversee the healthcare system of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai Health Authority is completely a government organization providing quality healthcare services through hospitals and other facilities directly falling under its direct jurisdiction. It ensures the healthcare strategies and policies for public and private hospitals and clinics in Dubai.

DHA ensures to protect public health and improve quality of life. It forms the strategies to meet Dubai’s future healthcare needs, takes care of partnerships between service providers of public and private sectors, issues the licensing regulations across Dubai Health Sector and also works for increasing the transparency and accountability of the healthcare system in the Emirates.
DHA aims to transform Dubai’s healthcare system to a leading healthcare destination by focussing on the quality, patient’s safety and his rights, clinical competency and also ensuring Dubai’s access to best medical care wherever needed by respective patient’s family, friends or visitors. In October 20211, Dubai Health Strategy was released which intends to examine Dubai’s medical sector to ensure efficient, quick and pocket friendly healthcare services to everyone. The plan was implemented to offer affordable healthcare to both Emiratis and expatriates.
Any medical health professional who wants to practice in Dubai, UAE must qualify the DHA exam. It is a licensing examination mandatory to be qualified by the healthcare professionals to rehearse in Dubai. The evaluation process can either be oral or online test depending upon the professional class. Medical graduates to pursue medical career in UAE have to be evaluated through UAE’s healthcare regulatory authorities HAAD, DHA, DHCC and MOH. A work license is awarded on successfully passing the assessment examination to practice anywhere in Dubai.

How to apply for DHA Exam, Dubai?

Medical graduates or healthcare professionals who are passionate to practice in Dubai must undergo a screening process for Dubai called DHA examination. To understand the process of DHA, following terms should be understood which you will come across during the complete process of application. 

  1. Dubai Health Authority: A government body registered to oversee the healthcare system of Dubai
  2. Prometrics: organization in-charge to cater the exam for DHA applicants
  3. Primary Source Verification (PSV):  is the process of confirming the reliability and authenticity of all academic transcripts, legal and professional credentials submitted by the applicant.  
  4. Data Flow Group: Is an entrusted body that carries out the advanced screening process involving liaising with the actual certificate/ credentials issuing authorities irrespective of linguistic or geographical barriers.

Getting prepared for DHA

STEP 1: Getting Documents Ready

Attestation of documents may not be required at this phase. Since the soft copies of documents are to be uploaded while filling the form, clear and colour scanned copies of all documents shall fulfil the purpose. Documents required at this step includes

  1. Transcripts: An applicant must have all the transcripts of records ready including the important ones like the 10th, 12th and graduation degree marksheets. These should be original and authentic issued by the school or graduating authority. In case anyone of these is missing, contact the relevant authority before proceeding ahead.
  2. Work Experience Certificate: A minimum of two years experience is required by the applicant to be eligible to apply for DHA. An experience certificate can be obtained from your organization where you have rendered your services. Make sure it is authentic with proper seal and dates of service and the mention of department where services are rendered.
  3. Coloured passport size photograph against white background in high resolution
  4. A clear scanned and coloured copy of passport
  5. Authorization Letter for DHA which will be available for download towards the end of application which is made online. The applicant must download the authorization letter, add signatures and upload a clear copy of the same on the portal.
  6. A valid proof of professional registration in home country: The professional registration proof includes:
    • An active PRC License
    • Board Certificates like the Degree or Diploma given from PRC
    • Certificate of Good Standing which is again given by the

All scanned and high resolution images of documents to be kept ready to be uploaded to avoid any hassles or delay in making the application.

STEP 2: Creation of Sheryan Account

Creating a Sheryan account is the very initial step of filing application with DHA. It is a personal login provided to every applicant allowing him/her to monitor every detail related to the license application. Creating a Sheryan account generates a unique DHA ID, also called professional ID for the applicant. Creating this ID requires the applicant to upload few documents for verification like the copy of passport, photograph, record of transcripts etc.  This ID may be further required for the purpose of tracking application progress.

STEP 3: Getting the Eligibility ID

  1. This can take upto 6 weeks of time. Meanwhile the applicant can start with the next process of Primary Source Verification or PSV. During this time the applicant can also schedule for Prometric examination.  
  2. Primary Source Verification is done by the Data Flow group. An applicant can monitor the progress of credentials evaluation on the documents uploaded by him/her.

STEP 4: Apply for PSV

  1. After the documents have been uploaded, the applicant will be required to make the payment for document verification and evaluation. A mail will be sent on applicant’s registered email containing the link to make payment.
  2. This system requires the payment of fee to complete the process of verification of credentials. An applicant is required to make the payment towards Data Flow using UAE-based credit card to avoid any surplus expenses or taxes. However, the payment can be done with any international credit cards like the Visa or Master card.  
  3. PSV report may take upto 6 weeks for validation. An applicant can continuously check the evaluation progress. In case of any delay in verification process or discrepancy, the applicant shall receive a mail.

STEP 5: Schedule for the Exam

Once the applicant gets the DHA reference no. after completing Step no. 3, the applicant can schedule for the examination. The applicant must prepare for the examination based on the specialization they want to opt for.

STEP 6: Reporting at the Test Centre

The applicants are required to report at the test center on the date of examination. The DHA exam is conducted online at its attested test centers. Applicants must keep in mind the following without fail:

  1. Carry the appointment receipt
  2. Carry the original passport for ID proof
  3. Biometrics will be done and original passport shall be verified for applicants taking the examination
  4. Applicants are not allowed to carry any belongings with them inside the test room.
  5. Do not talk to anyone during the examination, not even to fellow test taker or applicant. Webcams are turned on to monitor student’s body language and behaviour during the examination.

STEP 7: Waiting For the Result

  1. Usually the declaration of results for DHA examination does not take long. The results are declared as early as in 2-5days after the examination.
  2. Students can check their performance and results on their Sheryan account

STEP 8: Flying to Dubai

  1. After the applicant gets  pass result in DHA examination, it is time for him/her to prepare the papers and make arrangements for flying
  2. The applicant can apply for Dubai visa
  3. Once the applicant is successful in getting the job, the license is processed. The eligibility letter must be presented to the employer who in turn will process the license for them
  4. The applicant is now a registered practitioner to master his dream job in foreign land.

DHA exam pattern

The DHA exam is CBT (computer based test) and is good 3 hours duration test. It comprises of 150 multiple choice questions. The passing marks for the test stand as 60. The test does not have any negative marking for the wrong answers or the unanswered ones. The result is shared within 2-5 days of the exam and the same can be checked on student’s Sheryan account which will mention if the student has qualified the examination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the DataFlow Group do?
    DataFlow Group is globally known service provider for Primary Source Verification (PSV) solutions. It also offers background checks and immigration compliance services. Companies across the globe both in private and public sectors rely on DataFlow group to reduce the risk of being exposed to fake academic credentials, employment history, licenses to practice, passports and work permits or related documents. To check the authenticity and reliability of qualification claims by the employees DataFlow group has expanded and liaised with over 60,000 issuing authorities in more than 200 countries.
  2. How can one apply with DataFlow Group for Primary Source Verification?
    Primary Source Verification (PSV) is a long and time-consuming process. It requires submission of a long list of documents. Since, this process requires a communication with different issuing authorities, PSV may take time. Also any pendency in documentation may lead to a delayed verification. Hence an experienced team is required to assist you in this process. Jagvimal Consultants has a team of experienced professionals to guide you in this process and process your documents for Primary Source Verification without any hassles.
  3. How much is the fee for Primary Source Verification application?
    The fee for Primary Source Verification application varies with the number of documents to be verified under normal time duration. However, some extra charges are to be paid if the applicant requires opting for fast track process of application.
  4. How can one pay the Primary Source Verification application fee?
    Once the Primary Source Verification application is made, the payment link will be shared on applicant’s registered email id. The applicant can go to the link and complete the payment. This payment can be made using any international credit card. Once the payment is made, confirmation will be sent.
  5. Where can I get assistance regarding the examination and assessment?
    DataFlow Group only conducts the Primary Source Verification. Any queries related to examination, assessment or the renewal of license can be answered by DHA.
  6. How can I track my application status?
    The Primary Source Verification application status can be tracked online using the ID and password created during application process. Also the final status is sent to the registered e-mail id.
  7. How much time does the DatFlow Group takes in usual to complete Primary Source Verification application?
    The standard time required for this PSV process is 30 business days approximately after the payment has been received by the DataFlow Group. However, it may be extended to some more days due to the holidays, absence of staff, absence or misplacement of old records by the institutions.
  8. Do I need to get my documents attested from the UAE Embassy in my country or any other authority?
    Attestation of documents is not required by DataFlow Group for the process of Primary Source Verification. The documents uploaded for this process must be the clear coloured scan copies of the original documents. This enables a smooth and timely process.
  9. Can I ask for refund in any case?
    Any requests for refunds must be made within first 48 hours of the payment made to DataFlow Group. The refund request must contain the DHA reference no. and the proof of payment. Refunds can be asked if extra fee has been paid or it has been paid twice by mistake.
  10. Is it possible to edit, add or delete any documents by logging in to the account?
    Addition, deletion or editing any document or information is not permissible once the fee payment towards Primary Source Verification is made.
  11. What is the process to obtain my PSV report?
    Primary Source Verification report can be downloaded after logging in to the account or requesting the same with the Barcode number or Reference number.
  12. In case of any errors, whom should I contact?
    Incase of any errors, mention the Barcode number or Reference number alongwith the screenshot of the error. Team Member from DataFlow Group shall connect shortly.
  13. My credentials have earlier been verified by the same group for another regulatory authority. Do I need to re-apply with DataFlow Group to attain DHA license?
    A request copy of the same report from DataFlow Group can be submitted if the application is submitted to the Sheryan account. An updated payment will be sent to registered mail for revising application details.If the application is not submitted through Sheryan account, you need to contact DHA to share the copy of previous report required for assessment. An additional fee may be charged for the same.
  14. If a “negative” or “unable to verify” DataFlow Group report is received, can I request re-verification?
    Yes, a re-verification reqiuest can be raised with DataFlow Group quoting the Reference number or Barcode number. Do not forget to provide additional documents and details that may help in re-verification. The DataFlow Team shall revert in 48 working hours after reviewing the request.
  15. I have a query and unable to get an answer to the same.
    A request can be raised quoting the Reference number or Barcode number along with your query to the DataFlow Group. The team shall respond at the earliest.

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