Destination Australia Scholarship

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destination Australia scholarship

The most well-known award in Australia is called the Destination Australia award. Destination Australia Scholarships are financed by the Commonwealth Government and are intended to draw and assist students who choose to live and study in remote towns in an effort to promote creativity and scholarship across all professions. The Department of Education of the Australian Government provides funding for the Destination Australia scholarship. From prerequisites to deadlines, this page has all the information you need to know about the Destination Australia Scholarship.

Scholarship Details

  • Every year, a new set of Australian colleges and institutions add to the list of those offering Destination Australia Scholarships. More than 400 scholarships for 2021 were awarded to the students.
  • Scholarship recipients get 15,000 + 1500 AUD for one academic year, and then their grants are renewed depending on academic achievement.
  • The Destination Australia Scholarship Programme is intended for qualified students who seek financial assistance to live and pursue their education in rural Australia. Both domestic and international students may apply for the scholarships, which are funded by Australia's Department of Education.
  • More than 1000 people get tuition and living expenses paid for by the scholarship scheme so they may start higher education in Australia.
  • In order to be considered for the Destination Australia Scholarship, applicants must submit their applications to a respectable university that has been designated as a programme partner.

Destination Australia Scholarship Benefits

The Destination Australia Scholarships are funded by the Commonwealth Government with the goal of attracting and supporting students who want to live and study in rural regions. Each Scholarship grants $15,000* per student for each academic year of attendance in order to help students in remote Australia with living and educational costs.

Eligibility Requirements

Application for the Destination Australia Scholarship Programme is only open to those who choose a full-time:

  • Doctoral degree at any partner institution. or
  • Graduate Certificate/Graduate Diploma/Master's degree or
  • Bachelor’s Degree/Bachelors Honours Degree or
  • Residential certificate IV/Certificate IV/Accredited Diploma/ Advanced Diploma or

Associate Degree The following requirements must also be met by overseas students in addition to their programme of choice:

  • Being an unsponsored, fully-paying student
  • Minimum 75% in the preceding educational level
  • Possess a current student visa for Australia
  • Enrolled full-time in a degree programme at a university in a rural area of Australia for the 2021 academic year.
  • Continue to live in a regional location of Australia.
  • Learn a tertiary subject at the accredited university

Application Process for Destination Australia Scholarship

There is no one set way to apply for the Destination Australia Scholarship Programme. Due to the requirement that applicants submit their scholarship applications through 35 approved educational institutions, they are free to decide how they want to distribute these funds.The University of Melbourne is only one of the numerous regional universities that will automatically assess suitable candidates for the scholarship. However, certain institutions, like Curtin University, have a rigorous application process for candidates to Destination Australia.

Selection Process

Based on their acceptance into a full-time programme at that institution and their continuous residency in the Australian region where the campus is located, each Australian university selects recipients of the Destination Australia Scholarship. Consider the requirement that applicants to Edith Cowan University live in the Burbury region for the duration of the study. In addition to fulfilling university-specific norms and requirements, students are picked for further consideration based on the following two criteria:

  • 500-word Statement of Purpose (if separate application was needed by the university)
  • Academic Merit

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Documents Required for Destination Australia Scholarship

  • Proof of Admission
  • All Previous Academic Marksheets
  • scanned copy of a current passport photo
  • A statement of at least 300 words must be prepared by the applicant.

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Our FAQ's

Where can I find the Destination Australia scholarship?

Register in one of the programmes and places listed under the TAFE NSW Destination Australia Programme. sustaining continuing residence in a regional area as specified by the 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard while pursuing full-time study, attending in-person classes, and taking face-to-face courses.

The goal of the Destination Australia Programme is to promote the study of regional Australia among domestic and foreign students, to expand and improve the tertiary education options available there, and to provide students with a high-quality educational experience.

To obtain a scholarship in Australia, follow these steps: Engage in civic activities. Submit as many scholarship applications as you can. Request assistance with applications. Read the scholarship requirements thoroughly.

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