Cost of Studying in Australia for Indian Students

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Australia, sometimes known as the "land of the coasts," is the setting for some prestigious educational institutions, including the Universities of Sydney and New South Wales. Along with offering a cosmopolitan environment and a warm welcome to students from all over the world, it also offers academic brilliance. Additionally, more than two-thirds of the universities in the nation were ranked among the top institutions in the QS Rankings 2023. Australia has steadily gained popularity among students from the US and UK as a favoured study destination because of its higher standard of life and top-notch education. As a result, if you want to learn more about the cost of studying in Australia, read this blog. It will help you decide whether to pursue higher education there.

Overview of Cost of Studying in Australia for Indian Students

International students have always considered Australia to be the best place to study. Numerous colleges that are highly rated for a variety of courses are found in the nation. On top of that, this nation has welcomed overseas students with more enthusiasm. You should be informed of all fees, nevertheless, before choosing Australia as your study destination. You may then effectively plan and coordinate your financial budget with the aid of these aspects.

Degree Yearly Fee (in Aud)
Diploma course $18000 - $20000
Associate Degree/Bachelors & Masters’ Degree $22000 - $40000
Bachelors of Engineering in University Degree $24000 - $40000
Graduate Diplomas  $22000 - $30000


TAFE Institutes & Private Colleges:

Diploma/ Advanced Diploma $12000 - $16000
Graduate Diploma/ Bachelors/Masters $22000 - $25000


Public Universities Fees is Australia

The national government of Australia provides funding for all 38 public institutions. Given that 7 of the top 100 universities in the world are found in Australia, one may estimate the calibre of Australian universities from this information. The cost of a bachelor's degree is from 10,000 to 30,000 AUD, whereas the cost of a postgraduate degree is between 22,000 and 37,000 AUD annually. Between 14,000 and 37,000 AUD are typical course costs for PhD students.

Private Universities Fees in Australia

Everywhere in the globe, private institutions are more expensive than state universities. There is just one private, non-profit institution in Australia, Bond institution, and the tuition there may go as much as 12,000 AUD. English language classes cost 300 AUD per week in Australia, while vocational courses range in price from 4,000 to 22,000 AUD, depending on the level of the course.

Tuition Costs in Australia

For domestic students, studying in Australia is more affordable, as it is in many other countries throughout the world. This is especially true if they are accepted for a Commonwealth sponsored place, whereby the government covers the majority of the cost of tuition. At every public university in Australia as well as some, but not all, private ones, there are places sponsored by the Commonwealth. The government has set a limit on student contributions, which vary based on where and what you study. Each tax band has a minimum and maximum range that is determined by the government. For 2022, these ranges are as follows: Band 1: AU$0,3985; Band 2: AU$0,821; Band 3: AU$0,10,754; and Band 4: AU$0,14,640.

You must figure out which courses or units are included in each band, as well as how many credits (represented as a fraction, for example, 12/96 = 0.125 EFTSL) you receive for each unit, in order to calculate your overall tuition costs. The total cost per unit is calculated by multiplying the EFTSL number (0.125) by the band fee amount. You may also just use a calculator on the internet. Most organisations have one available on their website.The cost of tuition is calculated similarly for domestic graduate students. The estimated annual cost for graduate students is disclosed by some universities. For instance, the University of Melbourne advertises rates for 2023 that range from AU$20,800 per year for the Master of Psychiatry online degree to AU$77,344 for a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Check with the school if they offer any graduate programmes with Commonwealth-assisted spots.

Domestic students are qualified for the Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP), unlike overseas students. For Australian residents and holders of permanent humanitarian visas, there are four different forms of government loans available. HECS-HELP is a programme that aids students receiving financial aid from the Commonwealth in paying their student contribution; For students who pay tuition, FEE-HELP covers those costs; SA-HELP covers the cost of student services and facilities; and VET Student Loans covers the cost of vocational education and training.

Most Affordable Universities in Australia

We have compiled a list of affordable universities in Australia for those students who are interested in doing their studies there:

University Average Tuition Fees
University of Wollongong 16,000 AUD/year
University of New England 18,000 AUD/year
Victoria University 22,000 AUD/year


Can You Study for Free in Australia?

The Australia Awards are international fellowships and scholarships supported by the Australian government that are open to Australian residents as well as citizens of other qualifying nations, which includes people from the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific region, and Asia.

The Britain-Australia Society's Northcote Graduate Scholarship is available to graduate students from the UK. This covers the cost of your transportation there and back, as well as your tuition and other expenses. It also includes a three-year stipend for living expenses. Check with the Australian institutions you are interested in as an undergraduate or graduate student since many of them provide scholarships at both levels available to both native and foreign students. Visit our list of scholarships for Australian studies to learn about further financial options.

Despite the country's excellent educational system, international students are reluctant to enrol since Australia's tuition and living expenses are somewhat costly. The government, however, is devoted to making sure that international students feel at home in their nation by offering scholarship programmes with public investments reaching 200,000,000 AUD. These scholarships might assist you in paying for your education and living expenses while you are abroad in Australia.

International students may choose to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Australia Awards are government-sponsored programmes that pay for education, living expenses, and travel.
  • For female academics from APEC economies who want to do research in collaboration with Australian research universities, there is the APEC Women in Research Fellowship Programme.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, which cover everything from tuition, travel, housing, healthcare, and even a modest monthly stipend, are available to students enrolling in Master's or PhD programmes.​Endeavour Postgraduate Awards, which cover everything from tuition, travel, housing, healthcare, and even a modest monthly stipend, are available to students enrolling in Master's or PhD programmes.​

Student Visa and Travel Insurance

At the time of writing, the cost of the Student Visa (Subclass 500) is AU$650 (about $445). You must arrange Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for you and any accompanying family members as a condition of your visa, and it must be valid for the whole time you plan to be in the country. However, whichever service you select, make sure it is government-approved. You are not required to use the one your university suggests. A search option is offered by OSHC Australia that may be used to compare medical insurance quotes from accredited suppliers. With no accompanying family, we discovered that the lowest alternative would cost AU$2,101.56 (about US$1,437) for a typical undergraduate student (three-year programme, beginning in March and ending in December).

Tips to Reduce Your Expenses in Australia

The following strategies can help foreign students pay less for living expenses while studying in Australia. Take a look at these:

  • You may start by comparing the cost of living in Australia each month based on the state where you live and the institution you attend.
  • You may occasionally need to change your money into the local currency when residing in another nation.
  • For currency conversion, banks often impose some extra fees. So it is best to select any trustworthy money exchange company in the nation. Australians may also maintain their standard of life by making their own food, using public transit, cycling, and other cost-saving measures like turning off unnecessary electrical equipment.
  • Another way for Indian and other overseas students to lower their living costs in Australia is to work a part-time job or work while studying.
  • Some colleges additionally provide financial aid to cover an overseas student's expenditures while studying in Australia.

With this, it is possible to conclude that controlling the expense of living in Australia for Indian and other foreign students is a planning exercise. The straightforward tips mentioned above will undoubtedly revamp your finances and help you spend less on other things. But if you are still uncertain about the application, choosing the finest schools, or choosing the appropriate housing kinds, get in touch with our JAGVIMAL Professionals right away.

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Our FAQ's

Is it costly to study in Australia?

No, it won't cost a lot of money to study in Australia overall. The nation provides a range of financial solutions to suit the budgets of all students. The price will vary depending on the academic and lifestyle expenses.

No, an Indian student will be responsible for all costs associated with attending an Australian university. Australia's institutions and government both provide scholarship possibilities. They aid in providing adequate funds.

For overseas students, Australia has eight to nine affordable or cheap universities. For undergraduate courses, the course price ranges from AUD 14,000 to AUD 17,00,000 and from AUD 16,000 to AUD 38,000 for graduate studies.

There are often no application costs for overseas students at Australian universities. regardless of whether they use agents or submit their own applications. Students who apply via agents, however, might or might not be required to pay a small fee in some circumstances.

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