Advantages of Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

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Advantages of Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students

Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian students is a dream for most Indian parents. Since childhood, parents, teachers and influential people in Indian society recommend studying engineering or medicine. If there are 2 children in a house, there is a possibility that one is an engineer and the other a doctor. This is the dream of most Indian parents. Although engineering positions have increased dramatically over the years, this is not the case with MBBS.


Let’s see a couple of stats to understand this more thoroughly –

  • There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available throughout India, while 10 Lakhs students appear in various entry tests across India and the state each year.
  • This means that, every year, only 5% of students who aspire to be doctors will achieve their goals.
  • There are a total of 335 faculties of medicine in India, of which 181 are private institutions and 154 are institutes administered by the government.
  • Most private institutes have a capitation fee that varies from 15 to 20 Lakhs at an annual rate of 4 to 5 Lakhs. For any middle class family, even if the student gets a seat through the entrance tests, MBBS is still a forbidden fruit due to the astronomical fee structure of private institutes.


But, all hope is not lost. Aspiring doctors can now study MBBS abroad to realize their dreams, also with a very reasonable fee structure. Students and parents tend to have their doubts or fear the MBBS admission in Abroad. But, the world has become a global village now. Study MBBS Abroad for Indian students has become easier and more comfortable than ever.


Let’s Look at the 5 of the many Advantages for Study MBBS in Abroad for Indian Students…

  1. No Donation or Capitation Fee

As previously reported, private institutes in India have huge amounts of donations or capitation fees, apart from the annual fee. This is not the case of colleges or universities Abroad. The majority of medical colleges in China, Russia, Ukraine, etc… They do not have any donation or capitation fee. Even the cost of tuition is very low compared to private universities in India ranging from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to Rs. 4.5 lakhs every year.


  1. No Entrance Test for Admission

Unlike India, an entrance test is not required to ensure admission to an MBBS university. Admission will be based strictly on its performance in the 12th standard and the first quality service. Students with more than 75% in their 12th standard receive preference.


  1. Extremely Low Cost of Living

This is the part where most students and parents worry and take a step back. Although most of the foreign countries to study MBBS are from Europe, the cost of living is relatively cheap. Take Ukraine for example. Study MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students will be quite cheap, since most students can survive with a price as low as $ 100 and $ 200 per month. Even when studying in Asian countries such as China, the cost of living will be as low as Rs. 7000 to Rs. 14,000 per month. Obviously, this also depends to a large extent on the student’s lifestyle.


  1. World Class Infrastructure

All campuses in Russia, Ukraine, China, and Philippines have a world – class structure with modern equipment in hospitals. For example, the study of MBBS in Ukraine will be very fruitful, since the majority of medical universities in Ukraine for Indian students are of high level and recognized worldwide by WHO, UNESCO, the European Council, etc.


  1. International Exposure

As students want to study Abroad in a foreign country and meet other students who are also from different countries, backgrounds and ethnic origin, students will have an international exhibition that will help them to establish themselves. Countries like China also have a large population, which provides a great opportunity for medical students to be exposed to a large influx of patients.


These are 5 of the many advantages of study MBBS in Abroad. It also has its share of disadvantages, but above all the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Then, make your dream of becoming a doctor come true by going to the MBBS admission in Abroad. Contact a global education consultant to know all the details clearly.

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