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Which is the widely followed religion in China?
Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 04:22:49
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Ved Prakash Beniwal

Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 05:06:22

China is a country respecting multiple religions. Gallup poll held in 2015, reported that 90% of citizens of China declare themselves as atheists or non-religious. Almost every city has a diverse ethnic group. Officially speaking, there are 4 religions widely followed in China- the Buddhists, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity. Buddhism is the oldest of the followed religion in China and it came around 2000 years ago. Taoism is a native religion followed by people since 1700 years ago, Islam came from people who migrated from Arab countries to China, and Catholicism form of Christianity is believed to be started in China by the Chinese people.

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