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What is the course duration of MBBS in China?
Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 04:23:58
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Ved Prakash Beniwal

Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 05:15:44

MBBS in China is a 5+1 year program with 5 years of study and 1 year of rotational internship. Internship at some universities is optional while others have made it mandatory for students. This means that in a university where an internship is an option, students can return to their home country on the completion of their MBBS and pursue an internship in their home country. Such universities grant provisional degrees to the students and on submission of internship proof, the final degree is awarded to the students. While for others where an internship is mandatory, students return to their home country only on the completion of their internship with a final degree. Such students may have to take up internships again in their home country as per their country's rules.

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