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Internship done is China is valid in India?
Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 04:24:48
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Ved Prakash Beniwal

Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 05:25:33

National Medical Commission has approved the internship done in China. Off lately, State Medical Councils in India have raised an issue to disapprove of this internship because the students might be facing language issues in China and may not be able to give their 100% during an internship in China. However, the matter is still controversial and in the courts. It must also be noted that not all the states have disapproved of the internship done by the students in China. Only a few states in India including Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Delhi have shown their disapproval. There are universities in China that do not have a mandatory internship as a part of the curriculum. In case the particular state council does not permit an internship in China as valid; the student will have to take up a one-year internship in India.

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