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In which country most Indians go to study MBBS
Posted Date Time : 04-May-2022 11:41:12
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Posted Date Time : 04-May-2022 11:43:49

Indian medical aspirants travel abroad due to 2 reasons- One, they did not get a medical seat in India due to low NEET score and two, they were offered a seat but the fee wasn’t affordable. Finance is always an important ingredient while choosing a university or a country. Considering this, most Indian students choose to travel to countries where the fee is affordable. Average fee per year for countries like Kazakhstan, China and Russia is around 4000USD to 4500 USD. Total expenses is somewhere between 30-35 lacs including average personal expenses too. Students also prefer to neighbouring countries Nepal & Bangladesh but here the fee is high. The total budget goes around 40lacs and above for Bangladesh and Nepal starts at 50lacs.

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