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How difficult is the Chinese language?
Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 04:23:47
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Ved Prakash Beniwal

Posted Date Time : 19-Jul-2021 05:12:20

Of course, Chinese is regarded as the language with one of the highest difficulty levels but there is nothing in this world that cannot be learned, no skill that cannot be acquired provided you put in your efforts and hard work. Language is part of the curriculum and the students will be taught to read, speak and write the same from the very 1st day of their classes. Students must qualify for HSK4 during their studies in China. The curriculum for HSK4 accounts for only 1071 characters. If the student studies 20-25 characters in a month, qualifying HSK4 will not be a difficult task. This level allows the student to understand the Chinese text and takes him/her to a level of fluency.

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