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June1, 2019
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Is Studying MBBS in China a Good Decision?

Having the best education is very important to ensure a bright future and also to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, studying MBBS in China is the best option for those whose dream not comes true in India. The medical universities in China offer scholarships for Indian students, excellent employment op

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May31, 2019
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Only 45 Varsities Permitted to Teach MBBS in English in China

China has clarified that apart from the 45 listed universities, foreign students will be taught medicine in Chinese; Indian students should be ready to learn Chinese while study medicine in China, and receive their degree in Chinese – and not in English. Only 45 medical universities in China are qua

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May30, 2019
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Why Your Children Should Study in MBBS China?

When you hear about study MBBS in China, many new and surprising experiences that you will tell your children and grandchildren come to mind. Study MBBS in China has many benefits with respect to personal development; shape your personality in a good way. The Education System in China for Indian Stu

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May29, 2019
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Reasons Why You Should Pursue MBBS in China

The decision to study MBBS abroad is excellent, unless it is about choosing an appropriate country and institute. Not all institutes offer recognized degrees along with certain advantages. For many students, affordability is a barrier to higher education in top medical universities. Many countries a

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May28, 2019
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How to Check and Compare the MBBS Fees in China for Indian Students

Check and compare the fees for study MBBS in China for Indian students to get admission in various medical universities available for 2019 academic session. Indian students would find the table very useful as the fees structure is provided in RMB as well as Indian Rupees. It gives a clear idea about

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May25, 2019
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MBBS in China Eligibility for Indian Students in Best Medical Universities

There are amounts of those medical universities in China that provide world-class instruction that is recognized across the entire world. Consequently, if you are searching for best medical universities in China with the standard of informative, quality then here we will assist you with that. Featur

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May7, 2019
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Shanghai and Liaoning University of TCM Strategic Partnerships with CMEI

The model for the strategic development of China MBBS Educational Institution (CMEI), based on partnerships with the best medical universities in China, has proved valuable for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in China. It is more likely to be emulated in other medical universities in China, s

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