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Founded in 1960, Capital Medical University is one of the major municipal universities in Beijing and the best medical universities in china.  The founding President of Capital Medical University (CMU) was Professor Wu Jieping, an eminent urologist and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Professor Lu Zhaofeng is the current president.

CMU boasts of 10 Schools, 14 affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution under it and they have altogether has an impressive number of more than 20,000 staff, who are torchbearers for the huge number of students who are pursuing mbbs in china. These staff are highly qualified and have robust professional background with six of them as members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, over thousands are professors while nearly two thousand are associate professors. There are over nine thousand students under this venerated university, which offers diverse academic courses including Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates and even, Certification Programmes.

Being among the top ranked medical universities in china that mainly focuses on scientific research, CMU is known for having advanced laboratories, encouraging major national and municipal disciplines and hosting exchange programmes for post-doctoral research. There are world class national and municipal research and training centres and institutes that covers extensive educational fields such as Basic Medicine, Neurosciences, Clinical Medicine, General Practitioner Training, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Geriatrics, Urology, Pain Medicine, Toxicology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Policy, Biomedical Engineering, and Reproduction among others.

CMU can be vouched for being the most reliable among the medical universities for indian students in china, as has set excellent global records in areas pertaining to Neurology, Cardiology, Medical Iconography, Neurobiology, Immunology, Cytobiology, Neurosurgery, Cardiac-vascular Surgery, Respiratory Disease, Kidney Transplantation, Digestive Medicine, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Hematology, Otolaryngology and Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, are some of them.

Trust CMU for being the best mbbs university in china in terms of international exchange programs! The university shares excellent rapport with several universities and institutions in nearly 20 countries and other parts of the world, for collaborating over faculty as well as student exchange programs, joint education and joint research works.

With CMU being hailed as the top mbbs universities in china, it has been observed that students especially of Indian origin are very keen to seek admission in the university. If you are have serious plans to study mbbs in china through CMU, then we are right here to guide you. As one of the leading overseas mbbs education consultants in india, Jagvimal Consultants will assist you step by step in the admission process. We have been the force behind hundreds and thousands of students, in helping them find the best china medical college. Especially, finding top medical colleges in china for indian students lies our forte and over the years we have built impressive reputation in supporting applicants extensively; no matter what are your requirements and educational objectives. If you want to go through hassle free procedures and keen to have time efficient services, we, as the overseas study consultants, are the best in business.

Head 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
Tuition Fee 50,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB 21,000 RMB
Hostel Fee 9000 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB 5600 RMB
Visa Extension 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB 400 RMB
Insurance 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB 600 RMB
Yearly Expense 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB 60000 RMB
Total in 5 years 300000 RMB

*NOTE: MISC CHARGES to be paid in the University in 1st year 2500RMB-3000RMB
* Fee is subject to change as per the decision of MEA, China & the exchange rate
* 1 RMB= Rs. 10/-

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