Why Study In Germany From India?

Internationally Recognized Degrees

German universities are known to offer internationally recognized degree programs

No Tuition Fees at Public Universities

The state mainly funds higher education in Germany, and as such, it is free for domestic and international students.

Low Cost of living

Studying in Germany is relatively cheaper than in other European countries regarding the cost of living.

Benefit from the Economic Powerhouse

Germany offers a wide range of full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities as Germany is flagged as a global economic power.

Multiple Scholarship facilities

Students get easy and hassle-free access to different and widely renowned scholarship programs.

Working while Studying in Germany

students in German universities are allowed to work for either 90 full working days or 180 half-working days.

Explore Europe with a Student visa

German university students are allowed the same travel rights as those German and European students