Benefits of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

Free Education or Low Tuition Costs

Free Education or Low Tuition Costs

By Cali Crystal             May 19, 2020

Higher education in Germany is mostly funded by the government and that is the reason why there are almost zero or low tuition fees for international students.

Top-Ranked Universitie

Few public universities in Germany are among the best universities in the world and have a good rank per the QS world ranking

Globally Recognised Degrees

The education system in Germany is designed to match with all the modern scientific developments to help students face global challenges confidently

Great Job Opportunities For Indian Students

Indian students can work part-time in Germany for 20 hours a week or 120 full days of a year. Working part-time is a great way for students to bring down their expenses

Low Cost of Living

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable if compared to other popular study abroad destinations in the world

Chance To Learn a New Language

German is the most spoken native language in European countries. Learning German can open a lot of doors for you starting from employment opportunities