MBBS Abroad Consultant for China

MBBS Abroad Consultant for China

Planning to go ahead with overseas education and you should have spoken to some genuine overseas medical education consultants. The consultants will guide you on the right way to plan and execute your dream of going abroad for higher studies. The education consultants always have different exports for different countries, then how can you imagine becoming an expert for every country without having any guidance. There are multiple advantages associated with the overseas medical education consultant you are dealing with. Here are some of them. 

  • Hassle-free procedure
  • Complete guidance
  • Experience of research
  • Systematic approach
  • Updated knowledge

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Hassle-free procedure

When you take the services of overseas education consultants, you don't have to worry about the correctness of the procedures. The education consultants have been doing the same activities for many years. Therefore it did not need much effort and the accuracy of their performance will also be higher as compared to your efforts. You can also do it but it will require a lot of time, money and energy. If you take their services, then they save some money from you but will provide you with the most appropriate services, which are priceless for the sake of your career.

Complete guidance

You are fortunate to get complete guidance related to the complex procedures of overseas education. The overseas education consultants provide you all the important details regarding going abroad and finding your recommendation there if you do not talk to take the hostel accommodation provided by the University. You may require at least six months to understand the whole procedure and still there can be possibilities of some of the other gaps. Therefore, it is better to take their services.

Experience of research                          

The overseas education consultants are aware of the websites where they need to find the information related to overseas education and also the physical flow places in the respective hometown to complete the formalities. The overseas education consultants have years of experience performing research related to the universities, laws governing foreign education, and domestic education in both the home country and the host countries. They know what to search and where to search.

Systematic approach

All the things are quite systematic as compared to an individual student researching everything and making the arrangements when you decide to approach an overseas education consultant. They have staff members and departments. Their work is segregated into different departments and all the departments do their job perfectly and professionally. Their approach is perfectly systematic. If you are also only going to do everything, you will take a long time to gain the perfection that they already have.

Updated knowledge

Overseas medical education consultants are always updated with complete knowledge because having knowledge is the most important thing in this industry. There are various laws that keep changing according to the political, economic and other macro and microenvironments. Keep yourselves updated and you can get the advantage of their updated knowledge.

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What is the fee for universities offering MBBS in China?

The average tuition fee for MBBS in China starts at 30000 RMB per year. The highest fee has to be paid for Fudan University, China which is one of the premium universities in China. The annual tuition fee for Fudan University for the session starting in 2020 is 75000 RMB. Please note 1 RMB=10.50 as on 3rd March 2020. One may be able to get good universities with an annual fee between 30000 RMB-45000 RMB.

China is a country respecting multiple religions. Gallup poll held in 2015, reported that 90% citizens of China declare themselves as atheists or non-religious. Almost every city has a diverse ethnic group. Officially speaking, there are 4 religions widely followed in China- the Buddhists, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. Buddhism is the oldest of the followed religion in China and it came around 2000 years ago. Taoism is a native religion followed by people since 1700 years ago, Islam came in from people migrated from Arab countries to China and Catholicism form of Christianity is believed to be started in China by the Chinese people.

A country like China is rich in its resources and economy. It does not leave a chance to award scholarships to the meritorious students and help them financially. A scholarship also motivates the student to work harder. There are various scholarship grants in China CSC- Chinese Scholarship Council, Chinese Government funded scholarships Provincial Scholarships Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship Confuncius Institutue Scholarship

The average living expenses that a student requires for a sustainable lifestyle in China is 8,000-10,000 Rs per month which means 105-130 USD is suffice for the students. The charges may vary from province to province. In places like Beijing and Shanghai, these may go a little higher depending upon the needs and lifestyle of the students. A two-way ticket between India & China costs somewhere around 35,000-40,000/-. Needless to mention, it can go somewhat higher during the peak tourist seasons. So the students must pre-book their tickets and plan their travels timely.

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