Study MBBS in USA

Study MBBS in USA

It is the dream of many to study MBBS in the USA. Many students every year apply for the admission to the medical courses in the USA. The Education system in Europe is very much different as compared to the other countries of the world. After the completion of the medical courses in the USA, students get numerous opportunities in the career. The degree offered by the universities of the US are highly-valuable all over the world as it is accepted everywhere. The USA is known for providing an excellent education to the students.


Nowadays by looking at the scenario, it can be judged that our youth is concentrating on foreign states for job or education. Students are aware of the fact that escaping from challenges cannot help them to achieve their goals. Thus to fulfill their dreams in one kick they prefer to grab education from topmost colleges of abroad. Hence we can say that when the perception of studying in a foreign country is quite clear in our mind, then the next target is to choose the best place, college, or course.

By looking out globally, there are ample of universities in worldwide areas which are known for placement as well as high-tech education. Talking about the U.S.A no doubt with time the rush of students is increasing day by day. Thinking according to student perceptions you can get a wide exposure to freedom.

U.S.A people are known for their modern lifestyle and broad thinking towards transition taking place in every sector. Therefore this is a reason why the U.S.A is ranked in topmost position for international studies. Along with education, U.S.A is the first choice among students as career perspective.

In the last few decades’ US has become an education hub for scholars, international students, as well as visitors. While looking at the tourism reports, the U.S.A is listed among top visited countries. The Federal government offers a limited amount of education to students through funding. Other than this in the U.S.A no national high school graduation examination is there. However, the students have to pass the state graduation examinations.

Those who are looking for a bright career can get the freedom to explore their knowledge from certified universities. U.S.A is a well-established country known for quality education and other academic activities. Here the students can get ample options according to their academic as well as other cultural preferences.

Students can pursue their education in any program or degree courses all over the U.S.A . You can search the college and enroll for a specified course and certified program. There are some programs listed below:

  • Study MBA in the USA
  • Study Biotechnology in the USA
  • Study Health Management in the USA
  • Study Entrepreneurship in the USA

U.S.A College offers ample courses; so choosing the one depends upon you. Suppose you want to join medical college then the student should have MCAT test certification. This term “MCAT” stands for the Medical College Admissions Test; the main purpose of this test is to check your IQ level. It is about how a student can think or solve the problems based on scientific concepts or other. Therefore a score of MCAT decides that I which college you can take admission for medical studies.

The students who want to pursue their Master or Doctorate degree from the U.S.A should have a four-year bachelor’s degree certificate with them. As the education process varies but for medical programs certain subjects are necessary such as biology, chemistry, as well as organic chemistry.

In some areas, English, science and math are compulsory so make sure while pursuing your undergraduate programs.

Top Universities Of U.S.A For Medical Courses:

  • Harvard University
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Stanford University
  • Johns Hopkins University

There are around 4000 universities in all around areas of United States; thus picking out few is very tough. Thus for students, it can be a good chance to grab knowledge from some topmost universities around the world. The qualified staff and certified universities provide multiple courses and a wide range of degrees. Hence you can pursue your higher degree from the leading universities. If you are thinking from a career perspective, then USA degrees are accepted and recognized all around the world.

USA colleges or universities also accept the online application forms. So you can simply apply by searching the college by clicking on the website link. Thus it is important to follow the guidelines of processing while submitting your application form.

Every college has their own application process; for some colleges, you need to make an account. A registered account on the website of college will provide you with basic information regarding fees or other charges after going through it submit your scanned documents by online submission of fees. To pursue this process, one has to take care that a college website is certified or not.

U.S.A is a safe country; where you can move freely and enjoy your abroad studies. Thus for valuable experience of life; it is a better place where you can enjoy modern culture. It is a dynamic country where you will find people from different continents. So it is a perfect example where you will find a mixture of different cultures. Whether for boys or girls the United States of America offers a protective and independent environment.

  • There is no need to scare neither in terms of transportation nor outdoor activities. The United State Government pays special attention towards safety. Hence 24/7 hour transportation facilities and police corps are available in every corner of U.S.A
  • If you want to enjoy nightlife or music concerts then can also enjoy with your friends. Hence socializing with friends on weekends is a great option which will relax you and open your mind.
  • American sports or outdoor activities are also considered as the best way of relaxation or developing skills. Thus we can say it is a part of their lifestyle to develop new skills or try something different.
  • Along with lifestyle you can also enjoy ample of options when it comes to food.
  • Here you will find people from different communities; while communicating with them, you can explore your knowledge.
  • You can easily mingle with localities by just interacting with them in English.

In the United States you can acquire full-time classes, i.e. first year of training requires concentration so that you can grab maximum amount of knowledge in different subjects such as pathology, anatomy, biochemistry, and histology etc.

Along with theoretical knowledge, the universities will also provide training. Thus for your academic programs research centers, libraries, and other special services are there.

  • If we talk about general medical courses they are of 4 years; after that U.S.A government provides you 3-7 year residency. Therefore in this time period, a student can easily pursue his/her training under supervised professionals.
  • Other than this if the students still want to undergo some additional training or courses, and then the time can be exceeded, i.e. 1-4 years of a training process.

The average fee structure including tuition and accommodation can vary according to universities/colleges, cities and education. A rough idea of tuition fee, in general, can be between 70.185.89-183.738.46 AED/year.

If we talk about the cost of food as well as other expenditure can vary between 29,384.40-44,076.60 AED/year. Other than this an individual has to pay extra money for transportation, socializing with friends, and personal expenses.

The tuition fee of university varies from college to college. Thus the above mentioned average fee is there to give you brief information regarding average charges.

Basically before entering the MBBS program in the USA, one must qualify the MCAT Examinations. Students those who are looking to get the admission in the MBBS programs are screened on the basis of the MCAT. The result of the MCAT is published by the AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges. For the Indian students, one has to pursue a pre-medical course before appearing for the MCAT Exam while it is not necessary to pursue a pre-medical course for the MBBS.

Top Five Medical Universities In The US

  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • New York University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California

The Education system in the USA is excellent; it is the dream of every student to get admission in the Medical Courses. Universities are well-known for providing the best quality of Education to the students. Students are placed in the top companies after completing MBBS From these universities. There are ample of universities in the USA; almost all universities are providing highly-experienced and knowledgeable faculty for the betterment of the students. The duration of the MBBS Program in the USA is 5.5 years, and the minimum cost for the MBBS Is approximately Rs. 61 Lacs. The education and living expenses in the USA is somewhat costlier.

The documentation required to enter into the USA are as follows:

  • If you are applying through a student visa, then one has to carry many documents which must be with you at the time of the admission as compared to the tourist’s visa.
  • One must have to take care of all the documents that must be produced at the time of the visa interview.
  • A student must have the latest passport size photographs
  • The student must have a printed copy of the application form
  • Receipt of the visa fees payment, i.e. receipt of the confirmation of the Bank
  • Original mark sheets or valid provisional mark sheets must be produced at the time o0f the interview
  • The student must also have a valid score card of the exams such as TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, etc.
  • Any financial-aid supporting documents like any family financial background or any scholarship availability

These are the necessary documents which must be required and generated at the time of the interview. If you are looking to pursue MBBS from the abroad then, US is the best option for every individual, but due to the cost of education and living expenses, one must confirm it before choosing any county for the bachelors.

In the USA, it is difficult to get admission in the MBBS as compared to the other countries. The admission process in the USA includes the following steps:

  • One must choose the university according to their choice; moreover, it is mandatory to keep in mind the cost of the course from top to bottom. It is recommended that one must choose the university wisely.
  • It is mandatory to qualify the SAT, both the SAT papers as well as TOEFL. It is necessary to get into BS course, i.e. pre-medical course.
  • For the Indian students, it is important to complete the one-year pre-medical program before entering the MBBS Program.
  • After the completion of the BS program, one has to appear in the MCAT. It is the entrance exam which every student has to appear in the test, i.e. for the international as well as the local students in the USA.
  • Now, the student is ready to pursue MBBS from the USA.
  • Moreover, students are eligible to apply for the USMLE in the second year of bachelors.

These are the steps for the admission in the MBBS program in the USA. The USA is known for providing high-quality education as compared to all other countries of the world. The degree is valuable everywhere. Hence, students avail many opportunities in their career after getting a degree from the USA.

There are many schemes available for the students those who are seeking admission in the USA. In fact, there are Special scholarship programs for international students. The candidates those who score high marks in the USMLE course can easily get scholarships. Many students, every year get the scholarship. The students can take a study loan which helps them in their financial budget. The universities of the US are always keeping in mind that there should not be any kind of study loss of the students. They offer ample financial aids to the students so that they can study easily and comfortably without any kind of tension of the financial expenses. Every university opts its own scholarship source as well as schemes. There is some scholarship scheme available for the students are as follows:

  • International Financial Aid by Yale University for International Students
  • Funding Aid for International Students
  • Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships
  • Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship
  • The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme
  • Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students
  • Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

We at the Jagmival Consultants are offering the best guidance to the students those who are looking to study MBBS from the USA. Our help desk is available for 24*7 hours. We provide the best information of the admission process to the students. Even after the admission we still keep in touch with the respective students so that there should not be any problem to them. Our team is highly educated and experienced.

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