FAQ’s for Ukraine

Q: 1 what is one of the major religions followed by the people in Ukraine?
There is different religion followed by people in Ukraine. According to 2018 survey it is found that most of belong to eastern orthodox that is 65.4 %,  secondly Greek Catholic 9.4 %,  thirdly Latin Catholic 0.8%. After the formation of a soviet union, 16.3 % of people are irreligion as these people want to remove the religion from the society.

Around 1.9 % of people are Protestantism which covers the eastern half of Ukraine. This country also consists of slam religion covering the southern part of the country majorly. The least number of the population exists in Ukraine is Roman Catholics with 1.1 % and Judaism with 0, 2 % population.

Thus we can conclude there are various types of religions exist in Ukraine

Q: 2 what are the universities you are representing in Ukraine?
Ukraine comprises of around 800 universities which provide higher education. Therefore the government of Ukraine also offers special safety and security to the international students coming in Ukraine. There are many top universities in Ukraine like –

  1. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

It is the second largest university if Ukraine and is third largest under EECA ranking. If we talk about its overall ranking in the world, then it is placed in 53rd position.

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

This is another well-reputed universities ranked on 34th in the EECA Ranking. This institute comprises a large number of students from other countries. Moreover, it is located in the capital of Ukraine that is Kyiv.

National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

This university was established in the year 1898 ranks 49th in EECA. It has two campuses and comprises of mostly engineers.

Q: 3 Are these universities recognised or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?
Yes, the universities of Ukraine are affiliated to the Ministry of Education and Science Research of Ukraine. The university provides high quality education and offers a great hike for the students in their careers. They are also linked with top class and quality hospitals where they provide jobs, training to their students. Moreover, these universities are connected to several top medical research stations and institutes which make this university to reach to next level in terms of education.

The universities are also approved by the World Health Organization and provide education under standards of Medical Council of India. Therefore due to which it offers graduate students to attend any national conferences and medical entrances in any country easily. All universities are specified under the Central Government of Ukraine.

Q: 4 what is the duration of the program in Ukraine?
The universities of Ukraine offer you with all types of courses and best education with. They have a unique system of higher education, whether it is a bachelor program, Master program, or PhD program. In general, on an average, the duration of courses varies from 2 to 6 years.

For general bachelor degrees in medical program or others the duration is five years, and for other medical program, if they include extra training, the duration can be 6 years.

For some students who come from other countries and first want to learn a language, so they pursue diploma courses in language due to which they had to extend to 1 year more. So their duration of the courses is around 7 years.

Q: 5 Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?
Yes, one can apply for a work permit after completion of the degree. Like those who are pursuing medical degrees, then after completion, they can work as doctors or any other post according to their medical degrees in the hospitals of Ukraine or they can start their business there.

In general, if you are going for a short-term visa, then you can’t work in Ukraine. Moreover, if you are a student, you can work along with your studies as there is no restriction in this case.

It is an easy procedure to apply for work permit in Ukraine as sometimes students get opportunities from the universities itself to continue their career in Ukraine. Moreover, universities in Ukraine have partnerships with the reputed hospitals and research institutes so one who is pursuing an education in these universities can easily apply for the work permit.

Q: 6 what is the language used in Ukraine?
The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian; East Slavic language belongs from the Old East Slavic language. Overall 10% of the population prefers local language; other Russian is the 2nd most popular language spoken by the localities. Other languages which are used for communication are Crimean Tatar, Rusyn, Hungarian, Polish, Eastern Yiddish, Belarusian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Armenian etc. Talking about the most popular language which people prefer in universities for teaching is English. This is the most popular language which is understood by foreigners and people from all over the countries. Thus the professional prefer it as a most spoken language; otherwise, the lectures are also delivered in some other languages to make people comfortable. Thus students from all over the countries show their keen interest in grabbing knowledge and developing skills.
Q: 7 What is the visa invitation letter for education in Ukraine?
If you are thinking to pursue your studies at Ukraine, then invitation letter for education is the need. It is an official document, which you can get from the embassy or department of passport-visa service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In this, the whole information such as a name of university and date of admission is mentioned on which student is going to acquire knowledge.

It also includes passport details such as full name, with a scanned photograph. In this invitation letter for education, full details are mentioned and are issued by the Ukrainian Embassy. This is necessary to get a stamp on your passport or visa. The time duration required in this process is around 2-4 days. The Ministry of Internal Affairs processes your visa invitation. The all you need to do for this process is to apply in the Ukrainian Embassy for a student visa while the validity of the invitation is issued.

Q: 8 How much luggage is allowed to be brought by the student?
As if there is no such restriction of weight if you are going out for study process to Ukraine. The luggage you are carrying from hometown is checked at the airport by the airline services. So according to them most of the airlines allow only 20-25 kgs of baggage to be carried by an individual at free of cost; other for extra you have to pay certain charges.

The charges are calculated on the basis of weight, and it can be really expensive. So it’s better to carry essential items which are used by a student while foreign studies. So keep in mind that you are not going for holidays; so try to carry something which is extremely necessary or not available in Ukraine. Keep some warm clothes for personal hygiene. Otherwise emergency safe kit is also essential with yourself.

Q: 9 What will be my average monthly expenses?
If you prefer Ukraine for medical studies then must consider certain factors such as “what will be my monthly expenses”. By knowing down the monthly expenses, you can easily divide your finances. This can help you to maintain your expenses according to average income. For the first three months, a student has to pay 400 USD if want to stay in Ukraine. There are certain factors which you need to save the expenses so that can use money at a suitable place. The monthly expenses including food are US$ 100-US$ 150; so plan to make your budget in such a way so that one can afford their studies. If you have to spend some money on parties and other festivals then the expenses can increase. It’s important to make proper budget plans instead of spending unnecessarily.
Q: 10 How is the accommodation arrangements in Ukraine?
Accommodation always comes first whenever we plan to pursue our education in foreign countries. It is important to understand that living expenses and a comfortable environment are necessary whenever we think about shifting from one place to another. Universities of Ukraine provide accommodation for students where they can feel comfortable. Hostels and mess facilities for students are available under reasonable price. You can also prefer dormitories for a luxurious lifestyle and independence. These options are available for the students so that you can study appropriately in distant areas. For late night readers library is always opened for you; so you can even study there.

Moreover, with furnished rooms, the hostel facilities also include kitchen and common room services for students. Hence one can use the kitchen for their need and make your living easy. Even emergency water and electricity services are also there for students.

Q: 11 Is it important to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Ukrainian University?
No, in Ukraine English test such as IELTS as well as TOEFL is not mandatory for students, for student visa or to acquire education from a certified university you need to have proper documentation. Along with eligibility criteria, passport documents are also necessary by the aspirants; these documents are usually checked before your departure. The Jagvimal consultants can help you to prepare the documents which are necessary for students. You must be aware of the fact that English is the most important thing which is required; other than this IELTS or TOEFL is not necessary. Educational support programs or other services are there for students who need any help. Therefore we can say that for ESL or people having other learning disorders consultancy or Ukraine government can help you. The eligibility criteria include proper knowledge whether it is regarding higher examination or other test required by MBBS universities of Ukraine.
Q: 12 Why to contact Jagvimal consultants for foreign studies?
Jagvimal consultants are there to guide students about the services that they can provide in their education process. The team is there to provide exact information regarding how and what to do in case of any emergencies. Jagvimal consultants are there to make your study process easy and reliable. They are there to guide you or provide detailed information regarding the Ukrainian higher education system.

You can consult the expert team members whenever needed; they are there to support you from 1st year to the end of your educational period. You can easily contact them whether for accommodation process or educational studies. To make your selection process easy the team members are there to provide information regarding higher educational establishments of Ukraine so if you have any questions such as how, where, why then the consultants can give you detailed information regarding the processing of documents or which University you can choose.

Q: 13 What Jagvimal consultants for international students offer services?
Processing documentation for foreign studies in simplest way is possible through the services provided by Jagvimal consultants. They can provide ample services such as:

  • They are there to deal with an admission letter or visa support letter issued by the University
  • Provide help for opening a bank account or health insurance
  • They are there to meet you even at arrival or departure
  • Assist you regarding hostel accommodation
  • Help in registration, or other documentation process needed by the University at the time of admission
  • Helps in transferring your documents from one University to another for better career
  • Time to time communication with parents or with students during academic studies can make them relaxed or comfortable at foreign places.
  • As a guardian, the team of Jagvimal consultant is there with students

Hence assisting students regarding daily life activities or academic process is another benefit of consulting Jagvimal consultants.

Q: 14 What is the need for migration card?
The migration card is required while transferring from any international area to Ukraine. It symbolizes that the student has crossed the border of Ukraine to pursue their higher education. It is like evidence which is usually required by the embassy. It is mandatory for students so that they can further process for other important documents.

It is quite necessary because without having migration card the student cannot survive in Ukraine. Therefore we can say it is quite essential for the documentation process; without having migration card, you are not registered on the territory of Ukraine. According to the strict rules of the Ukraine government the students are deported back to their home country.

It is a document with 2 identical parts that are necessary to fill. The stamping is done by the immigration officer on both the parts of the card. After the documentation process, one part is left with an officer and other one is hand over to the students. So it is important to check the formalities migration card before leaving the immigration desk; as it is mandatory till you departure from Ukraine.

Q: 15 Can I travel to any other countries while studying in Ukraine? Which countries, when and for how long?
Yes, the students can even travel to other countries while studying in Ukraine. During winter or summer vacations you can plan a trip with your friends and travel to various countries such as Germany, Italy, UK, Sweden, Poland, France, etc.

Hence if you need a break from academic studies then also travelling to these places can make you happy or joyful. So spending vacations with your friends in distant locations can be an advantageous thing. Through this, you can explore your journey and enjoy the refreshing nature. Degree from the certified institute and then vacations at some distant places can explore your academic process. Hence we can say that Ukraine is the best place where you can get a quality education from qualified staff and can enjoy the holiday’s trip while on vacations. So interaction with new friends at distant places along studies is something which you can enjoy in Ukraine.

Q: 16 How do my parents can send me money for my expenses?
There are ample methods through which you can receive money from your parents. Moreover through wire transfer or Banks parents can send money to their student bank account in Ukraine. It is necessary for a student to open a bank account after the admission process. After the registration process, it requires only 8-14 days for opening a bank account of a student.

To continue this process, you can take help of “Study in Ukraine”; here the officer can assist you with proper documentation process. For opening a bank account, you need to have a passport size photo, university proof and other details. Therefore through this, you can open a bank account where your parents can transfer the money. Thus after opening a bank account, you have to deposit US$ 5 at an initial process. Hence from Ukraine bank accounts, you can get Ukraine currency dollar in just easy steps.

Q: 17 Can we apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of Ukraine?
Yes, the students can easily apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of Ukraine. But an individual can only follow this process after residing in Ukraine for near about 2 years. Thus the interested students have to stay here for 2-years during the study process. Therefore it is quite easy or simple to get citizenship of Ukraine just with a regular stay of two years. As per Ukrainian Law, the students can easily submit an application form for permanent residency at Ukraine. For documentation formalities, the students have to show their university information and year of admission. Thus after the processing of documents you can easily get permanent accommodation at Ukraine; so it is quite beneficial for future perspective also.  Hence an individual can easily pursue their studies without thinking about accommodation charges as well as other expenses. Because having Permanent Residency in Ukraine can save your pocket.
Q: 18 Ukraine universities prefer co-education or not?
Yes, Ukraine universities prefer co-education for their students. So there is no such discrimination between girls or boys; both of them are treated equally. Thus you can apply for entrance according to your eligibility criteria. Co-education and equal rights for boys and girls help you in survival at Ukraine. Thus the library or research centers are always open for girls; so even women can prefer late night studies or practical training. The hostel library is partially divided into two different areas; so for preparatory or late night studies.

Boys and girls can equally share a cafeteria to celebrate their happiness. So at Ukraine, you can easily interact with friends and enjoy the modern lifestyle. Thus the clubs and restaurants are also there if you want to hang out with your friend in outside areas. Moreover in Ukraine girls and boys equally participate in college functions or sports meet. So you can prefer Ukraine topmost medical colleges for MBBS studies.

Q: 19 Which Facilities offered by the topmost universities of Ukraine?
The campus facilities which you can help you in your study process are:

  • Well-equipped library
  • Research center
  • Qualified staff
  • Wi-Fi campus
  • 24/7 ATM service
  • Security guards at an entrance for your safety

Other than this for student’s safety well-established hospitals are there. So in case of any emergency services proper care is given to the students by the expert faculty. Along with this, you can enjoy the best accommodation in hostels. All these facilities are offered at low prices; so spending 5-6 years of your medical studies in such a well-developed can be advantageous for you. Students can easily choose the university recognized from Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine. From a survey report, it has been noticed that every year people from distant areas visit Ukraine for higher studies. For your protection management always take appropriate steps such as appointing security guard for college as well as a hostel. Transportation services are there for college students; hence you can easily choose Ukraine universities as your first preference.

Q: 21 how Jagvimal consultants can help me to choose the best institute or preferable subject?
As there are abundant of colleges in the list so sometimes, it becomes impossible to choose one from abundant options. So to clear your doubts, Jagvimal consultants are there to serve you with their better ideas. The expert team members are there to guide you whether regarding subjects or selection of institute. According to your eligibility criteria and higher education stream, Jagvimal consultants are there to guide you.

If you are interested in medical courses or have the aim to become a doctor, then the team members are there to explain the education criteria of Ukraine. Thus you can further step forward to acquire the education or reach your target. The experts can help you to maintain proper records or documents necessary during the embassy or by a university. In this process, the Jagvimal consultants try to help you with important documentation such as migration card or letter of invitation. Hence for students, it is a quite new process which requires concentration and proper knowledge. So the team a member tries to offer you support needed at the time of departure from your home town to academic studies at Ukraine.

Q: 22 how can I get foreign exchange before I leave India?
Those who want to pursue their education from Ukraine or international country must understand the fact that along with accommodation, finance is the second most important factor which you need to focus. Thus to solve your problem of foreign exchange nowadays, there are abundant options. You can prefer credit or debit card options according to your preference. There are ample options available for students who want to exchange their currency with Ukraine. The private or government Banks are there to serve students. Therefore within 24 hours, you can exchange your money without making any hard efforts.

Moreover, there are ample options available in your country if you want to carry cash from your country to another. “Ukrainian hryvnia’ are available at private or government organization in just a few simple steps. So instead of crediting cash in your country, you can knock the doors of Ukraine bank.

Q: 23 Documents which are required by the universities of Ukraine for MBBS degree courses?
For global acceptance, you can choose Ukraine as an educational hub. Affordable charges and worldwide knowledge is the best thing which the university offers to students. There are ample of universities which require certain documentation.

There are certain documents which are prepared at the embassy or by students if want to pursue your education from foreign countries. Some of the initial steps are mentioned below:

  • 10+2 mark sheet scanned copy is essential for enrollment
  • The aggregates required by the university for MBBS study is above 50%
  • Passport size photograph for the embassy as well as university documentation
  • Some of the universities require birth certificate; as in some countries it is under MCI guidelines for study in abroad
  • Scan copy of competitive exams such as NEET UG is also essential
  • Passport copy and migration card issued by embassy is important in Ukraine

Q: 24 Whether health insurance is necessary?
Health insurance is always considered as the best option for every single individual. So if you are thinking to pursue your education from Ukraine, then it’s better to prefer health insurance. The consultants also take proper steps to offer health insurance on your behalf. Therefore through this, the students can get the insurance certificate within a few days of your arrival to Ukraine.

The main objective of health insurance is to assure that now a student is protected by all medical facilities. If you have health insurance than it is guaranteed that you will get all medical aid whenever in case of emergencies as well as illness. There are some clauses which come under the according to medical insurance cover program. The details which are required during health insurance policy name, a telephone number of hospitals as well as Doctors. Thus in some universities of Ukraine as well as education consultancy health insurance is obligatory.

Q: 25 how health insurance companies will inform my parents regarding medical issues?
The health insurance records contain all history of students as well as the company through which the process has been forwarded. So at the time of emergencies, medical facilities are provided by the hospitals and they also inform to Jagvimal consultants regarding any kind of illness.

If you are not feeling comfortable; or surviving from any medical issues then can also contact for medical help through Health Insurance Company. The Doctors keep a regular check on the condition of students, and timely informs each and every situation to Jagvimal consultants.  The doctors keep proper about your health and monitor or supervise the condition until you recover. Thus they inform the progress of the student’s health to their parents or guardians after diagnosing the situation. Hence we can say that without having health insurance it will be not possible for a student to survive. Thus it is obligatory for all students to apply for health insurance plans.

Q: 26 What is the role of preparatory faculty in Ukraine?
It can be explained as the proper educational program; having all around 1 academic year duration, i.e. 7-10 months. During preparatory faculty, you can get a chance to study various languages such as Russian or Ukrainian language. Therefore these classes are meant for students so that they can get familiar with the special disciplines required for future perspectives. Thus you can choose different subjects such as science, computer science, physics, mathematics, history, biology, chemistry, geography, and literature.

After completion of preparatory faculties or successful passing of the examination, you will receive a Certificate from the preparatory faculty. So through this preparatory faculty, the students can get a chance to acquire knowledge or different languages. Thus through this, a student can get comfortable, or survival process can become easy for a student. Through this, you can easily survive in a foreign country without facing any difficulty.

Q: 27 Why preparatory faculty is required?
If you have a preparatory faculty, then a student has a proper right to acquire education from Ukraine University. It is a kind of certification for Ukrainian university without undergoing any entrance examinations. So this can make a study process easier for a student without thinking about the aspects such as language barrier or international studies.

But if you want to choose the training process in English or some other language such as French for medical studies; then preparatory faculty is not required for you.

So for medical students, it is not necessary to have preparatory faculty for students. Thus in such cases, you can directly get admission in the first year for the medical degree courses. Those who are looking for preparatory faculty certification can pursue further for more information. As the study process takes place in groups; it takes place from September, 1st.

Q: 28 Is it difficult to study at the preparatory faculty?
A candidate can easily get all the information about the preparatory faculty program on any of the Russian University official website which usually provides the option to study in these programmes. Also, these education resources in Russia are beneficial in providing the entire knowledge of the preparatory programme. They provide various campaigns, seminars as well as exhibitions for making the students aware of the preparatory faculty programme and let them know how much helpful it can be to candidates in various methods. A candidate can apply through the online application form and can submit the form to the Faculty of Arts office where the form goes for further proceedings. Moreover, only students having 17 yrs of age can apply for the preparatory faculty programme. This programme is free, and faculty charges no fees for this course. The session of this course usually starts at the end of July, and a candidate can fill his or her form in the starting week of July.
Q: 29 the educational consultancy informed about my academic progress to parents or not?
Yes, for sure parents should know about the transformation taking place in every individual life due to abroad studies. Thus the information regarding your academic studies is transferred to your parents after a certain interval of time. Through this, they can get familiar with the activities where you need to focus more and what is the perspective of the university. Supervising the study process or receiving exact information regarding academic progress after regular interval of time is beneficial and quite helpful. The team members or representative take proper care of student’s activities such as what is going all around and other behavior of student as well as a progress report. Moreover, they also concentrate on the progress of student so that can keep a check on the study process. Hence it is like the proper record of a student which timely intimate parents regarding studies.
Q: 30 How can I get the information of the University where I can continue my education after completion of higher education?
Jagvimal consultants are there to supervise you whether it is regarding education counseling or choosing the best place for study. The universities are there to guide that according to your aggregation which college is suitable for you and what are the formalities which need to be fulfilled by you as a student. They are there to help you regarding MBBS courses and their scope in the market. Moreover, the team is there to choose the best university according to your aggregation or competitive exams qualification. Making it as the best option for your consultants also make sure that the courses you are going to acquire come under your financial budget.

You can either search a website of top 5 universities to clear your doubt regarding tuition fee or accommodation charges. , and there is a large scope of MBBS courses in all around the world.

Q: 31 what kind of information I can get from Jagvimal consultant team members?
To get information regarding preparatory faculty you can directly visit the office of Jagvimal consultants. The experts are there to guide you about the documentation or other procedure which take place in online processing. Moreover, if you have any doubts regarding the university facility, tuition charges or other related information. Then there are ample of options which you can choose with the help of experts. Therefore the information mentioned by the experts can help you to get proper results if you are confused about making choices between cost as well as the duration of studying.

After selection the next process is applying; thus the team members are there in legalizing the necessary papers. For your bright future and less living expenses at Ukraine, the team members are there to sort out your queries. For this, you have just to visit the experienced faculty of Jagvimal consultant.

Q: 32 Eligibility criteria necessary for MBBS studies in Ukraine?
For 5 years academic program and 1-year internship, there are some eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled. The steps on which you should have to focus on are mentioned below:

  • The age group which is required by you for MBBS course is above 17 years and below than 25 years before 31st December.
  • Passing certificate of 12th class in subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology and English
  • The higher education should be from the certified board
  • The aggregate should be above 50% in 12th class
  • The students under certain categories such as SC/ OBC/ ST can apply for international studies by qualifying 12th by 40% marks.
  • NEET qualification is mandatory for MBBS courses
  • If you have passed higher education from open school then cannot apply for international studies.

So those who have certification or come under eligibility criteria can pursue further for qualifying MBBS courses.

Q: 33 what is the process of admission which should be followed by me?
First off all you have to prepare your documents needed by the university. The documents required by the university are:

  • Scanned copy of 10th and 12th mark sheet
  • School living certificate
  • Photocopy of passport and passport size photos
  • Letter of confirmation

It is important to have these documents with you if you want to pursue for international studies.  These all documents should be attached with Visa records. Therefore it is important to legalize the documents by the embassy. Along with this receipt of tuition charges are also required to pursue the follow process. The ministry of education certifies the medical studies of Ukraine, so the university issues official invitation letter to students. Hence you should have to attach this document at the time of visa application.

Q: 34 what are the important dates when I can apply for further admission process?

  1. Apply for admission:

As we all know every country has some proper time period when an individual can apply for MBBS in Ukraine. So for enrollment in MBBS courses, you can apply in June and July for every year. These are the months when you can apply for the admission procedure. So making an earlier search and enrollment at a certain time period can help you to acquire knowledge from the certified university.

  1. Obtain admission offer:

After applying for admission in July or August, you will get to know about the seats or document required by the University for Further Process. The list with proper aggregate is listed on the board or university website. You can check the university website for more information.

  1. Ministry approval for a visa:

Between the months from August to September, you can get information regarding student visa. Thus it is important to keep a proper check on time to time activities.

Q: 35 why should I only prefer Ukraine for MBBS courses?
From the above information, it is quite clear that in Ukraine students can get multiple facilities. Other than this they main reasons to prefer MBBS courses in Ukraine are mentioned below:

  • The infrastructure and quality of education are quite good.
  • Ministry of government is there to resolve your issues regarding research as well as finance
  • The low expenses and luxurious facilities
  • The donation is not necessary for admission in Ukraine
  • Every year the University of Ukraine organizes extracurricular activities as well as sports activities for students
  • Topmost professionals or surgeons organize seminars and international conferences

Will there be anyone to receive the students in the airport in Russia?
Yes, the consultancies which helped candidates in each step to get the admission and had applied for the visa will also help in the proper settlement in Russia. The consultancies have their connections and have hired such people who often work there and help students when they reach Russia. These people receive the candidates from the airport and help them to settle down in Russia. Well, this does not happen in every case, sometimes candidates had to handle things on their own, and no one is there to receive them at the airport. This is the candidate responsibility to check whether consultancy they choose to provide them with this facility or not.  All consultancies do not offer this facility, so a candidate has to seek.  As it is a very important step while applying for a visa as the candidate are not aware of the place and surroundings as well as the things will be new to the candidates.

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