FAQ’s for Russia

What is one of the major religions followed by the people in Russia?

In Russia you will find Russian Orthodox Christianity; along with this 1.1 % people are from other religion such as Muslims, Non-religious, Atheist, Roman Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Protestant etc.

According to 2012 reports from the overall population of Russia 42.6% people are Orthodox Christian. In this list ample of people are counted as an associate of the Russian Orthodox Church and a small group of people comes under old Believers. The list of people who comes under Orthodox Christian is either not from any church or member of non-Russian Orthodox churches.

After Orthodox Christianity the second largest religion found in Russia is Islam. Talking about the overall percentage of 6.5% of people from the total population is from the Muslim religion.

Thus from this report, it can be concluded that in Russia you will find people from all religion; the list of others can be short but a minute number of individuals from every religious conviction are there. Christianity was the beginning, and every other religion comes beside it; today if you calculate the overall percentage then Orthodox Christianity is 47.1%.

Moreover, 0.5% of people come under Buddhism; in Russia, there is a Tibetan school for Buddhist. In figures, we can say that 700,000 people practiced Buddhism in Russia.

Talking about Hinduism 0.1%, i.e. around 140,000 people is from this religion. Therefore we can say that in this modern era everyone has freedom for religion; thus you will find lifestyle, i.e. mixture of Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

What are the universities you are representing in Russia?

Russia is known for its world-class institutes; where students can pursue their education. There is a huge list of college which we suggest for the aspirants for their bright future. Nowadays as the competition level is increasing day by day; thus people are rushing for foreign studies. Hence Russia is a one-stop solution for those who are searching for leading international medical universities.

The management staff of Universities understands that students from all around the world choose Russia as an educational hub; so we try to provide security features. The government of Russia pays special attention in education centers; hence students can find additional knowledge which helps students in providing higher career opportunities.

According to a survey, Russia is the most searched country when it comes to higher education. A huge list of certified universities has given below:

  • Tyumen State Medical University
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University
  • Bashkir State Medical University
  • Altai State Medical University
  • Pskov State Medical University
  • Russian State Medical University and many more

Hence we can say that a list of medical universities in Russia is quite long some of them are mentioned above. The Russian universities are quite popular due to its affordable fee structure, comfortable environment and other services. Here the students can find effective knowledge from qualified staff, well-equipped research centers and libraries. The bookshelves contain million of books of particular course, so an individual can get acquire abundant of knowledge without streaming here and there.

These universities are overall categorized for an intellectual learning process. The qualified professionals are there to deliver you practical as well as theoretical knowledge about medical courses. Hence students can enroll here for further admission process.

Are these universities recognized or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?

Yes, the Universities are certified from education board or Russian Federation. No doubt that the medical Universities have received a higher position in the very short interval of time. Thus the credit goes to Russian Government; the Ministry of Higher Education or Russian Federation tries to provide effective knowledge to their students.

The infrastructure of medical universities has built under the proper guidelines of Government. Well-equipped research centers, Wi-Fi campus, ATM services inside the college campus and accommodation facility is there for students. For a strong foundation, the Russian government is there to accomplish the need of aspirants.

Quality education is the main objective of the education council; thus highly qualified professionals are there to guide the students so that they can get better career opportunities. The medical universities follow proper curriculum mentioned by the Ministry of Higher Education. The 4.5-year learning process involves theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Hence we can say that medical students can pursue their internship programs within the college campus. The practical research work is performed under topmost surgeons; it can be quite advantageous for students.

Ministry of Higher Education or the Russian Federation has done a commendable job for international students. The medical universities are there to help students who are suffering from financial crises. Scholarship programs are there for eligible students; so now students can pursue their education stress-free.

We are there to guide the candidates by providing all information regarding high ranking medical universities. Thus you can easily pursue your education from certified college for better career opportunities. You never know after completion of your studies you can either get a chance of at same platform. Hence we can say that international studies can help students to share each other culture and learn something new.

What is the duration of the program in Russia?

Undoubtedly we can say that Russian Universities have gained higher positions either due to its affordable fee structure or safety features. Russia is considered as the popular destination when we talk about the study of medicine. The duration varies between 2 – 6 years depending upon the courses of study.

Due to its high-technology infrastructure or certified MBBS programs, the Russian Federation is attracting ample students day by day. Thus according to reports, a large number of students are enrolling their name every year for international medical studies.

Every course is divided into different duration; those who want to register themselves for MD, i.e. Doctor of Medicine or degree in General Medicine, as well as Dental and Sports Medicine the time interval is somewhat around 6-7 years.

This time period is sectioned according to the course, and for a language of instruction students have to spend 1 year extra. The students can receive lectures in both languages, i.e. English as well as Russian languages. The qualified professors are eligible in delivering medical courses as per the requirement of the student.

  • General Medicine: this course is of about 6 years, but for Russian medium duration you have to spend 1 year extra.
  • Dental: for dentistry courses, the time period portioned by a ministry of education is of 6 years; for candidates interested in the Russian language the time period extends up to 7 years.
  • Sports Medicine: the overall time period after the Russian language will be of 7 years.

Hence there more than 50 universities where students can try for higher MBBS studies at an affordable cost.  Ministry of Public Health certifies the universities; hence for medical studies, there is no other better place than this. The degrees from these universities will provide you career opportunities all around the world; it is acknowledged by UNESCO as well as WHO.

Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?

Yes, off course students can get a working permit after completion of studies. After having an international MBBS degree in hand, you can work as a professional surgeon, or start your clinic. Those who are willing to pursue their career after completion of a degree in Russia can also get a working permit.

What is the language used in Russia?
Russia is a country which is having diverse cultures and people from different cultures speaks different languages. Russian is the official language of Russia, which is spoken by almost 260 million people.

There are other 35 languages which are spoken in Russia and used in different regions of Russia. These languages are of Russian ascent having different dialects and are used in different places. Apart from this the most common dialects of this language are northern and southern dialects which are used by the people of north and south Russia.

There are also more official languages of Russia, which include Bakdhir language which is spoken by 1.2 million people, another is the Buryat language spoken by 265,000 native speakers, the other languages are Chuvash which is spoken by 1.1 million speakers, and the remaining people who constitute around 1.4 million people speaks Chechen language which is another biggest languages after the Russian language.

Do we need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Russian University?
No, there is no need to qualify this English proficiency test in case, if students had applied for studying the medical courses in Russia.  The IELTS and TOEFL are not needed by Russian universities and is required by European universities.  Russia had no such rules and restrictions, and it’s not important to clear this language test. Well, The IELTS and TOEFL which are short-term courses which are pursued after completing the school education by the students before applying for study visa then after the completion of these courses the students had to appear in exam and clear the exam. After that based on score gained in exam student get admission to other country and applied for a visa. If one thinks for and affordable study in which they can save your money then can opt for Russia which is the best option and is chosen by almost 80 per cent of people every year.
Can we apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of Russian Federation?
There are different requirements for getting permanent residence and citizenship in Russia. One can apply for permanent residence only after he or she had lived legally in Russia for almost one year with a valid temporary, permanent residence of Russia. This permanent residence and citizenship are granted by the Russian General Directorate of Minority Affairs.

After that one has this permanent residence then can apply for citizenship as this is the first step towards getting citizenship in Russia. This Permanent residence is valid for five years, However can be renewed after five years and get expires if you leave the country and does not come back in 6 months, after submitting this certificate and Russian passport to the administration one can apply for Citizenship.

Under this citizenship, the person had many rights like to join Russian military, low-cost medical facilities, work to anywhere, access to buy a new property, and cannot be deported, fill electoral rights in all elections held in Russia.

Are Russian degrees valued globally?
Russian universities account in the list of World’s best universities which provide high quality education and fundamental knowledge to the students. Russia had around 766 universities in around 82 regions of Russia providing courses and studies in all the subjects. The students who study from Russia are liable to work in any of the other countries.

Russian is one of the developed countries in which all the courses are provided at very cheap rates and degrees are legalized and recognizes by the World Health Organization which allows students to attend any conferences, seminars and practice their further studies across the globe freely without any restrictions.

Russian universities and colleges provide the degrees based on the standards of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation which also recognizes these degrees. And, if a person holds diploma course in Russia, then he or she can apply further in almost 60 countries which include all the developed countries of the world.

Does the student have to come back to his/her home country to apply?
No, it’s not crucial that one had to come back for applying to the country. The students can apply from anywhere with the valid consultancy. The thing is that one had to need all documents which should be valid so that you can apply for a visa. In case of the candidate is residing in Russia and completing his or her studies then he or she need not come back can apply for permanent residence and citizenship from there only.

In case, if a person comes back and does not go back for more than six months, then he or she had to apply again from his or her home country and had to fulfil the requirements of Russia country and had to submit all the documents to the Embassy. The documents should all be valid and there should be no criminal record of the candidate if he or she wants to apply for Russia.

How the accommodation arrangement and what is the charges?
The accommodation charges vary with room set and facilities in the room. If the student opts hostel facility of the university then the fee of accommodation on an average for almost all the institutions may vary from 500 to 5,000 Rubles per month per student.

If the student chooses to live in rental apartment then the most expensive price range may vary from 15,000 to 20,000 Rubles per month.  And in most of the regions of Russia this price is 50 per cent low and may vary from 5000 to 10,000 rubles per month.

This rental apartment had all the facilities like TV, music, furniture, kitchen with all facilities. So the students had more comfort and can live with easiness.  There is also the availability of studio apartments for the students which costs around the same and has all amenities with one room set a separate bathroom and a kitchen with all equipment.

Can we pay the tuition fee in instalments?
Yes, it is possible that you can pay your tuition fee in Russian universities in instalments. However, one can pay in one time or can pay a fee in around five instalments in a year which would be easier for the students coming from other countries as they had not to spend much. As in other countries the students had to pay full year course fee so studying in Russia is the best option in this case.

However, in case of an emergency comes and you are not able to pay the tuition fee in time then you can contact to college administration can give them your reason which should be valid in writing with proof so that you may get relaxation time to pay the fee.  Hence, the payment procedures are different for each and every university as they have their rules and regulations so one must check properly and choose the best one for them.

Do we need to pay the books and exam fee separately or is it included in the fee?
No, there is no need to pay the book and exam fee separately to the Russian universities. The reason is that the Russian government funds almost all the Russia universities so the government provides the facilities of free books to the students. Also in each university they had made a big library containing all the books and journals.

The Russian university provides books to students themselves for which there is no fee and for exams also there is no extra fee. In case, if any university had exam fee or book fee then it is included in the tuition fee itself. When you take the admission in any of the Russian university. The books are also funded and given by the people of Russia. The students can get all the books related to their course and of all semesters from the university and colleges of Russia.

Any other facility like pick up, bank account opening, etc. are provided by the college?
Yes, the students who are studying in Russia for pursuing higher studies get the facility of pick up and the opening of a bank account as well. These all things are provided in the fee package which is charged by the universities of Russia when one applies for the visa and pay the fee a for the admission then this fee includes all the charges and all the facilities given to the students in Russia.

Moreover, if the students can easily open it in any of the banks by applying and submitting the required documents like student  Id, temporary permanent residence document etc. On behalf of which you will open the bank account. Some universities are also there which has inbuilt banks in their campus area so the students can easily open the bank account there with valid documents.

Can we travel to any other countries while studying in Russia? Which countries, when and for how long?
Yes, you can travel to other countries during your vacations or during any time when you want. The Russian government had rules and regulations under which you had to follow and according to that only you can apply for further tourist visa of other countries from Russia.  The person who wants to travel need to come back to Russia and can travel not more than six years because if it happens then his or her temporary residence and permanent residence certificate will be expired.

In case, if any problem occurs that you cannot come back in 6 months or anything else then one must immediately report it to the Embassy and give a valid reason with proof and should wait for there reply. And if they reply and grant permission, then there is no problem but if not then you should seek about it. Hence it is your responsibility that you come.

In which languages do the teachers teach?
The teachers in Russia are well experienced and proficient in at least more than one language. The most common language in which they teach the students in English as it is well understood and known by the students of almost all countries. This general language is the primary language of teachers in which they teach.

Secondly, they also teach in languages like Russian and French language which are the other important languages for the students who belong to Russia itself and are the natives of Russia. The French language is the most recommended and is needed in any kind of jobs, So the students who are able to learn and know this language get good placements are highly recommended by other people.

The French language being the most i8mportant language which is spoken learned and taken as a course by the student. So the Russian universities and colleges provide a good opportunity and the teachers who know this language and can easily teach the students.

What services render Continental Educational Consultants (CEC) for international students?
Continental Educational Consultants are the organizations or the people that helo the international students from other countries to know and clear all their doubts regarding taking admission in the different universities and colleges of Russia. They give all the knowledge regarding all the courses and also guide students that when and how they can take admission in the universities and the colleges.

Moreover, they help students in their documentation as well as in other procedures regarding taking admission in any of the higher course in the University of Russia. When anyone opts to study in any other country rather than this orb her country might get confused and may not have known that how they can apply for a visa. For this, only these consultants work and help to apply for your visa and provide you with all the services which you need in the new country.

What is the visa invitation for education?
This invitation is the document which is given by the government of Russia informing you that you got admission to their university for which you applied. This documentation is provided by the visa office, and they get it after 2when the Mi9nistry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation approves it. Basically, it is initially given by the university in which the candidate had applied for admission.

On this, all the details of the candidate including his or her passport details are mentioned. Usually, this document is processed by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in 8 to 10 days. However, maximum it can take around 15 days after your applying for a visa. After getting this visa one had to reply and process their procedure and documentation as soon as possible as it is valid only for 90 days. After 90 days it gets expired, and one has to apply for it again.

How much luggage is allowed to be brought?
There are different rules of the different airli8nes, so it depends on one that which airlines he or she had chosen for himself or herself.  In general, there are no such restrictions on the luggage in, but there is a limit of carrying the luggage free of cost. Beyond that limit, you had to pay extra for your luggage.

The amount of weight of luggage one can carry different for economic class and Business class. For economy class on an average one can around 25 to 30 kgs of luggage for almost all airlines, and for business class the luggage weight is around 35 to 40 kgs for per person.

For this one who is coming to Russia should check all the details of the Airlines and which will be best for you should be chosen so as to get the maximum benefit.

Do the Russian Universities offer any medical facilities to the students?
Yes, every university located in Russia provides medical facilities to the international students as well as for Russian students too. The universities of Russia take care of everything in the case of students; they want the students to remain healthy and would not have to face any medical problem which can interrupt them in their studies. They provide high-class medical units, dispensaries in the campus as well as hostel area which provide top class medical care to the students during the medical emergencies.  All the educational institutions located in Russia had made this mandatory to the students to avail life and health insurance both as this insurance will be very helpful. Most of the universities provide this insurance facility to the students in Russia. A candidate can contact the authorities of the university and can proceed for it and can submit all the documents which are needed to avail any type of insurance.
Will I have to incur some additional expenses upon arrival in Russia?
Yes, one had to incur some additional expenses on reaching to Russia. As when they reach Russia them after visiting your university, you have to register yourself there and pay a registration fee which is around 20 to 30 rubles per person. After that, they will provide you with a student in the university. Moreover, one had to also spend on the accommodation, transportation, which costs around 4000 to 5000 rubles depending on your facilities. Also one has to spend daily on their daily needs like food, things of daily use. Sometimes your additional expenses can be decreased as when the students opt to stay in the hostels provided by the university then his expenses decreased as he or she gets accommodation along with food. Also had to pay some charges to the Russian Federation at the time when you apply for permanent residence and citizenship in Russia.
What will be my average monthly expenses?
Well, the average expenses of a person depend on his or her usage of things and what and where she used things and where he or she spends his or her earning. If we take an average of all the students the average monthly expenses of per person per month is around 20,180 rubles. Well, this amount can vary from person to person.

The expenses of the person include his or her expenditures on accommodation which is around 5000 rubles, then on daily food which is around 10,000 rubles, for clothing and other accessories of daily use the expense is around 1000 rubles, Then on the internet and mobile phones the expense is around 800 rubles. After that the transport fee which costs around 400 rubles. These all expenditures are for per person per month which can be increased with the increasing of things in their daily life.

How do my parents can send me money for my expenses?
Parents can easily send money to their children; As there are many options, nowadays one can easily transfer through online banking which is quick and easy method. Secondly one can open a bank accounts in Russia in any of the banks immediately after co9mpletingg their registration process. It will usually take 10 to 15 days for opening your bank account. As soon as the account is open, you can start your banking process.

One can so open the bank account in any banks which are inbuilt in the university. One can share their bank details with their parents, and they will send you money as soon as possible they can. Also, they can transfer through the Wire bank transfer which is usually a way to pay the money to their children in Russia.  There are different banks in Russia with different rules so one should take all knowledge and select the bank which is liable for them.

Whether a life and health insurance are necessary?
Yes, life and health are equally important as getting citizenship and permanent residence in Russia. The life and health insurance are provided to every international student as soon as the student reaches to Russia by the Russian Government.  This insurance is very helpful and will help upon in many ways so as to get citizenship and permanent residence easily. After when a student reaches then after residing several days in Russia, he or she gets the insurance certificate the Russian Federation.

The students are also given health insurance which provides medical facilities to the students and gives medical treatment in case of any medical emrgency. This insurance thus helps in every way and will also help you financially6 and make one independent. One when coming across any problem then he or she can claim for the money which will help them. Moreover, due to this insurance they have a secure future.

What is the preparatory faculty and what is it for?
The preparatory faculty is known as the faculty which provides the candidate with a one year programme or something similar to the certificate course that is helpful for them to get enrollment in any of the Russian University. This turned out to be helpful for the candidates who have not been getting enrollment in any of the Russian University for a quite a long time. The preparatory faculty helps the students to learn about the language spoken in Russia. Once a person successfully completes his or her preparatory faculty programmes and then they had to appear for an exam, and once the exam is cleared then the candidate will be provided with a certificate, which would turn to be very helpful for them in Future to take admission in any of the Russian University they wish for. This certificate is also helpful for the students who had years gap in their studies and wanted to take admission in the University for their Further Studies in Russia.
Is it difficult to study at the preparatory faculty?
Well, it’s not difficult for a candidate to study at the preparatory faculty programme as this is one year programme in which all the normal subjects are taught which is quite easy that any candidate could easily study and understand the subject. The normal subjects that are taught are related to various languages subjects, science subjects, subjects related to basic sciences which can turn to be helpful for the candidates later on enrolling into any of the Russian university. This course is base on the system of semester one coursework with some specific and disciplinary preparation. This course can also include some of the practical sessions that provide practical training to the candidates and provide them better understandings of the aspects they need to know. The candidates who choose to get enrollment to any Russian university get extra facilities and support in the university throughout their course duration, and thus their result is better in academics. A candidate can apply online for the course of preparatory faculty as an online application is available for everyone.
How can I get the information on the University where I’ll continue my education after the completion of the preparatory faculty?
A candidate can easily get all the information about the preparatory faculty program on any of the Russian University official website which usually provides the option to study in these programmes. Also, these education resources in Russia are beneficial in providing the entire knowledge of the preparatory programme. They provide various campaigns, seminars as well as exhibitions for making the students aware of the preparatory faculty programme and let them know how much helpful it can be to candidates in various methods. A candidate can apply through the online application form and can submit the form to the Faculty of Arts office where the form goes for further proceedings. Moreover, only students having 17 yrs of age can apply for the preparatory faculty programme. This programme is free, and faculty charges no fees for this course. The session of this course usually starts at the end of July, and a candidate can fill his or her form in the starting week of July.
How can I get my foreign exchange before I leave?
There is a need to exchange your Russian currency before you leave as this Russian currency can only be used in Russia and not useable in any other country. So it is important for a candidate to exchange his or her cash in the country currency they are enrolling.  For this, purpose a person can visit the consultant and ask for their help to change money and provide RBI approved legal currencies of the country in return. There are also various brokers who would help a candidate to exchange their currency. Therefore, they will charge some money but will help to exchange the currencies as much as they want to exchange. If these options aren’t working, then a candidate can change his or her Russian Ruble in the airport itself as they also provide the facility of currency exchange to the people who wish to exchange currency. Also, they can help to know the current as well as the right value of the Russian Ruble or other currency.
How can I get my foreign exchange before I leave?
There is a need to exchange your Russian currency before you leave as this Russian currency can only be used in Russia and not useable in any other country. So it is important for a candidate to exchange his or her cash in the country currency they are enrolling.  For this, purpose a person can visit the consultant and ask for their help to change money and provide RBI approved legal currencies of the country in return. There are also various brokers who would help a candidate to exchange their currency. Therefore, they will charge some money but will help to exchange the currencies as much as they want to exchange. If these options aren’t working, then a candidate can change his or her Russian Ruble in the airport itself as they also provide the facility of currency exchange to the people who wish to exchange currency. Also, they can help to know the current as well as the right value of the Russian Ruble or other currency.
If at any time, the student wants to withdraw the admission and return to India, will the complete charges deposited be refunded?
Well, when a candidate from India goes for study in Russia and they feels uncomfortable and wishes to discontinue his or her further studies they can withdraw their admission, but the deposited charges are non-refundable paid by the student. The consultancies may help candidates in each possible way for enrollment among the best institutions and provide them with all the facilities to make them feel comfortable in that environment.  But in case, if a candidate wishes to come back, then they should first visit the immigration office and can ask for help from consultants, and after that, they can start their proceeding of coming back, and at last, they will receive a return ticket to their country to come back. Hence, a student will not be able to get his or her fee back as non-refundable which is clearly mentioned by every university or college at starting of the procedure of admission in the university.
What about the safety of students?
The most important question which always strikes first in the mind of every student and their parents while they think of studying in any of the international countries is the safety of the candidate in that particular country. The safety is among the most important aspects on which one doubts. Therefore Russia government provides extra security and protection to the students enrolling from another country. They had made specific rules and regulations for any criminal offence towards any of the international candidate in Russia. Also, various punishments are given to the student’s if they are involved in any of the crimes. Thus, the Russian universities and colleges provide special security to the students staying in the hostels of the universities and colleges. Moreover, a special team or organisations are made to check out and survey all the aspects and points.  The survey is done on a weekly basis or in a month and asking students about their problems and other reports.
How much time the admission procedure takes place?
The time of admission procedure is different for each and every Russian university or college which in Russia. Secondly, it depends on the documentation and other legal procedure of the students. There are various factors which help in deciding the time needed for admission procedure to take place in the college or university. The consultancies help a student in every single step for providing them admission in their desired Russian college or university. Rest the candidates should not have a year gap in their studies and passed with good marks so as to get admission early. Usually, it takes around 6 months on an average for the admission procedure of a candidate to takes place, in some of the cases the problems occurs then time period increases for the candidate enrollment. As this procedure includes many important things such as documentation, verification, tickets booking, and clearing eligibility criteria which are the steps of the admission procedure which is carried out one by one to help candidates to get admission in their desired Russian University.
I am not sure which is the best course for me, how can I get this information?
When any candidate thinks of studying in some other international countries for pursuing higher studies, then the main thing that he or she wants is to have the course that proves to be best for their career. It is known to be quite difficult for a candidate to choose the right and best course for their studies. Hence, it also depends upon the institution they choose to enroll as every institution had their terms and conditions which should be followed by the students.  So one can check the official website of the institutions of Russia and can choose the best course which fulfills your requirements. Russia despite being the most developed country regarding provides the best education and offers all the courses in approximately every field to international students. Some best courses are known to be as engineering, medical courses, IT courses, etc. These courses help in exploring the career of students in a better way? Moreover, these all courses offer high job profiles. Thus it also allows candidates from other international countries to get citizenship easily.
What does the ticket for Russia Cost?
The cost of a ticket to Russia is different from other countries; hence if a person talks about India, then the cost of the ticket to Russia per candidate is around Rs. 13,000 to 20, 000 on an average. The other factors on which the cost of ticket depends is the Airlines as there are various airlines and each had their different cost, Secondly, the cost also depends on the day and the place a person had booked a flight for them as there is a slight difference in the cost of each and every spot and every day. Thirdly, the class in which one had booked tickets, whether it is the economy or business class as the price of the business class is costly than compared to the economy class. So, At last, it is based on the personal choice and analysis of a person and how they choose a best and cheapest flight for them to go to Russia.
Will there be anyone to receive the students in the airport in Russia?
Yes, the consultancies which helped candidates in each step to get the admission and had applied for the visa will also help in the proper settlement in Russia. The consultancies have their connections and have hired such people who often work there and help students when they reach Russia. These people receive the candidates from the airport and help them to settle down in Russia. Well, this does not happen in every case, sometimes candidates had to handle things on their own, and no one is there to receive them at the airport. This is the candidate responsibility to check whether consultancy they choose to provide them with this facility or not.  All consultancies do not offer this facility, so a candidate has to seek.  As it is a very important step while applying for a visa as the candidate are not aware of the place and surroundings as well as the things will be new to the candidates.

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