FAQ’s for Philippines

What is one of the major religions followed by the people in the Philippines?

70 per cent of the people living in the Philippines belong to Roman Catholic Christianity belief, and 17 per cent of the people are involved in Protestant Christianity. People with Islamic belief comprises of total 5 to 10 per cent of the overall population.

Whereas, only 2 per cent of the people are there who believes in the Philippine Church of Christ. This religion was born in the country itself and don’t believe in the Doctrine of Trinitarianism which is common among other groups.

You may also be glad to know that the Buddhist population is also there in the Philippines which is near about to 2 per cent. Other minority groups in the country are collectively 6.6 per cent of the total number of people living there. These are Indigenous Beliefs, Other Christians, Hinduism, Judaism, the Baha’i Faith, and Atheists.

What are the universities you are representing in the Philippines?

The Philippines have been prevalent in the world for providing quality education. There are the number of universities and colleges in the country which students from abroad can choose to complete the higher education.

Times Higher education World University Rankings depicts two prominent Universities which are up to the mark with international standards. First one is the University of Philippines which ranks at number 502 – 600. Another University which gathers worldwide attraction is De La Salle University which lists between 801 – 1000. The university is providing opportunities for medical students to come and explore the broad area of knowledge in the field. Also, Cagayan State University is one such platform of excellence in medical studies for people looking for MBBS course there.

These medical universities are providing high tech education, and you can choose them to get excellent exposure. The ranking of these universities are as per the teaching quality, research and development and also the international parameters which stand these universities apart from other in the Philippines.

Are these universities recognised or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?

Yes, Universities here are highly recognized and affiliated too. Talking about the recognition of Medical Universities are globally recognized by IMED of ECFMG- USA, MCI, World Health Organization (WHO), FAIMER, USMLE and similar other organizations. Also, MCI recognized it.

Another high ranked University which is De La Salle University is a private Catholic Research University. It is also a nonprofit, coeducational Higher education institution which has outnumbered and also comes under ASEAN University Network. The university is also recognized as Centre of Excellence by Philippine Commission on Higher Education.

Considering Cagayan State University is a public institution with Commission of Higher Education prominence, provides undergraduate and graduate studies with different campuses all around. The university is famous for offering basic as well as higher education and medical science.

What is the duration of the program in the Philippines?

Duration of the program depends upon the type of field in which you are interested in enrolling. As there are diverse fields available in different colleges and universities in the country. Below are some details of the length of specific streams as follows:

Taking specifically about MBBS course duration in Medical Universities in the Philippines, it is a total of 6 year which includes BS, MD and Internship part. All of it comes under the MBBS course. BS is a fundamental course which takes 2 years to complete, after that you need to qualify NMAT test of Philippines to continue for MD course 4 year program. And if one has a bachelor degree of Science, he or she can directly go into MD course.

Another Course like Bachelor of Arts is completed with 3 to 4 years of length, and engineering course bachelor is done with five years duration and can vary as per the institution.

Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?

Completing a study from the Philippines will lead you to get a lot of opportunities concerning work and living. Say if you go with perusing MBBS course in the Philippines or successfully pass the BS- MD degree there with good scores, you will get the opportunity to work as a Resident Doctor there and consistent serving of 4 years will open the gateway to apply for a resident permit in the Philippines. It is an excellent opportunity to get a work exposure and also in future getting benefit from the Philippines Government in terms of adequate living standard, medical facilities and a secure future for your family.

What is the language used in the Philippines?
The major language used in the Philippines is Filipino, it is declared as the national language of the country. Along with Filipino, English is one of the most used languages in the Philippines. Apart from this, there are many languages used in thePhilippines such as Tagalog,Cebuano,Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Pangasinense, Maranaoan and Tausug. Filipino is used for the communication between the people in the Philippines. It is the country with rich culture. The Philippines are one of the beautiful countries of the world. In fact, English is also one of the main languages of the Philippines as it is used for official documentation related to business, government documentation and it is used as a medium of instruction. If someone is known to the English language, then it becomes easy to stays in the Philippines. People of the Philippines are independent as well as they can choose any language in which someone feels comfortable.
What is the main medium of instruction in the Philippines?
English is the main medium of instruction in the Philippines. In the Philippines, the English language is used for school, business industry, and the judiciary courts. In addition to this, the English language is used for the international relations for the Philippines. Moreover, it is the language of worship in the Philippines. English is the language which is mostly accepted by all the countries in the world. The Philippines is the country which provides excellent opportunities to international students. The standard of education is very much high in the Philippines. The universities of the Philippines are well-reputed and famous for providing excellent infrastructure to the students. The MBBS Program in the Philippines is also taught in the English language. But sometimes it becomes difficult for the students of the backward area of the Philippines as they know local languages of the country. If someone knows English accurately, then it becomes easy for them to move ahead to get admission in the Universities of the Philippines.
Is there a need to qualify any test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Philippines University?
Yes, it is mandatory to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Philippines University. It is the best way to analyze the proficiency of the candidates in English because it is one of the essential parameters which must always be kept in mind before thinking about admission in MBBS program in the Philippines. The students need to clear and score good marks in the Exam of IELTS or TOEFL before applying in any university of the Philippines. But it is the important thing which must be noted that if the students belong to the Hindi medium while higher secondary education then he or she will have to qualify TOEFL on the other hand if students complete higher secondary from well-recognized English medium board, then the student need not qualify or passed or TOEFL examination. The Universities of the Philippines provides an excellent platform to the students so that they can gain maximum benefits of studying abroad.
Is there any other facility provided by the medical schools in the Philippines?
The universities of the Philippines are known for providing excellent facilities to the students. The main objective of universities of the Philippinesis to promote the best quality of Education to all the students. The universities offer bank facilities to the students in the campus itself. They need not go outside the campus for bank purposes. The labs of the medical schools are well-equipped with proper facilities. There is a transportation facility offered by the medical schools to the students. They need not go by their expenses. Most of the campuses of the medical schools have the facility of Wi-Fi. The faculty of the College is well-experienced and well-qualified. The students after the completion of the course get ample opportunities. The students are provided with many seminars or workshops sponsored at the national or international levels. The universities of the Philippines organized many events or cultural fests time to time for the entertainment of the students. The Philippines universities also offered medical facilities to the students.
What will be my average monthly expenses?
It is obvious that the expenses of the living in the first few months in the Philippines are more. The students need to pay the tuition fee, advance rent of the living accommodation, other normal household items, eatables etc. the major expenses in the Philippines includes:

  • Monthly Rent of Living Accommodation
  • Cost of eatables
  • Gas or electricity Bill Every Month (if it is not included in Rent)
  • Internet Charges
  • Expenses for Laundry or toiletries
  • Printing, stationery, photocopying, etc. (whatever is necessary for studying)
  • Bill of Mobile phones

You must always keep in mind that you have to keep a hold on the budget. If somebody holds the budget properly then, there will not be any problem.The Philippines are the best place to live. The students those who are looking for an advanced platform of learning then medical universities of the Philippines is a perfect choice.

What is the time for the beginning of vacations at the Universities in the Philippines?
There are many national holidays in the Philippines every year. The major holidays offered by the universities of the Philippines are in the month of December. Christmas is among the major festivals celebrated in the Philippines, so there are so many holidays but the duration of the holidays may vary every year. Apart from this, there are many national holidays recognized by the government which students can avail from time to time. The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. One can plan short trips with friends during the winter holidays. It may be the most memorable trip of your life. In fact, you can plan a trip to other countries with your batch mates it may be the most beautiful and amazing trip of your life. The people in the Philippines are much cooperative and interactive. Some students plan to come back home during the vacations, but one must have to keep in mind that they need to come back to the university on time to join the college again.
Are Philippines degrees valued globally?
Yes, the Philippines degrees valued globally. The education standard in the Philippines is excellent as universities always update students with the latest curriculum. The Philippines is intake many international students every year. The degree offered by the Philippines is excellent because it is acceptable in every part of the world. The students after practicing the MBBS medical course from the Philippines can apply for the job anywhere. The opportunities are increased for the students in the job if they choose any medical university in the Philippines. The approach of the Education system in the Philippines is enhancing the skills and knowledge of the students so that they can succeed in their career. The education in the Philippines is top-notch.Students after the completion of the medical courses from the Philippinesuniversities get settled in the top most companies, industries etc. Hence, the degree offered by the Philippinesis very much valuable and accepted globally.
How is the accommodation arrangement?
It is not difficult to get accommodation in the Philippines. There are ample options for the accommodation. You can select according to choice and the level of comfortability.The major options available for the students to stay in the Philippinesare as follows:

On-campus accommodation

On-campus accommodation is among the best choice for all the students ofthePhilippines. Hostels facility is available in the Universities of the Philippines. The hostels available in the college is well-furnished with ample of modern facilities provided to the students.

Off-campus housing

It is a fantastic way to stay in the Philippines at a reasonable cost. As off-campus housing is easily available to the students, have to share a room with other students or may get a personal room.

Short stays

Short staysare also the best options for the students. It is also a perfect choice to stay in the Philippines.

Can we pay the fee of the course in installments in the universities of the Philippines?
Yes, you can pay the tuition fee in installments in the universities of the Philippines. The universities of the Philippines understand that there is a problem to the International students to pay tuition fee. It is the perfect option for the International students that they can pay their tuition fee in installments. Most of the universities in the Philippineshave the option to pay the only tuition fee in installments other costs you have to deposit immediately while taking admission. It becomes easy for international students to manage expenses in the Philippinesas you need to pay small of money time to time. The expenses of the living in the Philippines are high. It will really help them to manage the fee easily. The universities in the Philippines are always helping international students so that they can learn and gain the bulk of knowledge. The students can also earn during studies it also helps them to pay a fee on time.
Do the students need to pay the books and exam fee separately or is it included in the fee?
There are huge libraries in the universities of the Philippines. Students need not to buy the textbooks as Library of the universities in the Philippines are filled with the ample of books. Most of the universities take tuition fee which includes Examination fee. But there are a few universities which take the Exam fee separately. So, it must be recommended that one must choose the College according to your financial status. Many Universities in the Philippines offers many scholarship schemes to the International Students. Apart from all these expenses, some universities ask for the fee of the events to be held from time to time. The main of the universities of the Philippines to provide the best infrastructure to the International students so that they can learn maximum and also enjoys the homely environment. The people of the Philippines are much cooperative as well as interactive. Before selecting the university in the Philippines, one must go through the fee structure of the college thoroughly.
How much time does the admission process take in the MBBS Program in the Philippines?
The process of the admission in the University of the Philippinesis not that must complicate if students set everything already. The admission process takes about 7-8 weeks in the MBBS Program. The students those who are looking to get admission in the MBBS have to qualify the Examination, i.e. NMAT which is mandatory for every student. After that, if you qualify the exam, then you can apply an application of the colleges of your choices in the Philippines by online mode.  Then, you have to wait for a few weeks, and then if the universities are satisfied with your application, then they sent you the letter of acceptance. Now, after receiving the acceptance letter from the University of your Choice, you have to pay the tuition fee of the course by depositing it in the bank account of the university. After the completion of the documentation process of the visa, one can move to the Philippines for studying MBBS program.
Do the universities of the Philippines support co-education?
Yes, the universities of the Philippines support co-education. The Philippinesis a modern and advanced country. The lifestyle of the people in the Philippines is very high. Most of the Universities of the Philippines support Co-education. Earlier, people hesitate to send their girl child to abroad for the higher studies but now in this century people are well-educated, and they think beyond their limits about promoting better education to the women also. So, Co-education is the best way to increase self-confidence in society because one can interact with many personalities. The universities of the Philippines are very much advanced and provide the safest environment for all the students. The government of the Philippines keeps in mind the requirement of the international students. They keep on updating the rules, regulations and rights for the international students. Co-Education helps to eliminate the distinction between boys and girls. The Philippines is the perfect choice for the medical course because the fee structure offered by the universities are nominal as compared to the other universities of the different countries in the world.
How much time does the flight take to reach the Philippinesfrom India?
The services of the airlines in India are excellent as there are ample of flights to every part of the world. One can go anytime and anywhere. The total flight duration from India to the Philippines is approximately 6 hours 32 minutes.The cost to reach the Philippines may vary because it depends on the flight you want to take. It may also be depending upon on the timings of the booking. If you already know the dates to go to the Philippines, then pre-booking costs less while on-the-spot booking of the flights may cost more. So, it is advised to have pre-booking of the flights as sometimes it costs negligible price of the air tickets. Students those who come back during the holiday always prefer pre-booking because generally holidays are already decided by the universities. Similarly, there are many airports in thePhilippines. Hence there are many flights available to travel to any part of the world. So there is no problem to travel anywhere while studying in the Philippines.
How many hours do I need to go to class in the Philippines?
The candidates are said to attend full-time classes in the Philippines. As per the rules and regulation of the country, all the candidates enrolling in the Philippian’s universities are not allowed to do any of the part-time employment anywhere outside. Hence, a candidate is allowed to work on sponsor basis, and only eligible candidates are allowed to work part-time on sponsor basis. The eligibility of the candidate that is needed for the sponsored job he or she should be excellent in their academics. The candidates are eligible for the on-campus employment, and it can only be extended to work 20 hours per week. A candidate mainly considers the Philippines for the medical studies and the medical studies require the full-time involvement of the aspirants to carry out the best result in their academics. This is the reason why this country rules do not allow the candidate to work part-time in any of the industry.
What about the safety of International students in thePhilippines?
The Philippines are popularly known as the safest country in the world. To increase the economic growth of the country, it welcomes international students as well as tourists every year with great respect. The Philippines always keep in mind the comfortability of the international students promote their universities worldwide. Safety is among the most important points which comes in the mind of all parents while sending their children to pursue studies from other countries. So, Philippines is the undoubtedly is a perfect choice. The Philippines is not the only safest country but also a perfect choice for the tourists also. The beauty of the Philippines attracts many tourists every year. In addition to this, the people of the Philippines are very much humble, friendly as well as helpful.  The people of the Philippinesalso knows English, so there is no communication barrier. It provides a homely environment to the international students, and they also enjoy the same status as the citizens of the Philippines enjoy it.

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