FAQ’s for China

What is the main religion followed by the people of China?

China is one of those countries that have multiple religions followed by people. According to a survey held in the year 2012 the total of 21% of china’s populations follows folk religion. In a public voting held in the year 2015 90% of the people said themselves as non-religious and atheists. There are a total of four religions declared officially to be followed by the people of China.

Buddhism- This religion was formerly come in China about 2000 years ago from India is one of the followed religions.

Taoism- It is the native religion of China followed by people from 1,700 years ago.

Islam- This religion was spread from an Arab country and has 14 million people following from Kazak, Tazik, Kakar, and Banan etc. ethnic groups.

Christianity- Catholicism is the major form of Christianity started in China, and now it has more than 3.3 million followers and 5 million Protestants.

What are the universities you are representing in China?

China is known for providing one of the best classes of study for students in all streams. It specialises in providing the MBBS course to the students with the affordable fee structure for the students. Sources have cleared that almost 1.3 million of 20 million students is enrolling from the top universities of the China. As today the level of the competition has been raised and a student wants one of the best studies to overcome it. China is the best way to get into competition and overcome it easily. It provides a world-class study to Chinese as well as immigrants from other countries. They provide courses in the English language to the students from India and other countries. There are many best universities which represent China all over the world and some of they are Guangzhou Medical University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, and Fudan University.

Are these universities recognised or affiliated by any board of education or any other Educational Council?

Yes, the Universities of China is certified from the education board or the Chinese Federation. Undoubtedly the medical Universities of China have received a higher position in less time. Thus this happened because of the Ministry of Higher Education or the Chinese Federation as they try to provide the best education to students. The medical universities have government approved well-equipped research centers, Wi-Fi campuses, ATM services inside the college campus and accommodation facility for immigrant’s students. Quality education is the main objective of the education council of China and highly qualified professionals guide students to grab best career opportunities. The medical universities of China strictly work under proper curriculum provided by the Higher Education Ministry. The 4.5-year course duration in China involves providing knowledge of practical as well as theory.

What is the duration of the program in China?

China is undoubtedly coming on higher and higher positions day by day because of the quality education provided by them and one of the most affordable fee structures. The safety features and other facilities provided by them are best.

Each course provided by the Chinese universities has been divided into different durations. The time interval for a degree in medicine or MBBS and general medicine has duration of about 6-7 years. The Chinese universities also provide

MBBS: This course duration is 5 years for students of China and for the non-immigrants of China it is of 6 years in the English language.

Can we apply for the Work Permit after completion of the program?

Yes, an aspirant can apply for a working permit after completion of his or her study in China. After completing MBBS from international institute the degree will be in your hand, a student can work as a professional surgeon in the hospital where he or she gets an internship, or start their own clinic.

If a student is willing to pursue his or her further carrier in China only, then he/she can easily do that. Universities in China also provide placements to the students in various and reputed hospitals and institutions. They also provide the option of pursuing higher studies along with job and get experience.

What is the currency used in China?
Renminbi is the official currency used in China for daily uses and other major uses. In the month
of December 1948, this official currency of China was issued by the People’s Bank of China. The
official name of the currency used in China is Chinese Yuan with RMB abbreviation. The 1
Chinese Yuan of China is equal to 10.12 Indian rupees. A person should first get to know about
the currency of the country where they are going to enroll in any educational institute. A
candidate or a normal person can exchange their currency with the Chinese Yuan at some rates
form the Chinese Banks and many other places. They had to pay which depends upon the
amount of the money they want to exchange with the Chinese Yuan. A person can exchange
their currency from the airport of China or India. The currency exchange is needed for a person
to reside in another country and get support.
What is the currency used in China?
Renminbi is the official currency used in China for daily uses and other major uses. In the month of December 1948, this official currency of China was issued by the People’s Bank of China. The official name of the currency used in China is Chinese Yuan with RMB abbreviation. The 1 Chinese Yuan of China is equal to 10.12 Indian rupees. A person should first get to know about the currency of the country where they are going to enroll in any educational institute. A candidate or a normal person can exchange their currency with the Chinese Yuan at some rates form the Chinese Banks and many other places. They had to pay which depends upon the amount of the money they want to exchange with the Chinese Yuan. A person can exchange their currency from the airport of China or India. The currency exchange is needed for a person to reside in another country and get support.
What is the language used in China?
The official language of China is Mandarin Chinese, and it is followed by more than 850 million people of China, and it is known to be one of the official six languages of the United States of America. There is much another important language that is spoken in China and followed by millions of people. The Mandarin language was established by the Manchu Dynasty in Beijing.

  • Wu Language this is the second most followed language by 77 million people in China.
  • The Min Language comes on number third to be followed by 70 million people of China.
  • Cantonese is declared as the official language of Hong Kong and followed by over 77 millions of people from all over the world.
  • English is also amongst the most spoken language of China as all the international students speak English all throughout their academics.

. A candidate does need to qualify any English test like IELTS or TOEFL for seeking admission into Chinese University?
Yes, a candidate needs to qualify the English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL to enroll in Chinese universities for further studies. If a candidate chooses to qualify IELTS, then he or she needs to score 5.5 bands overall to apply for any of the Undergraduate programs in China to study, and if he or she wants enrollment in any Postgraduate program, then he or she needs to score overall 5.5 bands. On the other hand, if a candidate goes to qualify the TOEFL English proficiency test for enrollment in Chinese Universities, he or she must have a score of 55 for choosing any of the Undergraduate programs. A candidate who is seeking admission in Postgraduate courses through TOEFL he or she needs to score a minimum of 55 marks to qualify the English proficiency test or exam. A candidate can appear directly for the university entrance exam for direct entry in college without IELTS.
Does the student need to come back to his/her home country to apply for work permit in China?
Initially, when a student wants to apply for a work permit in China after their post-graduation, a candidate does not need to come back to their country to apply for a work visa. A candidate can apply from China itself for their work visa. A candidate can choose to return back to their country for applying for the work permit because they are not allowed to work anywhere as it is considered illegal. The process of applying for the work permit can be extended for much time as it is an international process. A person can come to their country and work till their work permit is not approved without facing any type of difficulty. Usually, a person easily gets the work permit after completing postgraduate from any of the Chinese university because the companies can prefer the person who is qualified well from their own country. A candidate can choose to stay in the same place and do something else a short course until the visa approves or can go on tour to different places.
Can a candidate apply for Permanent Residence and citizenship of the Chinese Federation?
Yes, a candidate can apply for the permanent residence and citizenship of Chinese federation, and a candidate needs to spend at least 5 years in China. A person can apply for the permanent residence and citizenship of the Federation of China. A girl or boy can also get the PR of China if they marry a permanent resident of China after their completion of studies. There are many requirements which a person need to fulfill for applying for the permanent residents of China. A candidate needs to submit their certificate and passport at the embassy for the permanent residence card of China.  A person who gets permanent residence of China gets the right to vote, employ and can even join the military of China. A candidate should need their temporary visa of residence in China for applying for the PR of China by the Federation of China.
Are Chinese degrees valued globally?
Yes, the degrees that a candidate receives from Chinese Universities are valued globally. A person can pursue their graduation as well as postgraduation from China and can apply for work permit in other countries as well. These degrees value equal to the other degrees of that particular country where the candidates are considering for applying for their work permit or postgraduation study permit. A person can take their Chinese degree all over the world as they are valid for the lifetime of a person. A person can consider studying in China for their graduation or postgraduation studies. China offers a wide range of valuable degrees in different streams and courses for the students. The quality of education is the only motto that the Chinese university uses to provide education to the students. A successful graduate person will get a perfect job and be successful for the person, because of the valued Chinese degrees of the candidate.
How the accommodation arrangement and what is the charges?
A candidate can choose to live in off-campus dormitories and on-campus dormitories according to their convenience and flexibility. The on-campus dormitories of China provide the best service to the candidates enrolling in the college. The charges of the facilities of the hostel or dormitories of the Chinese universities vary from university to university. There are many universities which provide the facility of hostel outside the campus area in the heart of the city they are located. The average of the Candidate must be 450 RMB per semester which is quite affordable. The Universities located in China do also offer various types of cuisines for the students according to their nationality. The Indian cuisine provided by Chinese universities offers the best type of food to the candidates and make them feel homely. If a candidate chooses to take rent on different areas of the city at cheap rates and make their food according to their flexibility. There is not any type of important thing that it is important to take the hostel to reside in China; it depends upon the personal choice of an individual.
Can a candidate pay the tuition fee in installments?
Yes, a candidate is allowed to pay his or her tuition fee in installments in Chinese Universities. There is an option provided to the students who have some financial problem to pay a fee in 3 installments not more than it. The installment usually needs to be deposited after every 2 months without any delay. In case a person fails to submit the installment on time then the study visa of that candidate is cancelled by the school or university they are studying, and they have to re-take visa and enter China. A person can pay his fees in advance to avoid any type of discomfort or inconvenience. There are multiple ways in which a person can pay his or her fee or installment in the college. A person is now allowed to transfer them as much amount of money they want to transfer to the bank account and can directly transfer to the account of University. A person can also pay his or her fee by cash, debit or credit card in the college.
Does a candidate need to pay the books and exam fee separately or is it included in the fee?
No, a candidate needs not to pay the fee for exams and books separately. The fees of both the exams as well as books are included in the tuition fee submitted by the aspirant after getting the visa. Other than books and examination fee there are many other expenses that are not included in the tuition fee paid by the candidate in Chinese University. The English proficiency test fee is 10, 600 per exam paid to be before the exam and other fees are dependent on what type of exams a candidate choose to appear. The fee for the admission process is also paid separately by a candidate before enrolling in the college or university they consider studying their graduation or postgraduation for their future study does not include in the tuition fee paid by the candidate. In case, if the candidate does not go to study in China, then the tuition fee will be returned, and they will charge a penalty on the amount and cut it from the advanced paid tuition fee.
Any other facility like bank account opening, pick up, etc. are provided by the college?
Yes, the college in China offers the students to open their bank account with any of the Chinese banks. This service is provided to make the transactions easy for the students who are from international countries as they need to receive and send money to their parents. A candidate needs several important documents for opening their bank account in the bank in China. The candidate has to submit the photocopies of the passport, study visa, Letter of Acceptance, Traveler’s cheque and some of the banks may require a local address of the candidate or residence permit to open a new account. There are various banks which a person can use to open their account and can use them for the transaction. The candidate can choose to open an account in Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and, China Construction Bank. These are the 4 major banks of China which have branches in various cities of China for accessibility of the candidates and people.
Can a candidate travel to any other countries while studying in China? Which countries, when and for how long?
No, a student is not allowed to travel to different countries while he or she is studying in China. According to the rules and regulations of China, the students enrolled in Chinese universities have no right to travel around the world while they are studying in China. A student can only travel after the duration of their living completes in China or after their completion of studies in China. It has been said that if the students travel to other countries while their duration of studies, they tend to lose the interest in studies and which might affect their studies and career. After the completion of the program they are free to travel to any country all around the world and the duration can be desired or optional as provided by the visa duration. A person can choose to travel any time of year but is he or she wants to enroll in a college they have to go in the academics months only.
In which languages do the teachers teach?
China rather than being home to many cultures and traditions provides various benefits to the Chinese as well as international students studying in China. There are several languages that are being spoken by the students as well as the teachers of the universities of China. The main language which is used for teaching international students in English as English is the only language that is common for all the international students from different countries. It becomes easy to teach international students in the English language rather than compared to any other language. The Chinese universities also provide the facility of teaching in other languages such as Chinese because of the native students are more than compared to other international students enrolled in the Chinese college. The English and Chinese languages are the two major spoken and written languages in China, and a candidate can easily look for Chinese language colleges.
What services renders Continental Educational Consultants (CEC) for foreign students?
CEC main motive is to provide the information to the students about various educational destinations and help to choose one among all those destinations. There are various helpful services that are provided by the CEC for the international students during the time of admission in the college such as:

  • EducationCounselling- They provide counselling to the students who want to study in China and provide them with choices where to start and with which course. They also provide personal counselling to the students by appointments and guide them to choose the ideal option for them in future. A candidate can consider them for any type of help of educational problem.
  • Student Seminars- They provide various seminars in different cities of India in different colleges as well as schools to aware of their service of providing admission in different Chinese colleges with comprehensive guidance about the scope of a candidate in their desired course.

Do the universities of China offer medical facilities to international students?
Yes, all the Chinese universities offer various health and medical services to the candidates. The health of a candidate is everything that matters for their academics. The Chinese universities believe if a candidate is fit and healthy then only they will be able to go through great success in their academics. The Chinese universities offer various health and medical facilities to the students enrolling in their colleges for the graduation or postgraduation programs. All the educational institutions in China have made it necessary to avail a health and life insurance for a candidate before enrolling in the college for their studies. In case the health or life insurance of the student gets expired, and he or she is an international student. The Chinese Universities offers the health insurance facility to the students. They provide personal assistance to the candidate in from all over China in 7 days a week and 24-hour for their help in any type of medical emergency.
What is the visa invitation for education?
The invitation for education is known as the official document, which is processed by the department of the passport-visa service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chinese Federation; it helps to make sure that the student is admitted to a particular University or not. It specifies all the passport details and the full name of the University they are getting admission. This invitation support letter is used by the Chinese Embassy to stamp the visa on the passport of a candidate enrolling in any of the Chinese Colleges or Universities. Usually, it takes approximately around 10 days for the visa invitation to get processed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Federation of China. The invitation is valid at least for 90 days from the issuing date, and a candidate needs to apply to the Chinese Embassy for a visa during the validity of the invitation issued.
How much luggage is allowed to carry with a single person?
A candidate or a person is allowed to take 1 handbag that should not weigh more than 5 Kgs and handbag with 2 big bags with themselves in the flight. The amount of weight they are allowed to carry is dependent on the type of class they choose to travel from India to China. All the three class offers various weight bar or limit for the person to carry. A person can choose either to travel in business class, economy class or first class to travel from India to China. If a candidate chooses to travel in economy class, he or she is allowed to take 2 bags of 30 Kgs and 66 lbs each, and if they choose for the business class, they are allowed to carry 2 bags 40 Kgs and 88 lbs each. On the other hand, the first class service allows a person to carry 2 bags of 40 Kgs with each of weight 88 lbs while a candidate can choose to take a handbag in first class that should not weigh more than 8 Kgs.
Does a candidate need to incur some additional expenses upon their arrival in China?
Yes, a candidate needs to incur some additional expenses upon their arrival in China. It is important for a candidate to re-establish their registration in the Chinese college or University they are going to take admission to ensure their admission in that particular college. The college can sometimes ask a candidate for the medical test which helps to ensure their wellness of health. So, a candidate needs to be ready for some of the additional expenses upon reaching China after getting their study Visa. There are multiple small expenses which a candidate need to go through, but they are not so much that it becomes hard for the candidate to bear those charges. The major expense which has to be paid is tuition fees and books fee that is submitted during the enrollment time or procedure of applying for the visa.  A candidate should keep some extra money with them in order of any type of emergency occurs to help them in China.
What will be my average monthly expenses?
A candidate usually needs to spend more amount of money in the starting three months of staying in China as he or she has to settle down everything according to their basic needs and fulfill their requirements about food and other basic amenities. A candidate needs to spend approximately 4500 RMB to 5500 RMB per month every year which includes all the basic expenses of a person. In the first three months, a candidate needs to spend more than 6000 RMB to fulfill all the expenses and needs for themselves. There are many other ways which a person can use to save their money as much they can, and it is by finding an ideal partner for the sharing of the apartment or room with them. This method can help a candidate to save enough money for themselves and get much more benefits. The expenses in China differ from location to location some of the places are cheaper in comparison to the main cities, so wise decision of a person could help them to save money.
How do the parents can send money for the expenses of their child?
A candidate who is residing in China for their graduation or post graduation studies can easily send and receive money from their family and friends in India. The money can be transferred to the bank account of a person from any part of the world, and it can be transferred in as much as the amount for the educational use but not more than $ 2, 50,000 in China. The Chinese government provides various methods to transfer money to the student account such as NEFT, demand draft and an online banking method. A person needs to have some of the important documents for sending money such as Pan Card, Passport and maybe the offer letter of the student. The limit of sending money to the child in China should not be extended as in that case a person may have to pay more amount of tax to the government of both the countries.
Whether a life and health insurance are necessary?
Yes, life and health insurance are necessary for a candidate who is looking for enrollment in any of the Chinese educational institutions. This has been made necessary by the Chinese government for the international to face and overcome any type of mishappening occurs in the future in China. A candidate should have their health insurance as it will only turn to be beneficial for them not for the college faculty or government of China. There are various types of health insurance that are provided to the candidates for their personal benefits. The insurances that are provided to the candidate are critical illness insurance, hospital stay insurance, as well as health and dental insurance. It does depend upon the personal choice of the candidate which type of insurance they want to avail, and they need to be sure about their condition prior to availing any type of health insurance. A candidate needs to pay the installments of the insurance monthly, or they can choose to pay yearly all the installments as well as paying installments for a couple of months.
What is meant by preparatory faculty and what it is required for?
The preparatory faculty is also known as a special education program which might have duration of 1 year (usually 7months to 10 months). The preparatory faculty helps the students to study the native language of the place they have applied for and they bare residing presently as well as it also teaches about the special disciplines that are required by a candidate which depends on the future of the course chosen by a candidate (language of science, physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, biology, geography, literature, and history as well). Once a candidate completes his or her preparatory faculties and passes it through an examination. If a candidate who has successfully passed the preparatory faculty examination, he or she gets awarded from a Certificate of the preparatory faculty. This certificate helps a student to enter any Chinese university without overcoming any type of entrance examinations. If a candidate chooses to do training in English or Chinese language they need not to study at preparatory faculty but will get direct admission in the first year of the degree course, they choose to study.
The study at the preparatory faculty is difficult?
The preparatory faculty program has worked out for the basic level of complexity and difficulty for a person. The candidates, who have attended entire classes’ of the preparatory faculty, can bring out practical as well as home tasks without facing any problem while studying in the preparatory faculty. If a candidate fails to complete the preparatory faculty successfully, then he/she will get an opportunity to repeat their training once again at the preparatory faculty and at the same or some other university in the upcoming academic year. The candidate enrolling in the preparatory faculty clearly depicts that the candidate is able to pay the tuition fees of the college or university. It is quite difficult to study the preparatory faculty because not every person is able to complete it and successfully pass. The successful passing of the preparatory school allows a candidate to get direct admission in the first year of college they are seeking to enroll.
How can a candidate get the information about the University where they are going to continue education after the preparatory faculty completes?
The information on the Chinese universities is placed in the original site of any Chinese university under the Database of the Higher Professional education and also at all the official sites of the higher educational institutions in China. The education resources of China help to the exhibitions for the students of preparatory faculties and are well organized in a well-manner. The managers of the consultancies in China help to inform the candidates about the universities, payment fees and length of training they need for them. They will also help in making a suitable choice, certification of the necessary documents, arrangements in the transfer of candidate and enrolling in the Chinese University. It is important for a candidate to gain the information about the college or university they are considering for the enrollment in China. There are many ways for a candidate to know about the college and its faculty as well its courses offered to the international students.
When does the vacation begin at the Universities in China?
The Universities of China usually provides vacation to the students twice a year, and the break is for enough time that helps a candidate to get refreshed and happy. The first time when most of the universities provide vacation to the candidates is in the month of July from 15 July till the last week of August known as spring or summer break. The candidate also gets the vacation of two weeks nearby Christmas and New Year and after that, the month of February and January are off as summer vacations. The vacation is quite important for a candidate as it is a most important part in the curriculum of the university or college for the better academic results of the candidate. These breaks should be considered among the most important characteristics while choosing a college for pursuing their graduation or post graduation among any of the Chinese Universities. The candidates usually get vacation at the end of every semester in the college and a semester usually has a duration of 5 to 6 months which includes all the exams and practicals that are held after completion of every semester.
If at any time, the enrolled candidate wishes to withdraw the admission and return to India, will the complete charges deposited be refunded?
A candidate needs to be notified that under any of the circumstances or situations the fee and other charges of the candidate will not be refunded if he or she drops out from the college.  The consultancies help out of various ways to ensure that the students get admission in one of the best colleges or universities and help a candidate to choose the most appropriate course. In most of the unlikely events, the students are usually unsatisfied, and they wish to come back, Most of the consultancies offer the most personalized guidance to make a candidate feel positive and confident about their course tenure in China. A candidate should always be aware of the fact that all the charges are non-refundable in any case whether the candidate drops out or continue in college. If any case the candidate faces visa refusal or any other refusal the fee paid can be claimed, as the exact amount will not return, but most of the amount can be covered up easily.
What about the safety of students?
When a candidate seeks admission in any of the international educational institutes, there are various aspects that a person keeps in mind for seeking admission in college. The most important objective for a candidate is the safety of the candidate in the country they are considering for admission. The universities of China offer the first-class security to the candidates who are seeking admission in the educational institutions of China. The safety of the girl candidates is the main aspect that her parents want wherever she goes for graduation or post-graduation in any Chinese Universities. The universities of China offer the best security system to the candidate who wants admission in colleges. Today safety is known to be the main aspect of a person life, and people need to be active while choosing their college in China. The main safety is in the hands of students as they should always seek permission from authorities whenever they visit on an outing and provide detail about the people they are going with to a place.
Will there be anyone to receive the students at the airport in China?
Yes, the consultancies have their people in China, and they are instructed to receive a candidate from the airport and help to drop them to their place of accommodation. Usually, people go for options who receive them at the airport. Today candidates already have their known ones in the country they are enrolling for, and ask them to come to receive them. If there is no person, to receive the candidate from the airport of the country than the consultancy or embassy contacts the college, they are enrolling for and ask for a person to receive the candidate from the airport of China. It is not like that a candidate cannot go alone or live alone in China it is just because the first time when a person visits a new place they get pretty nervous and to encourage them there should be a person to receive them.
What does a ticket to China cost?
A ticket to China from India has an average cost between Rs 20,000 to 25,000 approximately. The price of the air ticket to China totally depends on the type of class a person chooses for them to travel to China. Every class of the flight has their own facilities that are priced differently according to the customer’s reviews and budget. There are many airlines which offer the best travel experience to the candidates visiting China. The price of the ticket not only depends upon the class a person they choose for them, but it also depends upon the option of airlines they choose according to services provided. A candidate can take the help their consultant as they have far better knowledge about the ticket prices and facilities of the different airlines that are provided to a passenger during their trip. A flight usually takes a minimum of 9 hours to reach China, but the fastest flight takes up to 5 to 6 hours to China from India.
How much time does the admission process take?
A candidate can consider the educational institution located in China for admission with the help of the consultants. The process of taking admission in China or other international countries can be quite long and complicated than compared to the admission process in India. There are many legal procedures that a candidate needs to fulfill and several interviews as well as exams then they are considered qualified for enrollment in any of the Chinese Universities. The procedure of qualifying for the admission process in China is of 2 months duration, and after the proper admission procedure of a candidate in any of the Chinese University takes about 4-6 months to complete. A person needs an overall time span of 6-10 month for enrollment in Chinese University for their graduation or post-graduation course. A person should be very attentive and careful while their admission procedure because the refusal of visa does not allow any of the charges that are spent to return to the candidates.
How can I get foreign exchange before I leave India?
China has its own currency which is formally known as the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi, and 1 Chinese Yuan is equal to 10.39 Indian rupees currently. The currency value of both the countries usually changes, and it is not constant. It is important for a candidate to exchange their Indian currency with the Chinese Yuan because in China only Chinese Yuan is used for everything. A candidate can ask their consultant to help in the currency exchange as they are in contact with the RBI approved dealers for foreign exchange. These dealers usually charge some amount for exchanging money and provide the type of currency a person wants for their use. If a person is unable to contact any of the dealers for currency exchange, they need not worry they can exchange it from the airport. The international airports provide the facility of exchanging the currency with the currency of the country a person is visiting.  A consultant can help a candidate to know about the present value of Indian rupee or Chinese Yuan.

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