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Which is better option to study MBBS in India or MBBS in abroad?
Posted Date Time : 09-May-2022 07:01:10
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Posted Date Time : 09-May-2022 07:18:17

Studying MBBS abroad is equally a good option for those who are unable to get into MBBS in India be it because of low scores or be it because of inability to pay the heavy fee for private Indian medical colleges. Let’s consider some factors while comparing MBBS in India or abroad Academics- There are some very good universities abroad, which are also ranked among the world’s top universities teaching MBBS in English to Indian students. Some of them may even offer scholarship to the meritorious students Fee- Fee for MBBS abroad is quite reasonable is countries like China, Russia, Kazakhstan and many more as compared to that of private Indian medical colleges Safe environment- Countries abroad are very safe when it comes to the security of nationals as well as internationals. The governing laws are very strict keeping in mind the safety of people. You can even roam around on roads at midnight and still feel safe. Exposure- Since the universities abroad now have good experience in teaching international students over the years, the students also get good exposure while studying MBBS in universities abroad Extra-Curricular activities- The universities abroad have students from different cultures and often organize cultural meets to make the students adjust and accustomed with these. The students get to participate in extra-curricular activities apart from the academic routine which helps in their overall development. World class infrastructure and globally recognized degrees- MBBS abroad routes you to globally recognized degrees. As students you will study in the universities at very affordable costs and under world class infrastructure.

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