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What is the cost for studying MBBS abroad?
Posted Date Time : 11-May-2022 10:10:14
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Posted Date Time : 12-May-2022 05:23:50

The cost of studying MBBS abroad is very fair and affordable, provided the country you choose. It depends on the university you choose. However, the annual fee for studying abroad starts at 2.5-3 lacs per annum. For countries like Kyrgyzstan, the package is real low but in my opinion, you can get a better education quality in some other countries by paying a little higher. You can study MBBS in Kazakhstan starting at 22-25 lacs including all university expenses like tuition fee, hostel, visa extension, insurance, average food and travel costs for all years. Similarly, for MBBS in Russia and MBBS in China, this package starts at 27-28 lacs. In Nepal, the total expenses go above 50lacs. In European countries the course duration is 6 years and the annual fee also starts at 8000-9000 USD per year.

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