Lugansk State Medical University

Lugansk State Medical University was founded in the year of 1956. It was earlier referred to as Voroshilovgrad State Medical University. Many eminent and distinguished academicians were actively involved with the institution during its formation years. This association maintained the standard of education given to students and helped in making it one of the oldest and the most popular institution for medical studies. Lugansk city is also considered as the epicenter of important scientific and cultural programs carried out in the region.

Hence, many international universities also send their students time and again to understand the methodology and imbibe the new developments in the field of medical science. This further raises the bar education given to the enrolled students and helps them in achieving their dreams. In addition to this, many scientists, honored doctors, academicians along with prominent heads of health departments conduct development program for the faculty members.

Courses offered by the Lugansk State Medical University are as follows:

  • More than 170 medical specialties
  • More than 400 teaching staff
  • More than 60 Doctors of Science
  • More than 270 candidates involved in the research and development of scientific projects
  • And Five Honored Science & Technique Workers of Ukraine.

In addition of this, LSMU is accredited and recognized by renowned medical organizations across the world like FAIMER, WHO, Medical Council of European Union etc.


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Department of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Foreign Students
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Students in multiple disciplines

Typically the students at LSMU lead a simplified life and divide their academic year between academics and extracurricular activities without any difficulty. The management of the university ensures that students participate in these activities to enhance the skills of enrolled students and become a responsible citizen of the society. The sports complex, fitness center, cricket ground, tummies court are well equipped with the modern facilities. Hostels are fully furnished with free access to the internet and health centers.

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