Donetsk National Medical University

Donetsk National Medical University <<DNMU>> is the best and the largest medical university in Eastern Europe. Donetsk Medical University Institute. After the Second World War, Institute was renames to Stalino Medical Institute. In 1967 the institute was again renames to M.Gorky Donetsk Medical Institute. After the Second World War, institute was renames to Stalino Medical Institute. In 1994 DNMU was given the status of University and it was renamed to M.Gorky has got the status of National Medical University. University name was changed to DONETSK NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY. DNMU is considered to be one of the best medical schools in Ukraine and all over Europe.

Among the many accomplished universities of Ukraine, Donetsk National Medical University is regarded as one of the Top Medical Universities. The degree of the DNMU is prestigious and recognized all across the world. DNMU provides high-quality higher education to the local as well as international students. DNMU incorporates a sensible team of long run seasoned lecturers in providing quality education to the scholars.







Public Health

Post-Graduate Education

Preparatory Department

Donetsk National Medical University (DNMU) provides the students with various facilities and makes sure that all the hostels are equipped and provide a conducive environment suitable for studies. There are more than 10 academic buildings which house almost 35 computer labs to facilitate the students. All nine hostel building is equipped with reading halls, sports room, recreation room, stadium, health center and a camping facility near the Sever sky Donets River.

The management firmly believes that all the students should focus on their studies and also participate in extracurricular activities yearly, to become a successful doctor. For any query regarding admission at the Donetsk National Medical University, one must contact Jagvimal consultants for more information.

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