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Admission Criteria: Applicant fulfilling the minimum requirement by law of any science degree and 40% score in NMAT is taken into account for MD, whereas the joint BS-MD program accepts candidates with an aggregate of 50% in physics, chemistry and Biology at school. The candidates are then examined to a series of interviews by the admission committee before filtering and admitting. A non-refundable fee is inquired during the admission process.

Courses offered: Doctor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science

Year Fee in INR
I Year (At the time of Admission) 6,50,000
II Year 3,25,000
III Year 3,25,000
IV Year 3,25,000
V Year 3,25,000
Total 19,50,000

Why Student Prefer pursuing MBBS in Davao Medical School Foundation?

Davao city is one of the major cities in the Philippines where the college is located. The college is aimed at bridging the gap of the absence of doctors in rural and specialists in the urban environment. To fulfill its mission of producing more quality doctors every year, the college makes education more accessible and affordable to fellow citizens of the country and outside of the country too. Mindanao's chief city with all sorts of connectivity through air and water is also the largest by land area. The college has an association with some of the largest hospitals in town for educational co-operation and practicing during the internship.

Hostel facilities are available at affordable rates with good food and hygiene. The comparatively low fees can further be divided into installments at the convenience of the student. Accreditations from medical organizations and association with large hospitals prove the standard of the facilities and the education system that the Davao Medical School Foundation offers.

Special tips for students who go there: Wanting a city environment but not the rush of the Milano city makes the Davao Medical School foundation the best choice in every way. The fees structure is minimal and allows for monthly installments too.

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