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soochow university china

The university is located in the city of Soochow or Suzhou which is a primeval city fondly called as “the Paradise on Earth”. The university was established in the first decade of 20th century and in 1982, the university was re-founded. It is one of the most prominent key comprehensive universities in the province of Jiangsu and a part of the famous national “211 Project” of the Chinese govt.

The university has a current enrollment number of about 50000 of which 2000 students are international students.

Why Soochow University?

During the fabled 111 years of its existence and imparting knowledge, the university has come to become one of the most reputed an excellent universities in the country delivering well more than 300,000 educated people of which many are prominent scholars and figures in various fields such as science, education, medicine and cultural studies.

The Medical College of Soochow University was established by bringing together the medical department of the university with the Suzhou Medical College that had over 90 years of impeccable experience in providing exceptional medical education to the students of China.

The college offers;

  • 3 key disciplines of national level, which are osteological surgery, internal medicine and radiology
  • 4 key disciplines of provincial-ministry
  • 2 key disciplines of provincial first-level

The college has the staff strength of about 865. Of the total staff, there are;

  • Professors of about 46
  • Associate Professors of about 160
  • 129 staffs holding a distinction of Doctoral Degree
  • 269 staffs holding a distinction of Master’s Degree
  • 40 supervising staffs for doctoral programs
  • 148 supervising staffs for master’s programs

It is a practice of the college to invite esteemed professors and experts various other universities and educational institutes from the country and from abroad to deliver guest lectures, academic report speeches and training to the students.

The MCSU now also boasts of;

  • 4 Clinical Medicine Departments
  • 4 University Affiliated Hospitals
  • Teaching Hospitals of about 61
  • 10 intern bases for Preventative and Forensic Medicine
  • About 8 intern bases that are off-campus for its Biomedical Research and Teaching

The university has five campuses with a whopping area of about 513.6 acres and a building area of 385.4 acres making it one of the largest universities in the country.

The medical college has enrollment strength of about 2280 for its graduation programs, 4700 for its undergraduate programs and about 750 students from around the world.

Under the university there are Scientific Research Institutions which are 20 in number, 10 Key Labs at the city level and innovation teams which are 6 in number.

Taking advantage of the rich educational pedigree, exceptionally talented faculty and world-class academic infrastructure, the college strives to impart knowledge using excellent education systems and methods. The students are encouraged to develop themselves through great interventions and aid of the teaching staff.

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Fee Structure
  • Tuition Fee: 32, 500 RMB/Year
  • Accommodation Fee: 4000-5000RMB/Year
  • Application Fee: USD 65
  • Residence Permit Application Fee: RMB800
  • Books Fee: 800RMB/Year
  • Lab: RMB1500
  • Sterile Gown & stethoscope: RMB150
  • Bedding: RMB350
  • Cost of Living: 800-1200 RMB/month
  • Insurance Fee: 1000 RMB

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