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Boasting of the largest enrolments, Jilin University is one of the top 10 universities in China offering exceptional education to students from around the world. Ever since its inception, the university has grown to become a spot of education excellence and comprehensive education hub.In was in 2000, the former University of Jilin merged with the following educational institutions to form the existing Jilin University;

  • Norman Bethune Medical University
  • Changchun College of Posts and Communications
  • Jilin University of Technology
  • Changchun University of Science and Technology

In 2004, the then University of Military Logistics also came under the wings of Jilin University.

The university offers 13 distinct educational categories including philosophy, economics, engineering, law, science, education, literature and medicine.

Why MBBS from Jilin University?

It is the tradition of the university to make the academic and social lives of the international students comfortable, academically rewarding. The administrative and teaching staffs always ensure that the international students are able to study, conduct well at all times while in the university.

One of the main objectives of the university in offering MBBS to students—local and international—is to create a great brand of medical professionals who are of international standards in line with the guidelines and requirements of the World Health Organization.

Jilin University has exceptional academic infrastructure to facilitate high quality medical education seamlessly.  The library of the university has 6.98 million volumes of books, which has been recognized by UNIDO, UNESCO and the World Bank. It is also one of the only seven “China Academic Library & Information System” centers in China.

The faculty of Jilin University

The college faculty presently consists of 2063 teaching staffs including;

  • 500 Professors
  • Above 660 Associate Professors
  • Nearly 170 Advisors of Doctoral Degree
  • 1 Academician
  • A National Best Teaching Staff, and
  • 2 Scholars of Cheung Kong

The college offers;

  • A national-level key discipline in the subject of Neurology
  • 13 provincial-level key disciplines, and
  • 5 national elite level courses

Along with;

  • 1 Patho-Biology Key Lab governed Ministry of Education
  • 5 Offices for Clinical Medicine Research and Teaching
  • 31 Training/Research Institutions
  • 3 Clinical Medicine Schools having about 5060 beds
  • 5 Experiment Centers

The Clinical Medicine offered by the university has the distinction of being a Key Discipline of the National Sub-Level, and it ranks 12th among other schools providing medical education in China.

Of the 2020 students now pursuing medicine in the university, 465 students hail from several countries like the US, India, Colombia, Britain, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh Congo, Nepal Sudan, Zimbabwe and Somalia.

Utilizing the various resources of the university, it is on a journey to produce some of the best medical professionals in the world imbibing its values of excellence, perfection and highest quality. It is sure that, if you would like to be a part of the university to realize your dream becoming an internally acclaimed medical professional, Jilin University is, indeed, the best place to start.

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Applicants should apply through educational authorities in their home country or through Chinese Embassy in their country. Applications are accepted only from January to Mid-April each year. Applicants can also apply directly to the Office of International Students, Jilin University.

Fee Structure
  • Bachelor : RMB 17,000 to RMB 29,000 Per Year
  • Double Room : RMB 8,500 per year
  • Other Fees
  • Application Fee : RMB 600
  • Service Fee : USD 50
  • Living Expense : RMB 2,000 to RMB 2,500 Per Month

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